6 New Clips and a Featurette from Pixar’s UP

     May 15, 2009

Up thumbnail PixarSince I’m under embargo, I can’t go into any real detail about what I thought about Pixar’s newest film, “Up” so I will simply say that it’s fantastic (no surprise there) and I was either laughing hysterically, breathlessly excited, or on the verge of tears throughout this film.

We have some short clips from the film along with a featurette.  Nothing is at all spoilery (in fact, a lot of people are going to go into this film not knowing some important characters) and the featurette is not only entertaining but reveals some great little facts I didn’t know like the voice of Russell is an actual kid.  I will say that the featurette hints that Kevin and Dug almost end up stealing the film.

“Up” hits theatres on May 29th. Watch the clips after the jump:


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