Filming Begins on LONDON HAS FALLEN Starring Gerard Butler; First Synopsis Revealed

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I’m still bitter that when it came to last year’s “Battle of the Die Hard-in-the-White House” movies, the crown went to Olympus Has Fallen over the vastly superior White House Down.  But so it goes, and we will be treated to yet another installment of Gerard Butler‘s Secret Service Agent Mike Banning taking down baddies.  Millennium Films has sent out a press release announcing that filming has commenced on London Has Fallen, which sees Banning accompanying the U.S. President (Aaron Eckhart) and Speaker of the House (Morgan Freeman) to attend the funeral of the British prime minister.  The press release also includes the first official plot synopsis, and this is my favorite part: “a deadly plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders, devastate every known landmark in the British capital, and unleash a terrifying vision of the future.”  All those unknown landmarks?  Totally safe.

Hit the jump for the press release.  The film opens October 2, 2015, and also stars Angela Bassett, Melissa Leo, Robert Forster, Sean O’Bryan, Radha Mitchell, Jackie Earle Haley, Alon Aboutboul, Charlotte Riley, and Waleed Zuaiter.


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After The Dark Knight launched its viral “Why So Serious?” campaign way back in 2007, the movie obviously went on to be a smash. How much of that was due in part to alternative marketing is up for debate, but with The Dark Knight Rises just around the corner, it’s no surprise that we might be seeing the beginning of another viral run-up. Recently, The Wrap (via Movie Viral) interviewed Jeff Robinov, the President of Warner Bros. Motion Pictures, who said that the “marketing strategy will definitely evolve” from the previous Batman installment.

Hot on the heels of that quote, Empire and Wired (via Movie Viral) received two separate “CIA documents” concerning a Dr. Leonid Pavel. While that name doesn’t yet ring a bell, readers over at ComingSoon connected Pavel’s mugshot to that of actor Alon Aboutboul, who has a role in The Dark Knight Rises. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but hit the jump to check the documents out just the same. [Update: A new document has been added along with a link to a countdown timer ; you can check them out after the jump.]

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