Green-Band Trailer and Poster for THAT’S MY BOY

by     Posted 2 years, 290 days ago


The first trailer for the comedy That’s My Boy arrived last week in the form of a red-band trailer. The film marks the first R-rated Adam Sandler comedy since 1996’s Bulletproof, and while the idea of a Sandler/Andy Samberg team-up was appealing, I wasn’t exactly thriller with the red-band trailer; it seemed like Sandler yelling “fuck” was the punch-line for nearly every joke. That said, I actually laughed quite a bit more at this new green-band trailer. It reveals why, despite being father and son, Sandler and Samberg’s characters are so close in age, and features a few funny gags that Samberg sells really well.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer and check out the new poster. The film also stars Leighton Meester and James Caan. That’s My Boy opens June 15th.

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