2013 Saturn Awards: Gale Anne Hurd Talks THE WALKING DEAD, Plus Interviews with Amy Acker, William Friedkin and BREAKING BAD’s Jonthan Banks

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At Thursday night’s Saturn Awards, we landed red carpet video interviews with Gale Anne Hurd, Amy Acker, William Friedkin, and Jonathan Banks.  Here’s what was discussed:

  • Gale Anne Hurd talked about The Walking Dead, Punisher, the status of Gaiking, and if Walking Dead deserves any of the credit for helping to make World War Z a hit.
  • Amy Acker talked about working for Joss Whedon on Much Ado About Nothing, William Shakespeare, Cabin in the Woods, and what’s next.
  • William Friedkin talked about how he’d rather work in new genres than repeat himself, whether The Exorcist could be made today, The French Connection Blu-ray, if the perception of Cruising has changed since its release,  the resurgence of exorcism films, and more.
  • Jonathan Banks talked about Breaking Bad, the last eight episodes, and his future projects.  If you haven’t caught up with Breaking Bad, you should not watch this interview.

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Gale Anne Hurd

  • How even though behind-the-scenes they’ve made a number of changes, the show has stayed constant for audiences
  • Does she feel like they deserve any credit for helping to make World War Z a huge hit
  • How does she decide on what projects are worth her time
  • Who has the Punisher rights now
  • Talks about Gaiking and how they’re just getting ready to bring a writer on the project



Amy Acker

  • How challenging is it to do Joss Whedon and William Shakepeare dialogue
  • Did she learn anything new about Joss Whedon doing the project
  • Talks about Cabin in the Woods
  • What’s coming up next



William Friedkin

  • Talks about how he’s trying to do new stuff rather than repeat himself.  Doesn’t like to do sequels.
  • Could The Exorcist be made today
  • Talks about The French Connection Blu-ray and the different colors.  How the first edition was a big mistake
  • Has the perception of Cruising changed since its release
  • Has he seen Hellraiser
  • Does The Exorcist say there is something after death
  • Where do the demon characters come from
  • Talks about the resurgence of exorcism films



Jonathan Banks

  • How excited is he to see the final eight episodes
  • Is he in the last eight episodes
  • Did he know what was coming for his character
  • The status of Mike’s granddaughter
  • Talks about his upcoming projects

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FB Comments

  • George Otwori

    Just loved friedkan retort to the question about all the new exorxism films.

  • LEM

    The Walking Dead has been constant if they’re going for inconsistent. World War Z didn’t even have zombies in it, seemed like more of an infection movie and they should be embarrassed that The Walking Dead is better at the genre than a movie with a few hundred million dollars.

  • Northern Star

    Yay for ‘Hurricane’ Billy Friedkin, as feisty as he ever was and someone whio never compromised his ideals in an industry full of compromise to the almighty dollar!

    That being said, the extended cut of ‘The Exorcist’ was an absolute atrocity, but all is forgiven because unlike George Lucas, Friedkin still gives us the choice of whether to watch the original theatrical cut over a new cut… and I choose the 122-minute theatrical cut every time!

    When the newly-restored ‘Sorcerer’ is re-released later this year, I hope as many people as possible go see it, because between ‘The French Connection’, ‘The Exorcist’, and the aforementioned ‘Sorcerer’, Friedkin was an unstoppable force of nature, and who sadly never reached those heights again… but there’s always still time, I wouldn’t count him out yet!

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