NBC Renews PARENTHOOD; Orders 13-Episode Final Season of 30 ROCK [Updated]

     May 10, 2012


Two on-the-bubble NBC shows have officially been given the order for new seasons.  The critical favorite yet ratings challenged drama Parenthood has been renewed for a 15-episode fourth season (per TV Line).  Showrunner Jason Katims is no stranger to ratings issues despite favorable reviews, as he led the stellar Friday Night Lights through five seasons of “will it be renewed?” drama.  I’m a fan of the ensemble and tone of Parenthood, but Katims will most likely have his hands full next season as his medical pilot County is said to be close to a pick up.  That show will star Jason Ritter, who led the doomed The Event and has been a frequent guest star on Parenthood.

Hit the jump for news regarding renewals for The Office and a final season for 30 Rock, as well as speculation about the fate of Community and Parks and Recreation. [Update: The Office hasn't officially been renewed yet, but with deals almost done for the main cast members a renewal is expected]

rainn-wilson-dwight-schrute-the-officeAdditionally, Deadline reports that The Office has been renewed for a ninth season after deals with Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, and Ed Helms are close to being finalized.  The show is facing a crossroads, as Mindy Kaling will be leaving to run her Fox pilot that was just picked up and Rainn Wilson will segue to his own Office spinoff midseason, taking The Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein with him.  The quality of the show has waned considerably in the last few years, so it’ll be interesting to see if they plan on continuing past season nine.  A replacement has not yet been named for Lieberstein, and negotiations with B.J. Novak have yet to begin.

A couple of days ago, we reported that Tina Fey’s 30 Rock was likely looking at a 13-14 episode seventh season that could very well be its last.  Now TV Line reports that 30 Rock will indeed be coming back for a 13-episode final season.  The show kicked off a comedy resurgence for NBC alongside The Office, and paved the way for quirky and smart comedies like Community and Parks and Recreation.  However, the show has declined steadily in the ratings as of late and quality-wise it hasn’t exactly been at its best (though the current season is still better than the dreaded season four).  I’m happy to see that Fey and Co. will have 13 episodes to wrap things up, and hopefully the series can go out on a high note.

There’s still no word about renewals for fan-favorites Community and Parks and Recreation.  Following a dumbfounding and abrupt hiatus, Community returned to the air with strong ratings.  That bodes well for a renewal, as does the fact that a fourth season would make the show eligible for a lucrative syndication deal. The similarly smart and hilarious Parks and Recreation is also in the same boat.  The show doesn’t have stellar ratings (they’re in line with Community), but is a critical favorite.

Word was that, if NBC decides to pick up Community and Parks and Rec, it would be for shortened seasons a la 30 Rock.  I’m entirely fine with an abbreviated final season for both shows as long as the writers are given the opportunity to end the show as they see fit.  And hey, maybe they return with spectacular ratings next season and get surprisingly renewed again next year?  As the wise JP in Angels in the Outfield once said, it could happen.


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  • AlexHeyNa

    They should do the same thing with The Office that they’re doing with 30 Rock: a short final season. I’m a massive fan of The Office (I’ve seen every episode of seasons 1-7 at least 5 times each), but the show has run its course. The writing is awful, and the characters are becoming so contrived that it’s not the same subtle show it used to be. Either bring back Carell, or end it.

  • Eric Nixon

    I’d sacrifice all of The Office for a full season of 30 Rock and Community. The Office is great, but 30 Rock and Community are all-time favs of mine.

  • Briskey87

    Community is ok….I honestly don’t see what makes it “extraordinary” but that’s just my opinion. The Office should be canceled. It ran it’s course 3 to 4 seasons ago. 30 Rock is great but Alec Baldwin is kind of a joke. And not in the funny way… Plus Tracy Morgan can only pull the show so much. But Parks and Recreation? Best comedy on tv right now. Hands down. It’s almost as clever as Arrested Development. Brilliant stuff. And if NBC does not renew it, they will have lost a long time fan. I will forever be an AMC, HBO man if NBC lets me down with this one…. come on NBC.

  • shmeggeggy

    HOW Close is County?

  • Sean

    It’s not NBC’s fault that people aren’t watching. If anything, NBC deserves credit for giving these shows 13 episodes to finish their stories. These shows have low ratings and NBC is a business.

    If anything we’ve been let down by the American people who prefer their HORRIBLE sitcoms on ABC and CBS than the smart comedies of NBC Thursday nights.

    • AlexHeyNa

      If the shows have low ratings, that is usually the hint to end the show. It is the network’s decision when to end a show, and The Office (and 30 Rock) should have ended last season. Both shows are plummeting to their deaths, and NBC continues to prolong that fall.

      And if you call The Office and 30 Rock smart, you clearly don’t watch enough good comedies. Yes, they used to be insanely clever, but now they’re just garbage.

  • Briskey87

    The only sitcom that I can stomach is The Big Bang Theory

    • CrackMonkey

      Really? TBBT has to be one of the worst comedies on TV right now. It was amusing the first 2 seasons, but it’s horrible now

      • shmeggeggy

        I concur.

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  • shmeggeggy

    Who feeds you your mis-info?

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