Director Carl Rinsch’s 47 RONIN Starring Keanu Reeves to be Produced and Released in 3D

     December 8, 2010

We’ve received word that Universal plans to shoot and release the upcoming Keanu Reeves action film 47 Ronin in 3D. Director Carl Rinsch, who has previously been attached to the upcoming Alien prequel as well as a Logan’s Run remake, will make his feature film debut on the project. The project officially got a greenlight last month, as well as a release date of November 21, 2012. There’s no word as to whether the entire film will be shot in 3D, or if some of the footage will be filmed in 2D and then post-converted like the upcoming Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.

Based upon a true story, 47 Ronin is the tale of 18th century samurai who head out to avenge the death of their master. It’s the most famous tale of the samurai code of honor, “bushido.” For a director who has yet to make his feature film debut, Rinsch has been attached to some decidedly high-profile projects, and Reeves’ work on The Matrix trilogy has him well-versed in martial arts (“I know kung-fu”). Needless to say, this flick sounds fairly bad-ass on paper. We’ll find out if Rinsch lives up to his reputation come November 2012.


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  • InfiniteMonkey

    So stoked for this one. Keanuu needs to turn in a bad ass sword fighting deal before the bloke kicks the bucket and this just may be the one. If not I’m sure there’s another one out there being written right now.

    Its not very comforting however that its being helmed by some unknown. All I can wish for is a very good script that is straight forward with plenty of action and drama and easy to follow for an amateur like this bloke Rinsch can follow easily.

  • gcm443

    Am I missing something? Unless I’m completely mistaken…Keanu Reeves…isn’t…Japanese. I know Hollywood tries to pass Chinese actors for Japanese but this is just ridiculous…nitpicking aside, this sounds like it will be a cool movie. I hope Reeves starts doing some more cool action movies like Speed or Point Break.

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  • Mylsy

    I’m sure Mr Reeves will make a great ode to proving that this Japanese story will be told again in a great way on the big screen for Western audiences. A good bit of sword fighting indeed is necessary to bring it over to the audience. When has Reeves ever failed? He wont fail the Japenese either I dont think. They dont take things lightely. So made a good choice. Looking forward to seeing the end production.

  • Mylsy

    Oh yes, and if the cast require anyone to fight Keanu Reeves, yes please. Just need some sword practise :)