7 New Character Posters from THE HANGOVER

     May 25, 2009

Warner Bros. has released seven new character movie posters from director Todd Phillips “The Hangover”. Two of them are below, the rest are after the jump.

I’ve seen the movie and have to say…it’s extremely funny and absolutely worth seeing in a theater. In fact, it’s so good and so funny, I’d actually recommend watching it opening weekend with a theater full of people. It’s one of those films that everyone is going to like and the more people you see it with, the more you’ll laugh. And whatever you do, stay for the ending credits.

And about these character posters…well done Warner Bros. I’m always happy when a chicken gets its own poster.

The Hangover movie poster - the chicken.jpgThe Hangover movie poster- heather graham.jpg

The Hangover movie poster (1).jpgThe Hangover movie poster (2).jpg

The Hangover movie poster - mike tyson.jpg

The Hangover movie poster - the baby.jpgThe Hangover movie poster the tiger.jpg

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