3 New STAR TREK TV Spots

     April 18, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Three new “Star Trek” TV spots have just been released and they’re all below. If you’re keeping count, that makes 6. While most of the spots are using footage from the trailers and aren’t offering anything new, if you need a Trek fix on this Friday night, I’m sure watching all 6 of these commercials will make you happy. The new ones are 4 – 6.

While the “Star Trek” cast have been promoting the movie around the world, the press junket is next weekend for us in America, so look for a look of reviews and news next weekend.

And in case you missed my story from this morning….tickets are now on sale for “Star Trek”.

TV Spot 1

TV Spot 2

TV Spot 3

TV Spot 4

TV Spot 5

TV Spot 6

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