ARGO Wins Best Film and Best Director at BAFTAs; SKYFALL Wins Best British Film

     February 10, 2013


Is an Argo Best Picture win now inevitable?  The 2013 British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA Awards) were handed out this evening, and director Ben Affleck’s thriller continued its domination of awards season by landing the Best Film and Best Director prizes.  The BAFTAs have always been an important bellwether for predicting Oscar, but they may be even more in tune with the Academy this year as a rule change allowed the entire BAFTA voting body to vote on every award (like the Oscars), instead of writers only voting for screenplay, actors only voting for acting, etc.

Les Miserables won the most BAFTAs of the night, taking home four trophies including Best Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway (duh) and Best Production Design (over Anna Karenina? Really?).  The winners actually lined up pretty closely with my current Oscar predictions, though most were surprised to see David O. Russell take home the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar over Lincoln and ArgoJessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence were also overtaken in Best Actress by Emmanuel Riva for Amour, who has emerged as a strong possibility in a tough category.  Hit the jump for the full list of winners.

argo-bafta-posterHere’s the list of winners for the 2013 BAFTAs:

  • Best Film – Argo
  • Best Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
  • Best Actress – Emmanuel Riva, Amour
  • Best Supporting Actress – Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables
  • Best Supporting Actor – Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained
  • Best Director – Ben Affleck, Argo
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook
  • Best Original Screenplay – Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained
  • Best Production Design – Les Miserables
  • Best Cinematography – Claudio Miranda, Life of Pi
  • Special Visual Effects – Life of Pi
  • Best Editing – William Goldenberg, Argo
  • Best Sound – Les Miserables
  • Best Make Up & Hair – Les Miserables
  • Best Costume Design – Anna Karenina
  • Best Original Music – Thomas Newman, Skyfall
  • Best Documentary – Searching for Sugar Man
  • Best Animated Film – Brave
  • Best Film Not in the English Language – Amour
  • Best British Film – Skyfall
  • Best Short Film – Swimmer
  • Best Short Animation – The Making of Longbird
  • Outstanding British Debut – Bart Layton and Dimitri Doganis, The Imposter
  • Rising Star Award – Juno Temple
  • Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema – Tessa Ross
  • DMcHugh

    Good for Ben. There seem to be a lot of haters and prejudices within the Academy. He’s turning out to be the human version of Brokeback Mountain, which won every major film prize across the board, Golden Globe, BAFTA, National Board of Review, Producer’s Guild, etc. EXCEPT the Oscar. Makes no sense. Sometimes the Academy can be completely out of step, not only with the public, but their professional, creative peer community, as well. In time, the work will speak for itself. As for the Academy, it continues to discredit itself. Let’s not forget some of the “phenomenal” actors that have won such great distinctions over the years like Cher, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Not to mention some of the great films that actually did win the prize, but the director did not. Brokeback did not. How does a Best Picture get to that level of production without someone leading it there? In any case, the best barometer of a work is your artistic satisfaction with it, not someone’s outside validation of it. Great work stands the test of time, Awards don’t. Quick! Does anyone remember the Best Supporting Actor from 1978? See. Awards don’t matter. What moves us does.

    • Jose


    • Retro

      Even though it’s not your point. 1978 winner was Walken for Deer Hunter. I just had to look :s

  • Jules

    I think all the Argo/Ben love outside of the Oscars tells more about the Director’s arm of the Academy than it does the other awards presentation. At first, I thought some of them were just good will, consolation prizes for Argo/Ben: a “hey kid, we get it” prize. But now that every single major award has been given to the film, I think the only people who are out of touch here are the director’s nominating their peers. I guess they couldn’t stomach nominating an actor in their category? It’s just an odd, albeit exciting award’s season this year. They really could just throw a dart to decide the director’s winner at this point, everyone will remember this as the year Ben Affleck won everything but his Oscar.

    • randommale7

      um hello he won the director’s guild award which is where the directors of america vote who they thought was the best director

      • Jules

        the Director’s guild doesn’t equal the Academy tho, just like the SAG doesn’t equal the acting field of the Academy. The director’s guild has over 14,000 members alone. The AMPAS has 5,000ish members over all the branches combined. The AMPAS director’s wing has probably a 1/10th of the DGA members has.

  • Sam

    There’s nothing very artistic about Argo in my view. It was a good film but not some incredible piece of direction. I like both The Town and Argo so Affleck in my book is a pretty good but safe director.