4 Movie Clips from BRUNO

     July 1, 2009


Opening on July 10th is “Bruno” and Sacha Baron Cohen is once again going to shock some audiences. The reason I say some, is unlike “Borat” – which came completely out of left field – “Bruno” isn’t as shocking as we’ve seen a lot of it before. Scenes of Bruno doing and saying things to unsuspecting people is straight out of “Borat”, but that’s not to say I didn’t find it funny, as I laughed a lot and one scene had me in tears. While I definitely recommend “Bruno”, I wouldn’t call it a home-run.

Anyway, to help promote the film, Universal has just given us 4 clips from the movie and they’re after the jump. Take a look and judge “Bruno” for yourself:

Clip 1 Bruno speaks to an ex Palestinian Prime Minister

Clip 2 Bruno speaks to parents

Clip 3 Bruno tells audience he swapped baby OJ in Africa for an iPod

Clip 4 Bruno dresses up his military uniform with some D&G


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