Comic-Con 2011: 30 MINUTES OR LESS Panel Recap

     July 22, 2011


As part of Sony’s massive Hall H panel today, we were treated to a presentation of Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer’s new film 30 Minutes or Less.  Moderator Ralph Garman began by bringing out Fleischer, Nick Swardson, Michael Pena, and Aziz Ansari. Fleischer explained that Jesse Eisenberg is currently shooting a Woody Allen movie and Danny McBride is busy with Eastbound and Down. However, McBride treated us to a pre-recorded message that began with the actor stating, “If you are viewing this, the apes have won.” In his gut-busting video he proceeded to call every one of the other actors on the panel assholes.  Hit the jump for my full recap.

Fleischer then presented a scene from the movie followed by an extended trailer. The scene we saw was the actual bank robbery, and the crowd went crazy. The uproarious laughter continued throughout the extended trailer that featured scenes and gags we haven’t seen before. I won’t ruin the jokes for you, but the movie looks great. We also got our first extended look at Michael Pena who appears to be a bit of a scene stealer in the film.

30-minutes-or-less-movie-poster-danny-mcbride-nick-swardsonSwardson was asked about his relationship with McBride and he said that they had never met before the movie. Once they started working together, Swardson said he marathoned Eastbound and Down and then couldn’t stop saying “It’s Kenny Fucking Powers!” throughout the rest of the shoot.

Garman asked Fleischer if there was pressure when choosing his next film after the wild success of Zombieland, to which he responded affirmatively. He said he loved the script and wanted to do a smaller movie before he jumped into a larger-scale project. He described 30 Minutes or Less as a double-buddy comedy.

Ansari was asked if there’s anything in the future with Human Giant. He said there’s no plans for another season right now because everybody’s busy, but he didn’t rule it out completely. The actor was asked what his thoughts were about the Dark Knight Rises trailer, and he said he saw fifteen minutes of the film earlier today. The room was silent for about three seconds before he said “I’m kidding!” and there was a collective gasp of relief in the audience. “It was right after the Inception 2 panel! How did you guys miss that?” he added.

When asked about Zombieland 2, Fleischer said he loves the first movie so much and it would be incredible to be able to revisit that world with those characters, but he doesn’t know when. He said Emma Stone’s busy with a little franchise called Spider-Man and Woody Harrelson is doing The Hunger Games.

Fleischer confirmed that the DVD is full of deleted scenes that weren’t included in the movie. He had to keep the pace brisk (the film is only 83 minutes long) so there’s a lot of stuff that didn’t make it. Ansari added, “I filmed a whole sequence where I was a gorilla and I constantly wanted to go to T.G.I. Friday’s, but that didn’t make it in.”

Fleischer also talked a bit about Gangster Squad, describing it as a period gangster film with a phenomenal cast. He said he tried to find a place for Eisenberg, to which Ansari replied that he could play a nervous gangster.

The director also confirmed that Eisneberg did all of his own stunts in 30 Minutes or Less. He said the film works so well because Eisenberg plays the film completely straight, grounding it in reality, as all the ridiculousness surrounds him.

The panel was a laugh riot, which bodes extremely well for the movie. 30 Minutes or Less opens August 12th.

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