Photos of Christian Bale on the Set of Zhang Yimou’s 13 FLOWERS OF NANJING

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Principal photography on Zhang Yimou’s first multi-lingual film, 13 Flowers of Nanjing, began in January — tonight we have our first look at star Christian Bale in costume as “John.”  (Evocative, no?)  The film, based on the Yan Geling novel The 13 Women of Nanjing, centers on a group of refugees who find sanctuary in a church compound during the Sino-Japanese War: “The group, thrown together by the terrible chaos of war, risks their lives for the Church’s school children as they struggle to survive the violence and persecution brought on by the violent invasion of the city.”

Hit the jump to see the images and read more about 13 Flowers.

First, the official synopsis and production details:

13 Flowers of Nanjing is set in 1937 in Nanjing, China during Sino-Japanese War, where a few brave refugees find sanctuary in a Church compound.  The group, thrown together by the terrible chaos of war, risks their lives for the Church’s school children as they struggle to survive the violence and persecution brought on by the violent invasion of the city.  Through tremendous adversity, heroism presents itself among the least likely individuals as they bravely navigate their treacherous surroundings to try and save themselves and each other.  13 Flowers of Nanjing is a story of heroism and love: for those around you, for one’s family, and the love between an unlikely couple which fate brings together.  Christian Bale will play John, an American, trapped thousands of miles from home and seemingly, with nowhere to turn.

Produced by Zhang Weiping and Bill Kong, the film will incorporate both Chinese and English dialog into its narrative.  Zhang Yimou will be reuniting with Beijing New Pictures and Edko Films Limited for the project.  David Linde will executive produce. The team has also tapped Xiaoding Zhao as director of photography (House of Flying Daggers, Curse of the Golden Flower); renown special effects supervisor Joss Williams (Aliens, The Bourne Ultimatum, Munich); production designer Yohei Taneda (Kill Bill Vol. 1); composer Qigang Chen (Under The Hawthorn Tree); production and costume designer William Chang (In The Mood of Love, 2047) ; and costume designer Graciela Mazon (The Legend of Zorro, From Dusk Till Dawn). first posted the images [via /Film]:



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  • BV

    sound awesome! And looks very interesting.

  • Diana

    600 million RMB is a huge budget for a movie made in China! Zhang Yimou made “Curse of the Golden Flower” with US$45 million (or 300 million RMB, with the current exchange rate). This movie had better be amazing…

  • Moses Ashford

    Christian Bale should look like this more often in real life. It is a shame that he only looks his best in his movies. It is a shame that he did not look like this at the Academy Awards.

  • Migz13

    Christian Bale’s ‘Bruce Wayne Look’ is back!!:D

  • tarek

    Christian Bale is a gifted man. He was born to be an actor.

    This movie will be a hit.

  • Alex-mansy

    Bale as priest? Very interesting

  • Jo

    Great…another white man saving native movie. How can I get away from this? I get called chink by whites, and every single movie…some white guy amazing save native people from themselve…since white people are so amazing…yeah…give me a break…

    You whites sure are delusional. Sad the Chinese tolerate this when American will only watch Chinese making an ass or doing some kungfu shit that conform to their stereotype of Chinese. Yet Chinese pay money to brainwashed by sell outs.

    • lili

      Agree. It’s a very annoying phenomena. However in this case, it may actually help. There have been movies about the Nanjing Massacre in the past and some recent but unfortunately, they haven’t been able to grab attention in the west.
      While ideally it should be an all Chinese affair, Christian Bale might just bring to people the attention Nanjing incident deserves. He’s a great actor, both sensitive and edgy when needed. I like also that he doesn’t over act. All we can pray for is that Zhang Yimou doesn’t play suck up too much by portraying the Chinese as absolutely helpless without Bale saving the day. Bleh.
      P.S. Could not watch the Karate Kid either. As if…

    • akgirl78

      Did you read the gray box within the article that gave the summary of the story? “a few brave refugees find sanctuary in a Church compound.” Bale is playing the priest that helps keep them safe, and yes the priest was white. If its apart of the actual history of the event (which it may or may not be) then why are you bitching and being racist, and yes you are being racist. Other minorities can be just as hateful towards whites as whites can be to other races. That’s a human condition not a color condition. From the sound of summary these people needed sanctuary and this priest whether he be white, black or polka dot did the human thing and saved lives. Shut Up about all the other shit. You don’t like the idea of the movie then don’t watch it.

  • CJ

    Even if they make a movie on the Opium Wars, there would be a white man saving the natives from the genocidal hordes. Whites need these movies to sleep better at night.

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