Watch a 30-Minute Farewell to ENTOURAGE

     July 9, 2011

Entourage slice

With the final season of Entourage set to premiere Sunday, July 24, HBO has released a thirty minute farewell to the series, which features interviews with the cast and creators of the show.  Included are Adrian Grenier (Vince), Kevin Dillon (Drama), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), Kevin Connolly (E), Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold), Rex Lee (Lloyd), Debi Mazar (Shauna), Doug Ellin (creator), Ally Musika (writer), Mark Wahlberg & Stephen Levinson (executive producers), and they even have some of the real people the characters are based on.  During the thirty minutes they talk about how the show came together and how difficult it was to get on the air, tell some great stories, and they also talk about the legacy of the show.  I started watching it and before I knew it, I’d watched the whole thing.  Hit the jump to check it out.



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  • Conrad The Great!

    Video won’t load

  • Ringbearer1420

    It should be Deadwood that is going out on it’s fith season. I’d imagine Entourage is allot cheeper though.

  • Robbie P

    Wow, awesome video! Thanks for posting. I may have teared up a little bit near the end…

  • Alex

    Anything past season two has been remarkably lazy and mailed in. Good riddance.

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  • Jesse H

    It was a awesome run…good job guys…Entourage reminds me of going out with my friends and having a blast.

  • BeccaD

    My heart is truly sad… I feel like dumbledore just died all over again :’(