Fox Considers Bringing “24″ Back; Kiefer Sutherland In Talks To Reprise His Role As Jack Bauer [UPDATED]

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What is dead may never die: Fox is looking to revive its juggernaut series 24.  The series wrapped up its eighth season in 2010, and while there were rumors for awhile about a movie, it seems like Fox is now eyeing up the possibility of a limited series (the new buzzword format, and something they should have already committed to with that mess The Following).

Still, fans questioning this resurrection should feel pretty good about its prospects given that it was pitched by 24‘s longtime showrunner Howard Gordon, who now executive produces Showtime’s Homeland (so actually … there maybe one or two question marks).  Even more importantly perhaps, Kiefer Sutherland is in talks to return as Jack Bauer.  Hit the jump for a few more tidbits on the potential project. [Update: EW reports that Fox is looking at a 13-episode season for the show's limited return.]

kiefer-sutherland-24Rumor has it that Gordon’s idea for the reprised series would start from scratch with a new story arc.  Apparently, 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV are on board, which is certainly a good sign.  Sutherland should also be available now that his series Touch, also on Fox, has been cancelled after two seasons.

The show won five Emmys for Fox in 2006, and the network would surely like the capitalize on the series former glory if possible.  Of course, after eight seasons, are viewers ready for Jack Bauer’s return, even if it is Bauer 2.0?  Or is the idea of starting from scratch an exciting prospect?  A limited series would also ensure that there is a set plan in place for the new storyline and how it would develop, which would be great.  For now it’s all speculation, but it seems the clock has begun ticking.

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  • Lex Walker

    Translation: Oooh, Touch didn’t work out like we’d hoped, 24 again?

    • [A]

      Why not mix both? TOUCH 24.. TOUCHED 24/7

      • Lex Walker

        What led Jack Bauer to become a desensitized killing mofo? He had a *ahem* rough childhood.

  • gp1086

    People will probably be mad, but I’ll watch it

    • Northern Star

      People like me, I really wanted to see the movie! The script is finished, is reportedly pretty damn good, and would only cost about $45m to make… guess FOX have no more money after spending gazillions on YET ANOTHER bloody ‘X-Men’ movie – enough already! – but if this is going to be the only ’24′ we get, let’s hope it’s a great one and ends the saga on a high note…

  • chris hayes

    I would really love a movie but will settle for a new series…..

  • Doug

    A new limited series is a fantastic idea. The show’s achilles heel was having to fill 24 episodes and their slavish adherance to the real-time gimmick. A shorter season will spare us from falling into any cougar traps.

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