Sony Pictures Planning JUMANJI Reboot; MEN IN BLACK 4; Will Shoot 21 JUMP STREET Sequel in the Fall

     July 19, 2012


Columbia Pictures (which is owned by Sony Pictures) President Doug Belgrad recently said what the future might hold for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but he also provided some updates on the studio’s other major projects.  To begin, you may want to break out your favorite jungle-themed board game because the studio is considering a Jumanji reboot.  Speaking to THR, Belgrad says “We’re going to try and re-imagine Jumanji and update it for the present.”  Translation: the game will now end when someone lands on the final space and screams “Jumanji!” at their iPad.  I’m not exactly sure how one re-imagines the strikingly simple premise of Jumanji.  You play a board game, bad things happen.  It’s like the Final Destination of family fun.

Hit the jump for what Sony has planned for sequels to Men in Black 3 and 21 Jump Street.

will-smith-men-in-black-3-tommy-lee-jonesUnsurprisingly, Sony hopes they can keep the Men in Black franchise going for as long as possible.  Although Men in Black 3 gives them a nice opening for a reboot (set the new movies in the 1960s/70s with Josh Brolin and Alice Eve as the protagonists), that model wouldn’t include Will Smith.  However, Belgrad doesn’t make any mention of Smith when speaking to THR about the franchise’s future:

We’re very pleased with the financial performance of Men in Black 3, and we believe it is an ongoing franchise. We’re going to do [another one], but we don’t have clarity yet on how it should be done.

How it should be done: Make sure the script is finished before you start shooting.

Finally, Belgrad says that with the sequel to 21 Jump Street, “we plan to start shooting in the fall.”  If so, that’s a remarkably fast turnaround.  It’s possible that the players could reshuffle their schedules, but it would make for a tight shooting on 21 Jump Street 2Channing Tatum is already set to lead the big action flick White House Down and Jonah Hill is co-starring in Martin Scorsese‘s The Wolf of Wall Street.  Both movies are due to begin filming next month.  Tatum’s also got a slew of other films lined-up, but it’s possible he could re-shuffle his schedule.  As for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, while they’re not officially on board to return, The Playlist points out that the duo isn’t completely bogged down with LEGO: The Piece of Resistance just yet.  Speaking to The Playlist, Miller said:

“The plan is that after the summer, once we’ve got the story more locked and the designs more complete, then the crew that’s here in Santa Monica moves to Australia and we stay behind and hopefully we will have enough bandwidth to prep a live action movie while spending a lot of time, everyday, noodling…”

However, getting the sequel to 21 Jump Street in front of cameras in the next several months seems incredibly rushed, and my hope is that Belgrad misspoke and meant next fall.  21 Jump Street is one of my favorite movies this year, and while I’d be happy to see a sequel, I’d rather see it done well than done fast.


  • AlexHeyNa

    A Jumanji “reboot” might be cool. But only if there’s a Robin Williams cameo.

    Men in Black 4 is just unnecessary.

    21 Jump Street 2 (22 Jump Street) should be great. First one was hilarious. I’d definitely like to see those two characters in action again.

  • JPA

    I thought Men in Black 3 was surprisingly good,but 4 is even more unnecessary.

    Definitly will watch the 21 Jump Street sequel. Love the first one.

  • Jesus

    Jumanji reboot…scraping the bottle of the barrel Sony.


    Men In BLack 3 was good, but a lot of people didn’t take it seriously and failed to watch it in theaters feeling as though it was pushed. However those who did watch it, did so because of Will Smith. Without Will Smith the franchise will topple. I wouldn’t mind another Men In Black movie though, the premise is very interesting and can go many routes.

  • moviefan

    While I commend Sony on its success so far this year, THEY BETTER GREENLIGHT THE DRAGON TATTOO SEQUELS WITH FINCHER!

    They have made a TON of money already this year (MIB3, Spiderman, 21 Jump Street) not to mention the rest of 2012: along with these (and other films) coming to DVD and Blu-Ray (holidays = CHA CHING) Skyfall will be released. It looks fantastic and will, once again, make a boatload of $.

    If Fincher doesn’t return to direct and more importantly, doesn’t get a proper budget, I, like (I’m sure) so many others, will be extremely disappointed.

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  • lynn

    Wow! I haven’t thought about Jumanji in years, but I’d be interested in seeing a new version in it. Like @AlexHeyNa said, it would require a Robin Williams cameo! Great, now all I want to do is watch Jumanji. I’m going to have to rent it ASAP. I should probably give 21 Jumpstreet another chance too. I had the unfortunate luck of seeing in on a plane flight back home from a business trip for Dish. Believe me when I say that watching vulgar humor is not as fun when your boss is sitting right next to you! At least both movies are available from the Blockbuster@Home service through my Dish account, so I can kill two birds with one stone. I hope the sequels don’t ruin them!

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