Sony in Talks with Screenwriter David Guggenheim for BAD BOYS 3

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Sony is looking to reunite Will Smith and Martin Lawrence for a third installment in the Bad Boys franchise.  The studio is reportedly in early talks with screenwriter David Guggenheim (Safe House) to pen the script for Bad Boys 3.  The last action film featuring Smith and Lawrence as the two wise-cracking cops came out a decade ago.  Both films were directed by Michael Bay, but the director is not currently involved with another go, but Jerry Bruckheimer will return as producer.

Guggenheim, meanwhile, is busy making his name scripting action/thriller films.  In addition to the sequel to Safe House, he’s also worked on Doug Liman’s Narco Sub, McG’s Puzzle Palace, and a new draft of Sony’s Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. (Via Deadline)

Universal Acquires BLACK BOX from David Guggenheim; Sony Negotiates for ROCKETS’ RED GLARE from BLACK HAWK DOWN Team

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In acquisition news today, Universal landed a hot property while Sony is in talks to pick up another.  Here’s the info at a glance:

  • Universal Pictures picks up Black Box, a script from Safe House scribe, David Guggenheim.  The picture, centering on the black box aboard Air Force One, is pitched as Enemy of the State-meets-Three Days of the Condor.
  • Sony Pictures is in negotiations to pick up Rockets’ Red Glare, a spec script from Ken Nolan with Neal Moritz (both of Black Hawk Down) set to produce.  The picture follows a border patrol agent protecting a high-ranking Mexican drug cartel member from assassination in order to earn an $8 billion payday.

Hit the jump for more on both acquisitions.

Universal Developing SAFE HOUSE Sequel (or Prequel?) with Writer David Guggenheim

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Safe House grossed $200 million worldwide once it was released in February.  This fact surprised me, but that’s on me, because the natural result of an action movie that co-stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds is $200 million.  And the natural result of $200 million is Safe House 2.  According to Heat Vision, Universal has commissioned Safe House writer David Guggenheim to write that follow-up to the winter hit.  Neither Washington nor Reynolds is signed for another movie, and Heat Vision could not get their sources to confirm whether Guggenheim is writing a prequel or a sequel.

To go into more detail, we will need to get into spoilers for Safe House.  At Collider, we our spoiler safe house is after the jump.

Tony Scott to Direct Narcotics-Thriller NARCO SUB for 20th Century Fox

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While most of us were busy stuffing our faces over the holiday weekend, Tony Scott and 20th Century Fox discussed illegal drug trafficking. The Unstoppable producer/director is now lined up to direct Narco Sub, a drug-centric action thriller based on a spec script by David Guggenheim (Safe House). As of now, the plot details are being kept quiet, but the title indicates it will have something to do with submersible crafts used by South American drug cartels to smuggle product into the states. Although Denzel Washington has been a staple in many of Scott’s films, there is no news on his involvement at the moment. Hit the jump for more on Narco Sub.

McG in Talks to Direct Cop Drama PUZZLE PALACE for Summit

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Director McG is currently in negotiations to direct the cop drama Puzzle Palace. Deadline reports that Summit Entertainment acquired the project as a pitch earlier this year from David Guggenheim, who then penned the script. No other plot details are given other than the fact that the project is a “cop drama.” Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen, who were producers on the Twilight series, are onboard as producers. McG was in line to direct Ouija, based on the board game, as his next project but Universal ultimately passed on the film so it’s now back in development. The director recently wrapped the action comedy This Means War starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and Reese Witherspoon.

Guggenheim recently penned the drama Safe House, which stars Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds and is slated for release in February. He also just sold a pitch for the superpower-centered pic 364 to Universal which Ron Howard is poised to direct.

Universal Acquires David Guggenheim’s 364 for Ron Howard to Direct

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Judging from the number of projects Ron Howard is attached to, his ambitious adaptation of The Dark Tower looks to be all but dead. Deadline reports that Universal has acquired a pitch entitled 364 from David Guggenheim, and Ron Howard is set to direct. The film revolves around a man who, on one day each year, has superpowers. The title refers to the number of days a year he spends thinking about what heroic deeds he will perform when the day comes. Guggenheim recently penned the Denzel Washington/Ryan Reynolds drama Safe House.

Howard is currently gearing up to direct the Formula One racing drama Rush (he’s filming scenes this weekend at Germany’s Nurburgring Race Track) and is also attached to a number of other projects. In addition to The Dark Tower, which is currently looking for financing, Howard is attached to a feature film version of Spy vs. Spy and an adaptation of the religious extremist-centered Under the Banner of Heaven.


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A thorough documentary takes a journalistic look at an issue by investigating it from all possible angles, removing the emotional component from the discussion and using the gathered information to draw a logical conclusion. A popular and successful documentary heightens an emotional issue by emphasizing the plight of the downtrodden while demonizing the oppressors, all while making their point of view easily understandable to the masses. Waiting for Superman is a fantastic example of a documentary which attempts to be thorough while being successful and wildly engaging.

Of course, it helps that director and writer Davis Guggenheim has two other films under his belt (It Might Get Loud and An Inconvenient Truth) that join Waiting for Superman on the list of 100 highest-grossing documentaries of all time. Rather than solve global warming, this time around Guggenheim tries to tackle an equally frustrating issue: educational reform in America. Hit the jump to read my Blu-ray review.

Rubén Blades Takes on SAFE HOUSE Starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds

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In what will be his first Hollywood film since 2003′s Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Rubén Blades has signed on to star in the Universal Pictures thriller Safe House.  TheWrap reports that Blades will join a cast that already features Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Nora Arnezeder, and Indian Outlaw-turned-actor Tim McGraw (“Indian Outlaw” quip brought to you courtesy of my curiously large amount of worthless country music knowledge).

Due out February 10, 2012, Safe House follow a CIA agent (Reynolds) who must transport a dangerous criminal (Washington) to safety.  Daniel Espinosa (Snabba Cash) will direct David Guggenheim’s 2010 Black List script.

NBC Picks Up WONDER WOMAN; Plus, Pilot Orders from Steven Spielberg, Conan O’Brien, Ethan Hawke, Rob Thomas, Tim Kring, and More

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Wonder Woman will not die.  David E. Kelly is a bizarre choice to run the show, and the networks seemed to realize this when they passed on Wonder Woman in unison.  But where there’s a will (and a deeply troubled network), there’s a way: NBC has picked up Kelley’s Wonder Woman reboot.  I hope to see a live-action Wonder Woman in my lifetime, but not like this.  Not like this at all.

This report comes among a flurry of pilot season news involving such talent as Steven Spielberg, Conan O’Brien, Ethan Hawke, Rob Thomas, Tim Kring, and more.  Hit the jump for a recap.

TV Casting Call: Ethan Hawke Has EXIT STRATEGY at Fox, Dane Cook Calls HAWAII FIVE-0, and Anthony Michael Hall Visits NO ORDINARY FAMILY

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After putting his best foot forward with work in films like Training Day and both Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, it looks like Ethan Hawke taking post at Fox with his first major TV series. Deadline reports the actor will both star in and produce Exit Strategy, a potential series which would focus on a team of 5 experts associated with the CIA who are deployed when an operation goes bad to extract those in danger before it’s too late. Hawke would play the team leader, the architect of the plan who would rather die than fail them. Set up as a procedural, each episode would deal with a different crises at different locales around the world. The pilot was written by Safe House screenwriter David Guggenheim and several unnamed A-List directors apparently already circling the project. Sounds like a decent replacement for Fox’s now finished action series 24, and with Hawke attached, we’ll likely see it get picked up for next season.

Details on a couple guest stars for Hawaii Five-0 and No Ordinary Family after the jump.

2010 Black List Top 10 Announced; A List of the Best “Unproduced” Screenplays in Hollywood

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The 2010 Black List has been announced.  For those who don’t know, the Black List is a list of the best “unproduced” screenplays in Hollywood.  I put “unproduced” in quotations because some of these screenplays are in various stages of production.  For instance, College Republicans (formerly Young Republicans) has Shia LaBeouf and Paul Dano circling the project while Safe House has Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds on board.  J.C. Chandor’s script (which he also directed) Margin Call is the furthest along of the Top 10 as it’s already set to premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Hit the jump to check out the 2010 Black List Top Ten.

Simon West Will Direct MEDALLION for Producer McG

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Action maestro Simon West is attempting to jump back into the Hollywood spotlight. Having just wrapped the Jason Statham starrer The Mechanic for release next year, West will tackle Medallion based on a script from David Guggenheim, according to LA Times. No other details have emerged as to who will star in the action-thriller, though both Nicholas Cage and Clive Owen are rumored to have been attached to the project at one point. Fellow action-director McG will produce.

Guggenheim’s script focuses on a father searching for his kidnapped daughter, who has been locked in the back of an unidentified taxi cab. The father has only a few hours to locate his daughter, and save the day. West is next set to direct Protection with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, after which he will turn his attention to Medallion. Guggenheim recently scripted Safe House, which landed the star power of Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Hit the jump for more.

Ryan Reynolds Moves into SAFE HOUSE with Denzel Washington

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Ryan Reynolds has been cast opposite Denzel Washington in the upcoming thriller Safe House.  As we reported last week, Reynolds was the front-runner on a short list of actors jockeying for the highly-contested role.  Other stars considered for the part included Sam Worthington, Shia LaBeouf, and Zac Efron.  Per Deadline, “The film centers on a young CIA agent (Reynolds) who must transport a dangerous criminal (Washington) to safety after both are attacked at a safe house.”  Basically, it sounds like 3:10 to Yuma, but Vulture described it as Three Days of the Condor crossed with Collateral.  Daniel Espinosa will direct from a script by David Guggenheim.

Hit the jump for how Safe House is fitting in to Reynolds’ busy schedule.

Denzel Washington May Take up Residence in SAFE HOUSE

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Denzel Washington is in talks to star in the spy-thriller Safe House.  Vulture reports that after the recent death of Washington’s long-time agent Ed Limato, the WME agency has put together the project in order to cement their relationship with the two-time Oscar-winner.  David Guggenheim’s script ignited a bidding war last winner and Universal emerged victorious.  Here’s how Vulture breaks down the plot:

Set in South America, Safe House follows a young U.S. intelligence agent who must go on the run with a newly arrived prisoner (Denzel’s potential role) after his titular safe house comes under attack — think of a mix between Collateral and Three Days of the Condor.

Washington will next be seen this November alongside Chris Pine in Tony Scott’s runaway train flick Unstoppable.

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