First Image of Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy as Twin Gangsters in Brian Helgeland’s LEGEND

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Budgets are tight these days, so when a movie calls for twins and you’ve already landed yourself a high-profile actor, sometimes you just have to Winklevoss it. Such is the case with writer-director Brian Helgeland’s new thriller, Legend, which stars Tom Hardy as identical twin gangsters Ronald and Reginald Kray.  As you can tell from the above image, Hardy is taking on both roles, which is hardly surprising considering his chameleon-like abilities he’s showcased throughout his career.  If nothing else, this is an opportunity to stretch his acting chops as he’ll have to develop distinctive looks, mannerisms, and personalities to distinguish the Krays.  A worthy challenge.

Hit the jump to view the full image from Legend, and for more on the picture.

Felicity Jones to Lead A MONSTER CALLS; Emily Browning in Talks for LEGENDS; Mark Strong Joins GRIMSBY

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We have a few casting stories for you this afternoon.  First up, Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) is set to star in A Monster Calls, the new film from director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible).   The story, written by Patrick Ness from an original idea by the late Siobhan Dowd, “tells the tale of a young boy who attempts to deal with his mother’s illness and the bullying of classmates by escaping into a fantastical world of monsters and fairy tales that deal with courage, loss and faith.”  According to Deadline, Jones will play “Mum”, and Liam Neeson is being courted to play the Monster.  Jones will next be seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and is co-starring opposite Jonah Hill and James Franco in the drama True Story.

Hit the jump for casting news regarding Emily Browning (Pompeii) and Mark Strong (Low Winter Sun).

Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford and Director Brian Helgeland Talk 42, Getting Involved in the Film, Jackie Robinson’s Influence and His Portrayal in the Film

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The sports drama 42 tells a story of heroism and achievement that forever changed the game of baseball.  When trailblazing Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) signed Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) in 1947, he broke Major League Baseball’s infamous color line, shocking both the public and the other players.  Tested in a way that seemed insurmountable, Robinson demonstrated such tremendous courage and restraint, instead letting his talent on the field win over the fans, his teammates and the world.

During a press conference at the film’s press day, co-stars Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford, along with writer/director Brian Helgeland, talked about the influence of Jackie Robinson in both his own era and today, what made them want to be a part of this film, how much involvement Rachel Robinson (Jackie Robinson’s widow) had, and how they hope the positive portrayal of African Americans in this film will inspire other filmmakers.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.  

7 Clips for Jackie Robinson Biopic 42 Starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford

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42-movie clips

Warner Bros. has released seven clips from the Jackie Robinson biopic 42, led by Chadwick BosemanHarrison Ford co-stars as Branch Rickey, the general manager who broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball by signing Robinson to the Dodgers.  It’s a curious performance by Ford, who wraps a thick dialect around such mouthfuls as:

“Someday you’re going to meet God.  And when he inquires as why you didn’t take the field against Robinson in Philadelphia, and you answer that it’s because he was a negro, it may not be a sufficient reply!”

Since we are withholding judgement until we see the full context of the performance, let’s focus on the fact that the period piece photography is sharp, and Boseman looks to be a charasmatic lead.  Christopher Meloni, Ryan Merriman, Brad Beyer, Judy Tylor, Jon Bernthal, Nicole Beharie, and T.R. Knight co-star.  Directed by Brian Helgeland, 42 opens April 12.  Watch the clips after the break.

45 New Images from Jackie Robinson Biopic 42 Starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford

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We have over 40 new images from director Brian Helgeland’s Jackie Robinson biopic 42 to share with you today.  Starring Chadwick Boseman (Persrons Unknown) in the lead role, 42 tells the story of Robinson, the first player to break Major League Baseball’s color barrier by signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Harrison Ford co-stars as Branch Rickey, the MLB exec who signed Robinson into the minors and ushered him along to the pros.  Also starring Nicole Beharie, T.R. Knight, Christopher Meloni and Toby Huss, 42 opens April 12th.  Hit the jump to see 45 new images from the film along with some behind-the-scenes shots. 

New Featurette for Jackie Robinson Biopic 42 Starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford

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Warner Bros. has released a rather fascinating featurette for the upcoming Jackie Robinson biopic 42.  Written and directed by Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential), the film chronicles how Robinson (Chadwick Boesman) and Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) worked together to eradicate segregation in baseball in 1947.  In addition to showing off new footage from the film, the featurette includes interviews with the cast and crew, as well as Robinson’s wife Rachel and Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, about Jackie Robinson’s effect on the game and the culture of baseball in the 1940s.  We also get a close look at Ford’s rather distracting wig and fake eyebrows.

Hit the jump to watch the featurette.  The film also stars Christopher Meloni, Jon Bernthal, Alan Tudyk, and John C. McGinley42 opens on April 12th.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Producer Ronald D. Moore Developing A KNIGHT’S TALE TV Series for ABC

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Capitalizing on a recent resurgence of interest in historical and fantasy dramas (and maybe the success of series like HBO’s Game of Thrones), Battlestar Galactica executive producer Ronald D. Moore is developing a television adaptation of the 2001 Heath Ledger film A Knight’s Tale for ABC.  The original movie mixed medieval action and romance with a modern soundtrack, which the television series would reportedly retain.

Moore will write the new series, which has a script commitment from ABC, and produce alongside Tall Ship Productions.  A Knight’s Tale was Ledger’s first big starring role, and the film’s box office success likely helped get the then 22-year-old actor noticed as a leading man.  For more of this new project, hit the jump.

What’s Filming Where, Including IRON MAN 3, DJANGO UNCHAINED, THE TOMB, ENDER’S GAME and More

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You’re driving down the street, and it’s suddenly blocked off.  You notice these weird yellow signs with nonsensical letters or numbers.  There’s unusual glow lighting up a neighborhood you can’t usually see from your house.  What you might have here is a film company shooting in your town.  It happens a lot, and you never know where they might pop up…until now.

The following is a semi-comprehensive list of films currently shooting, what they’re shooting, and where they’re shooting.  We’ll be telling you where you might get to see the very famous, the kinda famous and (if all goes well) the soon-to-be famous. While we can’t list every single movie, television show, or student film in production, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what the heck is going on where all those people are buzzing about.  Want to know where in the world are Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, Woody Harrelson, and Leonardo DiCaprio? Hit the jump for more.

Tony Scott to Direct Remake of THE WILD BUNCH, Wants Jeff Bridges for HELL’S ANGELS

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Following today’s fairly shocking news that Ridley Scott is set to direct a follow-up to his sci-fi classic Blade Runner, Ridley’s brother Tony is now gearing up for a remake of the 1969 film The Wild Bunch.  Scott is in talks to helm a reboot of the classic, which tells the story of an aging outlaw gang on the Texas-Mexico border. Jerry Weintraub (Ocean’s Eleven) is producing and Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential) is writing the screenplay.

The Wild Bunch isn’t the only film on Scott’s plate at the moment, as he has quite a few projects that he’s currently mulling over. The director’s follow-up to Unstoppable looks to be the non-train-on-the-loose pic Hell’s Angels, which centers around the 2001 Laughlin riots when the Angels were caught up in a war with a rival gang. Hit the jump for more details on Hell’s Angels, including the possible casting of Jeff Bridges, and updates on Scott’s other projects.

Brian Helgeland to Write and Direct Jackie Robinson Biopic

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In early April, we reported that Robert Redford was set to star in a biopic about Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey from writer-director Brian Hegleland.  The film would center on Rickey’s decision to integrate Major League Baseball by hiring Jackie Robinson.  At the time, I voiced my disappointment that we would have to see Robinson’s story through Rickey’s perspective when—all due respect to Rickey’s legacy—it was Robinson’s story that was worth telling on its own.

Now it looks like I’ve gotten my way.  Legendary Pictures has sent out a press release annoucning that Helgeland will still write and direct, but it now looks like the movie is now about Robinson.  Nowhere in the press release is Rickey mentioned.  While Robinson’s story was previously filmed as The Jackie Robinson Story, and that movie actually starred Robinson as himself.  For the new biopic, Legendary will collaborate with Robinson’s widow, Rachel Robinson on the picture.  While I’m not the biggest fan of Helgeland (for every L.A. Confidential, there’s a Robin Hood, Cirque du Freak, and The Taking of Pelham 123 remake), I hope he’ll do justice to Robinson’s story.  Hit the jump for the press release.

Robert Redford Returns to Baseball in Brian Helgeland’s Branch Rickey Biopic

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You know who apparently doesn’t get enough credit in Jackie Robinson’s story about breaking the color barrier in baseball?  White guy Branch Rickey.  Because it’s not simply enough to give credit to an African-American who risked his life to play the great American pastime, Brian Helgeland (A Knight’s Tale) will write and direct a biopic about Rickey, an executive who made the brave decision to sign Robinson to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945.  24 Frames reports that Robert Redford who starred in the 1984 baseball drama The Natural, will play Rickey in a role I’m fairly certain will be preachy and simplistic.

Hit the jump for more on Redford’s participation and why this project makes me cringe.

James Cameron in Talks to Direct CLEOPATRA with Angelina Jolie

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Take this with extreme skepticism, but how would you like to see a James Cameron-directed film about Cleopatra starring Angelina Jolie? Yeah, me too. That is exactly what Sony Pictures Entertainment is exploring with the director, and the film would be based off the Stacy Schiff book Cleopatra: A Life. What a life it was and what a film this could possibly be. Hit the jump for more details about the potential film and why this likely will not occur.

9 Movie Clips from Ridley Scott’s ROBIN HOOD Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, and Mark Strong

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Universal has released 9 clips from director Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.  Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, Mark Strong, Mark Addy, Oscar Isaac, Danny Huston, Eileen Atkins and Max von Sydow, the movie was written by Brian Helgeland and based on a story by Brian Helgeland and Ethan Reiff & Cyrus Voris.

Hit the jump to check out the clips and read the official synopsis.  Robin Hood gets released May 14.

Another Clip from Ridley Scott’s ROBIN HOOD

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Universal has released another clip from director Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood and it showcases the action.  Entitled “Make it Count”, the clip features Robin Hood (Russell Crowe) leading his archers in as they storm a French castle.   If you were wondering what kind of action we might get from the team that previously made Gladiator, you can get a first look after the jump.

Also, Universal is junketing Robin Hood this weekend, so expect a lot more clips, images and info on the film very soon.

New Trailer for Ridley Scott’s ROBIN HOOD Starring Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett, William Hurt, Mark Strong

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Robin Hood movie poster slice.jpg

Universal has released a new trailer for Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.  Starring Russell Crowe as the legendary figure, the trailer is loaded with action and it shows a lot more of the story than the previously released clips and trailers.  While the story of Robin Hood has been told many times in books and in the movies, with Ridley Scott (Gladiator) behind the camera, how can you not be excited.  Watch the new trailer after the jump.  Robin Hood hits theaters May 14.

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