Kenny Powers Goes Steve Jobs in Latest K-Swiss Ad Featuring Bruce Lee, Moon Babes, and Animated Children Getting Destroyed

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Last Sunday, the third and final season of Eastbound and Down premiered with one of the series’ best episodes to date.  They’ve got the comedy of Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) down to a science, and every one of his lines absolutely kills.  A couple years ago, K-Swiss made the bold and brilliant decision to hire Kenny as their pitchman/MFCEO (Motherfuckin’ Chief Executive Officer).  Now he’s back, parodying Steve Jobs (tooo soooon!), and selling K-Swiss’ latest shoe, Blades.  The commercial is five-minutes long and only ten seconds are devoted to talking about the design of the shoe.  Everything else is Kenny Powers being awesome and hilarious.

Hit the jump to check out the commercial, which features a conversation with Bruce Lee, green chicks on the moon, and a blood-drenched animated sequence.  Eastbound and Down airs at 10pm EST on HBO.

EASTBOUND & DOWN Season Three Premiere Review

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After being gone for far too long Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) is back, complete with a Confederate flag and marijuana leaf covered boogie board. thankfully the series is much better at keeping the laughs coming than Powers is at catching some waves in the season premiere of Eastbound & Down. We now find everyone’s favorite ballplayer in the minors in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina playing for the Mermen. Seemingly back at the top of his game (or at least as high as it can get in the minor leagues). Powers is always best when he’s cocky and arrogant, and since that’s basically all the time, having him getting a taste of success just makes it that much better.  Hit the jump for more.

New Poster and Promo Clips for EASTBOUND & DOWN Season Dos: Deep Inside Mexico

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With HBO’s foul-mouthed, raunchy, selfish, vulgar, and hilarious Kenny Powers (played to perfection by Danny McBride) returning next month for Eastbound & Down Season Dos: Deep Inside Mexico, we’ve been provided with a new poster and two promo clips called “Moped Tease” and “Kenny Powers is Back in September”.  Hit the jump for more:

Collider is Welcomed Into the K-Swiss Tubes Brotherhood of Elite Badassness! Thank You Kenny Powers and EASTBOUND AND DOWN!

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Collider was asked “Would you like to do a promotional activity for K-Swiss and Eastbound and Down?” The immediate answer was “fuck yes we do!” The catch: having no idea what the promotional event would be. All Collider was told was that someone had to be at around at a designated time for a special delivery. It was an inviting but foreboding commitment.

Recently, Funny or Die unleashed a clip of Kenny Powers (played by the lovely and talented Danny McBride) talking to K-Swiss about how his promotional campaign should go, and it involved murder and naked women. This – if you’ve followed the brilliant HBO series – is par for the course with Powers. What was unknown at the time was that K-Swiss was into the idea of working with Kenny Powers, and K-Swiss has launched their new Tubes line with Danny McBride’s Powers as their spokesman. None of this answered our question: What the fuck is going to show up? The answer to that is answered after the jump.

UPDATED with message from Kenny Powers!

Kenny Powers Goes to Mexico As EASTBOUND & DOWN Season Two Starts Production in August

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Crass but brilliant pitcher Kenny Powers is gonna be throwing heat in the heat as season two of Eastbound & Down heads to Mexico. Production is set to begin in August, according to Deadline, and Michael Pena (Observe and Report) and Ana de la Reguera (Nacho Libre) will be joining Danny McBride as series regulars.

The first season of HBO’s hilarious black comedy ended with Powers leaving his home of North Carolina and driving off into the unknown.  Season two will pick up with Powers pitching south of the border.  Pena plays the owner of Kenny’s new team and de la Reguera will be his new love interest.  All of the season one series regulars, with the exception of Steve Little, who plays Stevie Janowski, will not be returning. (Goodbye sweet Katy Mixon, we hardly knew ye.)

No word on when season two will air but one thing is for sure, Kenny is still going to be a total ass. And we’ll still love him for it.


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One of the things I love about Danny McBride is how he variates his essential comic character. McBride usually plays one form of white trash or another but The Foot Fist Way’s Fred Simmons is different than Kenny Powers. Fred Simmons never had his lifestyle challenged, even with the Chuck “The Truck” stuff. Both men are delusional, but Fred managed to the big fish in a small pond. Kenny Powers, the main character of Eastbound and Down, was a superstar, and he’s still got the swagger way after he lost his arm, and his money. It’s a different sort of delusion, someone desperately clinging to the illusion that they’re still hot shit, which is different than someone who achieved something more than being the king of the demo. More after the jump:

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