Will Smith’s 1000 A.E. Scheduled for June 7, 2013; WANDERLUST Pushed Back to February 24, 2012

     September 7, 2011


Three years have passed since Will Smith’s last movie, Seven Pounds, but he’s still the biggest star in Hollywood.  High demand has led to Smith being linked to an uncountable set of projects for his follow-up to Men in Black III.  One of the standouts is 1000 A.E. (may be a working title), the proposed sci-fi project that unites Smith, his son Jaden Smith, and M. Night Shyamalan.  That combination: Smith, Smith, Night—it feels so made up.  I was not prepared for 1000 A.E. to rise to the top of Smith’s to-do list.  Yet  Columbia has committed to a June 7, 2013 release date, meaning there’s about a 95% chance this will make it to theaters.  It’s hard to trust Shyamalan, but I can’t help but be drawn in by the big sci-fi tentpole with the world’s biggest movie star.  The premise: “Set 1,000 years into the future, a young boy navigates an abandoned and sometimes scary Earth to save himself and his estranged father after their ship crashes.”  I’m encouraged that Gary Whitta, who penned the sharp The Book of Eli, co-wrote the screenplay.  Problem is he co-wrote it with (sigh) Shyamalan.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Details on the new release date for Wanderlust after the jump.

In contrast, we have every reason to expect great things from Wanderlust.  David Wain (Role Models) directed the comedy from a script he co-wrote with The State pal Ken Marino, and cast the always amiable Paul Rudd opposite Jennifer Aniston in the lead roles.  Wanderlust was meant to hit theaters on October 7, but so far we’ve just seen this image.  No trailer.  No poster.  Nothing.

So it makes sense when Box Office Mojo reports Universal has rescheduled Wanderlust for February 24, 2012.  Don’t love the wait, but I’m glad to see Universal isn’t burying the film.  In February, Wanderlust faces The Devil Inside, Gone, and Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds.

Justin Theroux, Malin Akerman, Ray Liotta, Alan Alda, and Christina Hendricks also star in Wanderlust.  The story centers on a couple (Aniston and Rudd) forced out of their New York house when the husband loses his job: “With no other options, they set out to Georgia where they plan to live with family, but along the way end up staying in a nudist commune which they mistook for a bed and breakfast.”


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  • Strong Enough

    M.Night is pretty good. i don’t know why all the hate. he is the most successful non-white director. Got to give him props in Hollywood where it white washed he came into his own. He may have a few bad films here and there but he has proven himself to be a good director.

  • ComeON

    Well, people like Branden will always ‘SIGH’ and write Shyamalan’s name. They call themselves movie lovers, yet they have forgotten about Shyamalan’s timeless classics. He made one bad film, everybody hates him. Roland Emmericn has made several bad films and includiing Kevin Smith nobody hates them. Way to go Branden! Kudos! Give yourself a high five from me.

    What’s wrong with people like you? Leave him alone. A star like Will Smith denies other big projects with the likes of DJANGO UNCHAINED, because he is interested to work with Shyamalan, he doesn’t have any issues what Shyamalan, yet you who is sitting and munching on God knows what… types his nonsensical SIGH before he types Shyamalan.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/colliderbrendan Brendan Bettinger

      High five!


    • LiamH

      If you read the article he ‘sighed’ when he wrote Shyamalan co-wrote because the guy recently has been a terrible writer. It wasn’t that he was directing it was because he was also writing the movie.

      And he has not made only one bad movie, Happening/Lady in the Water/Last Airbender ranged from bad to god awful. You may like them but then that would put in the minority of the audience. Village/Devil were okay depending on who you ask but nothing I would say beyond mediocre.

      Also Will Smith is working with Shyamalan could be explained by the fact he’s trying to pimp his kid out to be a big star. So if he stars in a movie with him, Jaden will get more notice.

  • Matt R

    What a smart, logical statement there, ComeOn. You’re SO right. Damn near every film from Roland Emmerich or Michael Bay or Todd Philips is SUCH a piece of trash. But nobody says anything about them. Do every single one of you reviewers get together at the beginning of a year and decide who you’re all going to hate that year? I think Shyamalan is amazing. Yes, “The Last Airbender” sucked. It was very bad. But that is the only bad film he’s made. “Lady In The Water” is my favorite film ever. It’s so human, and full of a magic and emotion that most films don’t have an ounce of these days. Besides, even though it sucked, “Airbender” did NOT flop. It made a lot of damn money. I have been heart broken that you guys (heartless reviewers) finally got to him after “Airbender”. There has been NO news about him for over a year, for the first time in his career. Don’t you think he knows that the movie wasn’t good? Thank GOD that he finally decided to get back in the game. How can you be a movie lover when you look for any reason to harshly criticize anyone who isn’t Will Smith or James Cameron or any of the cookie cutter “stars” out there. Shame on you. If you’re too emotionless and heartless to “get” Shyamalan’s films, maybe you should let someone who has emotions write about his stuff. There’s plenty of Miley Cyrus news to write about Brendan.

  • ari

    After read the plot of 1000 A. E., all I can say is:



    • Jazzy Jace

      Your reaction is premature and sure this film will be shit.

  • ASFan

    About Wanderlust, I don’t think Christina Hendricks is in this. Lauren Ambrose is, however.

    And about the February release date, I’m kinda iffy on that. That date is essentially a dead zone in February.

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  • Michele

    Movies you expect “great” things from don’t end up being released in FEBRUARY!!! Give me a break. Not saying it’s complete sheet but I’ll be seeing Good Deeds.

  • Teenfanoo7

    M. Night, spending his last few on a good publicist. 45ae will permanently sink him.

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