50 Cent Dropped 54 Pounds for His Starring Role in THINGS FALL APART

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Like Christian Bale (The Machinist) and Tom Hanks (Castaway) before him, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has shed some serious pounds for his upcoming film Things Fall Apart.  In the film, Jackson plays a star running back in his senior year of college who is diagnosed with cancer.  Mario Van Peebles (Damages) is directing, and cast himself alongside Jackson, Ray Liotta, and Lynn Whitfield.

Normally weighing in at 214 pounds, the rapper is often seen shirtless and rather ripped at his shows.  After nine weeks of a liquid diet and three hours on the treadmill each day, Fitty shed 54 pounds to achieve middleweight status at 160 pounds.  Jackson promised fans, “I’ve been eating.  I’ll be back in shape in no time!”  Check out some pics of the weight loss after the jump.

I do respect his commitment to the role, but these kind of weight fluctuations make me nervous.  I can’t imagine the health effects are actually worth it: like, what if the movie is not any good?  (Was The Machinist memorable beyond Bale’s deathly appearance?)  On the other hand, Jackson and I are about the same height (6’0″) with less than a ten-pound difference between us.  So either he’s still at a relatively healthy weight, or I need to call a doctor.  This BMI calculator says Jackson is “Normal”, and could even go as low as 136 pounds before he’s “Underweight”, so I suppose I won’t fret too much (Thanks, CDC!).  Instead, I’ll just admire the transformation, and hope that the end result justifies the effort.

Here are the pictures of a gaunt 50 Cent, via Just Jared:




Here’s what the rapper normally looks like for comparison:


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  • whoa

    holy sh*t!!! what a change!!! i hope it's worth it…

  • !_!

    lol look at his head lol

  • !_!

    lol look at his head lol

  • !_!

    BMI is useless i dont know why ppl even pay attention to it.

  • InfiniteMonkey

    Looks like one of those blokes from the Will Smith driven, I Am Legend! LOL!!!!

  • http://www.flicksandbits.com dd9


  • http://twitter.com/cablebfg Bill Graham

    If you weight less than 150, at 6'0″, you should probably eat some food…

    His head looks enormous without all of his muscle. Hard to believe it is him in those pictures.

  • kanisha

    i don't think that him , thats a look alike cause where are his tattoos

  • Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub

    could be makeup. or maybe he's started getting rid of them

  • Whitedeer

    Fiddy bees lookin like a crackhead yo! Jes coz Koonya outsold his azz dont mean he need to be hittin da pipe! Mebbe he needs to habs a talk wi Whitney “Crack Beez Wack” Houston bout what happen when you do too much ah dat sheit.

  • Jake 13

    50 cent morphs into……Dave Chappelle?

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  • Nico

    If Pebbles is involved, there's something to it. Looking forward. Hope it's not TOO sad.

  • Aaron

    Rob De Niro gained 60 pounds for Raging Bull and that movie is classic. (Though 50 Cent surely is no De Niro). P.S. I was hoping this movie would be a film version of Chinua Achebe's book, also titled “Things Fall Apart.”

  • Mr_chuck_morris

    The noses between the 50C pic and the skinny guy look nothing alike…

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/KB3ZL7JO5ZBNCEMGTAL4HLEPNA Perry

    Its amazin how black guys can play with their physique so easily with relatively little work,
    I mean he will be ripped again in probably 6 weeks thanks to good genetics, I hate being white..it'd take me 6 years to get anywhere near that!

  • Zebra

    its called steroids fuck knuckle

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  • Menyou

    Really!? And he lost his tattoos with the weight loss?

  • Rockstarsid

    LOL! I saw Machinist, I wouldn't call it awesome but just because of the Bale's performance — I've to say the movie was definitely worth watching.

    Similarly, doesn't matter how the 50 cent upcoming movie would be, I am definitely going to watch and APPRECIATE the work! Man.. these guys do sacrifice a lot to entertain us :)

  • Kati

    He has no tattoos in the first picture, even though his arms are covered, so I highly doubt that's really him.

    • Marie

      What is up with some of you people?? it IS him.! He had his tattoo’s removed to play the part. He only kept the tattoo on his back!

  • Sittin_chillin

    lol dude looks like a starving homeless zombie

  • ginganinja


  • Dtronx

    Here is a question – looking at the picture…..look at the picture under Here are the pictures of a gaunt 50 Cent, via Just Jared:…..what happened to his tattoos? Look at the top picture and the last….don't buy it.

  • Grant Bradley

    he dnt even look like 50

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  • Gatesi Rm

    Man, that's crazy!!!!!!! Nigga look like he wont even make it through the whole movie, thats extreme

  • ..??!!

    Where are his tatOO's?

  • Meriana

    dude why would you change your hole image just for a movie! he got famous for being 50 cent…not some skinny dude that looks old now! this movie might mean something to him but it's just another movie too any individual? he must be going to get paid major for this movie..must be worth all that he's ever made being a rapper combined? I say “just get some other skinny dude to do the movie” you just look yuk! not at all that smooth and skux guy that was 50 cent! SHOT bro!!

  • Meriana_grace

    hold on! that skinny dude has no tatts?? WHATS UP WITH THAT!!! hu ever posted those fotos are dicks! that not him!

  • Ferrarifreak101

    its def fake where are his tatoos in the first picture

  • Browncolourkid

    thats true because why is there no tattos on his arms

  • Ericfootball21

    for all you people tht dont know he got his tattoos removed with a laser. him and some other rapper i cant remember who it was though

  • Angrymonkey2

    thats fucking DMX

  • Sdfdf

    kanisha [Moderator] “i don’t think that him , thats a look alike cause where are his tattoos ” you are dumb fucking stupid kid you should shut the fuck up…He removed his tattoos when he did the movie thing fall apart you know nothing read more about it. then you know it just came like that “i dont think it is he cuz he dont have tattoo” Can you even see hes tatto cuz he wears the clothes and he does not have tattoos on the head rather…

  • Jen7458

    Where are his tatts in his new pictures?!

  • shaun

    rite he dont have tats but didnt yall ee up above he got them removed 50 said hes going get hs weight back up in a recent interview so uckin rite datz dat nigge it does look like him but he just looks old without the weight an if it aint him it juz aint him fuck it not a big deal chill

  • ayeeee!

    his head looks like it’s bigger than 2 basketalls, gotdamn nigga! lawl

  • thomasgeraldson@yahoo.fr

    How am I even 50cent fans behind me I might even sound artists also happy to make an album 50cent slick fatik keep this place is OK Fem we have a good artist is not on me that I lagel Gel

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