4 Minute Clip from AVATAR is Online….For Now

     November 18, 2009


A four minute clip from James Cameron’s Avatar has been thrown on the internet thanks to Xbox Live and someone in France with a camcorder.  Apparently the footage was seen on Avatar day, so it’s not all new.  But if you didn’t get into to Avatar day and you weren’t at Comic-Con, this is a way to see a full scene play out.

I watched the first minute and can see why everyone is freaking out about this movie after they see it in 3D.  The detail looks incredible.  Saying that, I don’t think watching a 3D movie on your computer screen is the way to see anything from this movie.  So I’ll wait, as the movie is coming out in a month.  But if you want to check it out, hit the jump:

thanks to Marketsaw for finding this.

Avatar Movie image Navi.jpg


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