Fox’s LONE STAR Has Officially Been Canceled

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Despite desperate pleas from both myself and an open letter from series writer/creator Kyle Killen, Fox has made Lone Star the first casualty of the new season of TV. After the pilot performed so poorly last week, executives were watching closely to see if there would be any improvement after the shock and awe of The Event had worn out. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in the ratings and after only two episodes Lone Star will never again see the light of day. Starting next Monday, the 9/8c timeslot will be filled by new episodes of the third season of Lie to Me. The only good news is apparently The Event lost a whopping 19% of of its viewers yesterday, so hopefully that series will get canned just to ease the pain. RIP Lone Star, we hardly knew ye.

Fox Announces Fall 2010 Premiere Dates

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Fox has announced their fall premiere dates, kicking things off on September 11th with an astounding 800th episode of Cops.  All of the new series (Lone Star, Raising Hope, Running Wilde) and most of the new seasons (House, Glee, Hell’s Kitchen, Bones, Fringe, Human Target, The Good Guys, The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy) will premiere the following week, September 20-26.

With September 26th allotted to a one-hour season premiere of Family Guy, the season premiere (and 100th episode) of American Dad will be held for October 3rd, while the third season of Lie to Me will drop on November 10th.  Hit the jump for the full schedule.

On Set Video Interviews with the Cast of LIE TO ME Including Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund and Brendan Hines

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Tim Roth Lie to Me video interview on set slice

When Lie to Me was filming the finale of the upcoming season, I was invited – along with a few other reporters – to visit the set and interview the cast.  As a fan of Tim Roth and the show (which airs Monday night’s on Fox), I thought it would be cool to walk around The Lightman Group office and also talk with the cast.  While some set visits involve a lot of walking and checking out the various departments, for the Lie to Me set visit, it was mostly about sitting in Tim Roth’s office on the show and waiting for cast members to get a break from filming.

As many of you know, usually when I do a set visit, I’m forced to use an audio recorder and you have to read a transcript.  But for the Lie to Me set visit, Fox was very cool as they let me use my video camera and after the jump you can watch the interviews with Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund and Brendan Hines. All of them talked about what you can expect this season, what it’s been like filming all these episodes that no one has seen, and a lot more.  Take a look:

Upfronts: Fox Releases the Fall 2010 Schedule; GLEE Gets Post-Super Bowl Slot

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Fox officially released their fall schedule today, with just one new drama and two new comedies on the slate.  The buzzed-about new Texas soap Lonestar is the beneficiary of the House lead-in on Mondays.  This year’s success story Glee moved to 8:00 to kickstart a night of comedy on Tuesdays with Raising Hope and Running Wilde in the 9:00 hour.  Lie to Me will team with Hell’s Kitchen for Wednesdays, while the Bones/Fringe pairing will continue on Thursdays.  Fox is keeping Fridays scripted, with comic adaptation Human Target and this summer’s The Good Guys.  Saturdays, as always, are devoted to Cops and America’s Most Wanted, and Sundays go to the animated comedies.  Check out the full schedule after the jump.


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Human Target Lie to Me fox slice

Fox was busy today, as the network renewed both Human Target and Lie to Me and ordered four pilots to series: police drama RideAlong, Texas soap Midland, quirky family sitcom Keep Hope Alive, and the comedy Traffic Light, which centers around a trio of friends.  It was hypothesized that Fox would choose either Lie or Target, so the news that both were renewed is a bit of a surprise.  Shawn Ryan (The Shield) recently resigned as showrunner from Lie to Me, in part to focus on the newly ordered RideAlong, which he created.  No word yet on a replacement for Ryan, but according to THR, Fox has selected Matt Miller (Chuck) to take over for showrunner Jonathan Steinberg for season two of Target.

Though nothing is official, the Steven Spielberg-produced Terra Nova is likely to get a series order any day now, while U.S. Marshal drama Breakout Kings is looking at similarly good odds.  For details on each of the four new series, hit the jump.


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The Shield TV Show image Michael Chiklis.jpg

If you were a fan of The Shield on FX and miss the show, you’re going to love this news.  Variety is reporting Lie to Me’s showrunner (and Shield creator) Shawn Ryan has lined up a mini-reunion on his new show.  While Michael Chiklis won’t be appearing, Catherine Dent, Kenny Johnson, David Marciano, Benito Martinez, Cathy Cahlin Ryan and David Rees Snell have all agreed to guest star on one of the future episodes this season.  For what the episode is about and who they’ll play, hit the jump:

FOX Announces 2009-2010 Midseason Schedule

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GLEE fox tv show image - slice (1).jpg

FOX has announced their 2009-2010 midseason schedule.  As usual, American Idol returns in January with a two-night season premiere Tuesday, January 12th and Wednesday, January 13th.  The other big news from the press release is Lie to Me got picked up for a full season, Fringe airs its winter finale on February 4th and returns April 1st, Glee‘s fall finale is December 9th and new episodes won’t start again until April 13th, and Human Target premieres Sunday, January 17th.

For a full listing of the schedule including info on all the new and returning shows, hit the jump for the press release:

Exclusive Interview: Shawn Ryan on THE SHIELD and LIE TO ME

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If you’ve ever watched an episode of The Shield, The Unit, or Lie to Me, you’ve enjoyed the work of Shawn Ryan.  That’s because he created The Shield and The Unit, and he’s currently the showrunner on Lie to Me.  As you can see by his resume, the guy knows how to make shows people like.  So with The Shield getting a new DVD box set that includes all the episodes ever produced, I recently spoke with Ryan about his work on the show.  Of course we also talked about Lie to Me and the pilot script he’s currently writing called Ride Along.  If you were a fan of The Shield, or just curious what’s up with Lie to Me, you’ll really enjoy our conversation.  You can either read or listen to it after the jump:

LIE TO ME Season One DVD Review

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It’s pretty easy to envision the sort of meeting that led to the creation of Fox’s new show Lie to Me.  A bunch of Fox exec’s were sitting in a room, trying to figure out how to recreate the success of their hit show House. “Wait, what if we get another really smart guy to solve mysteries, and he has to be an asshole?” To find out whether or not this by the numbers, recreate your previous success model approach works, hit the jump.

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