If 2012 Oscar Nominee Posters Told the Truth

     January 25, 2012

A staple of any awards season is the obligatory “If These Movie Posters Told the Truth” mock-up. However, just because the gimmick is trite doesn’t mean it’s not amusing. This year’s line-up of Academy Award nominees isn’t lacking in Oscar-bait material, with everything from The Iron Lady to The Artist. The fact that films like these so blatantly seem to fit into the category of “Oscar nominee” makes them ripe for this kind of ribbing. We’ve amassed a number of “honest posters” for films like The Artist, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and The Descendants, as well as a few “almost Oscar nominated” films like Shame and We Need to Talk About Kevin. Hit the jump to check them out.

Posters courtesy of The Shiznit (via Buzzfeed):

Click over to The Shiznit to check out the entire collection of posters.

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  • SaadGKhan

    Great, you put it really well..
    I’m still bummed over Michael Fassbender, Tilda Swinton and Shailene Woodley’s Snubs..

  • sal

    Is it me or all of the above pictures are worth nothing? Exept the George Clooney movie which I haven’t seen because I am not a woman and I can’t stand watching George Clooney simply be for more than 15 minutes -although this poster maybe true- The dragon tattoo girl I saw it yesterday, was not bad but not good either. The help was bad and the only good thing that could have been -based on a true story- is not because it is based on a fictional novel. Also that down syndrom girl looked even more down than in the rest of the movies she started these past few years. The “my dad suddenly turned gay” movie from a director with similar problems was a godawful movie. Great acting but the story was uninteresting and the characters dull. The artist even thought it was sweet it didn’t go any farther than been sweet. Against 20s movies it is a masterpiece but I can’t understand what it is doing next to 2011 movies. the acting was over the top and tiring at times. the 12 year old characters didn’t make me feel anything.Only the dog actually rocked.

    • ScottX

      Oh yeah only women likes movies with George Clooney in them. Because… well can’t really think about any reason why any movie would appeal to only one gender. But the point is you have lose the chance to see some great movies, well as you think everything sucks you would probably hate those too. And sure the Artist is good for the 20s not for the 2011 just because the modern the better (damm cant’ wait for 2050, all those movies will be mind blowing). Well… actually not, The Artist against Metropolis or La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc don’t look like a masterpiece. But is such a good movie.

    • JD

      Are you a troll or just a moron?

    • Tim

      Why did you see these movies if you obviously don’t like movies? Beginners was not “my dad suddenly turned gay”. The flashbacks established there was nothing sudden about it. Also, it was just a great movie. Dark topics of death and depression tackled in an almost lighthearted way.

  • zzz

    Not funny…

  • lovetron

    From a pure spectator perspective this looked like a very boring year for movies. I don’t really hit the theater anymore unless something really compels me, and only Drive was able to do that this year.

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  • iamthatguy

    Pure Art?….thats the best thing you could think of for The Artist poster? Every other poster ventures into parody territory but then, wait, hold on a sec! Can’t make fun of The Artist so lets just put “Pure Art.” LAME.

    • Alex-mansy

      *hint* They don’t consider the film very artistic. And it’s a nice rib on the title.

      All were great except for the George Clooney one, although admittedly I haven’t seen the film.

      • ScottX

        There’s nothing there that makes me think the “Pure Art” is sarcasm.

  • nNark

    Eh. Last year’s crop was better. I guess the satirists feel they HAVE to do this every year, but if the magic ain’t there…

  • occhile1984

    For the Artist you should have put…”Speechless; or Shut the F UP, But I really didn’t say anything; or Punk’d – The Hollywood Edition (we are going to make a movie, but here’s the catch, the actors won’t talk….).

    The Artist hasn’t even won an Oscar, yet it feels like it already has. This sux.

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  • internet bore

    Looked at this article because someone posted it on facebook with the comment ‘possible trigger warning’. No idea what that meant, all it triggered was a small pang of remorse for wasting time on this boring, unfunny shit.

  • b

    Um… the Beginners poster… Christopher Plummer isn’t gay himself…

  • Empleh

    This reminds me of the holocaust. I’m sure I’m not alone in that…?

  • DJ

    The beginners poster here is pretty lazy, but I love The Help poster!

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