EVIL DEAD TV Show Ordered By Starz; Bruce Campbell Will Star, Sam Raimi Will Direct

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The Evil Dead TV show is officially a reality.  We learned a few months ago that Sam Raimi was writing a version of Evil Dead for television, and Starz announced today that it has indeed ordered a TV iteration of the classic horror franchise straight-to-series for a debut in 2015.  Bruce Campbell will be reprising his role as Ash in the show, titled Ash Vs. Evil Dead, as the story finds the character having spent “the last 30 years avoiding responsibility, maturity, and the terrors of the Evil Dead.”  He’s essentially forced out of retirement when a Deadite plague threatens to destroy all of mankind.  More after the jump.

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert Re-Team with EVIL DEAD Director Fede Alvarez for A MAN IN THE DARK

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The team behind the Evil Dead remake is getting back together, but it’s not for a sequel.  Ghost House Pictures announced today that Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert will reunite with writing partners Fede Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues on the thriller A Man in the Dark.  Alvarez and Sayagues wrote the 2013 Evil Dead remake, which Raimi and Tapert produced and Alvarez directed, and they will all assume those same roles on this new film.  The story revolves around three teens with a penchant for robbery who set their sights on one last score: a reclusive blind man with millions of dollars in hiding.  Once they break into his home, however, they find themselves trapped and fighting for survival against a psychopath with secrets of his own.

Hit the jump for more, including what this means for the Evil Dead sequel.

Sam Raimi May Direct Afghanistan War Film THE OUTPOST

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Filmmaker Sam Raimi hasn’t been quick to choose his next project after last year’s VFX-filled Oz the Great and Powerful for Disney, but we now have something on the horizon for the veteran director.  Raimi will produce and supervise development of an adaptation of Jake Tapper’s book The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor with an eye towards possibly directing.  The nonfiction book chronicles the 2009 battle in Afghanistan, 14 miles from the Pakistani border, where 53 Americans were overrun by 400 Taliban fighters.  The conflict resulted in two Medal of Honor recipients, marking the first time the award has been given to two living soldiers for the same battle since 1968.  Hit the jump for more.

Starz To Develop Vietnam War Series AIRBORNE from Screenwriter Gideon Yago

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Starz has announced its plans to develop the original drama Airborne, a coming of age story set at the beginning of the Vietnam War.  The series comes from Gideon Yago, with Rob Tapert (Evil Dead) as its executive producer.  If Yago’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you watched MTV in the early 2000s, where Yago worked for the channel’s news department.  Though he may be more familiar as having appeared a few times on TRL and doing the 10 to the hour news, he also spent a lot of time near the end of his time at MTV focusing on politics and creating specials for the network about the Iraq War.

Since then, Yago has spent most of his time continuing to write about war and the Middle East for national outlets, and he worked as a writer on Aaron Sorkin’s HBO series The Newsroom for its first season, penning two episodes.  Hit the jump for more on Airborne and what Yago has to say about it.

Jane Levy Talks EVIL DEAD, the Appeal of the Film’s Violence, Dealing with the Film’s Intensity, and More

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evil dead remake

A couple weeks ago, Fede Alvarez‘ remake of Evil Dead premiered at SXSW to an ecstatic crowd (click here to read my review).  For those unfamiliar with the film, the story centers on five friends who go to a remote cabin in the woods, and stumble upon a demonic evil that begins possessing them one by one, which causes horrific scenes of gore and mutilation.  Jane Levy stars as Mia, who has gone to the cabin to detox with the help of her two friends, her estranged brother, and his new girlfriend.

I got the chance to interview Levy at SXSW, and we talked about her role, if she had studied people who were detoxing, the appeal of the gruesome violence, the intensity of the production, working with Alvarez, and much more.  We also talk about the film’s ending near the end of the interview, so I’ve put up a spoiler warning when we get to that part.  Hit the jump to check out the interview.  Evil Dead opens April 5th.

New Clip and WonderCon Trailer for EVIL DEAD

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evil dead remake

A new clip and trailer for director Fede Alvarez’s upcoming remake of Evil Dead have been released online.  The clip is incredibly brief as it’s mostly just a bloody set-up for a jump scare, but the WonderCon Announcement Trailer features a few bits of new footage.  The film premiered at SXSW last week to a mostly enthusiastic response, with our own Matt Goldberg calling it a “crowdpleaser” and a “gruesome feast” in his positive review.  Though some seemed to be put off by Alvarez’s “fan-service” approach with the pic, the critics who caught the film all agreed on one thing: Evil Dead is very, very, very violent.

Hit the jump to watch the new clip and WonderCon trailer.  The film stars Jane LevyShiloh FernandezElizabeth BlackmoreLou Taylor Pucci, and Jessica Lucas.  Evil Dead opens on April 5th.

Production Begins on THE EVIL DEAD Remake

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Filming has begun on Fede Alvarez‘ remake of Sam Raimi‘s classic 1981 horror film The Evil Dead.  Raimi is producing alongside original co-producer Rob Tapert and franchise star Bruce Campbell.  Alvarez co-wrote the screenplay with Rodo Savagues with Diablo Cody also doing some work on the script, which she calls “unbelievably violent.“  The remake will keep the “five co-eds head to a cabin in the woods, and bad things happen” of the original, but since Raimi’s The Evil Dead was one of the forefathers of the genre, it’s immune from the scathing satire of The Cabin in the Woods.  The remake stars Jane Levy (Suburgatory) as Mia; Shiloh Fernandez (Red Riding Hood) as David; Lou Taylor Pucci (Carriers) as Eric; Jessica Lucas (Cloverfield) as Olivia, and Elizabeth Blackmore (Legend of the Seeker) as Natalie.  Like the original, the characters stumble upon the Book of the Dead, read from it, and are possessed until only one is remaining.

Hit the jump for the press release.  The Evil Dead is slated for April 12, 2013.

The Remake of EVIL DEAD Hits Theaters on April 12, 2013

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Sony Pictures has set the remake of Sam Raimi‘s 1981 horror film Evil Dead (or “The Evil Dead” if you want to be OCD about it) for April 12, 2013.  The original movie centered on five twenty-somethings who headed up to stay in a cabin in the woods (the worst place anyone on Earth can ever be) only to be met with the horrors wrought forth from the Necronomicon (the Book of the Dead).  The movie spawned the sequels Evil Dead II (considered to be the best in the franchise) and the goofy horror-action film Army of Darkness, all starring groovy chainsaw-wielding protagonist Ash (Bruce Campbell).  Newcomer Fede Alvarez was brought on board to direct the remake after Raimi and producing partner Rob Tapert were impressed by his short film “Panic Attack”.  Diablo Cody was then hired to revise Alvarez’ original script.  Last month, Cody told Steve that the remake would be “unbelievably violent“.

No other movie is currently slated to open on April 12, 2013 [Box Office Mojo]

Sony Pictures to Distribute EVIL DEAD Remake

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The Evil Dead remake is coming closer to a reality, as Sony Pictures is now set to distribute the pic. The original film’s director Sam Raimi is spearheading the update as a producer alongside Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert. Uruguay-native Fede Alvarez wrote and will direct the project, and Diablo Cody recently came aboard to do some script revisions. As she clarified to Steve, her work was far from an overhaul as she focused mainly on dialogue and character. Furthermore, if fans were worried the pic would be a watered-down version of the original Cody assured Steve that the script is “unbelievably violent”. Hit the jump for more.

Official Announcement of THE EVIL DEAD Remake; Federico Alvarez Writing and Directing, Diablo Cody Doing Script Revisions

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It’s official: The Evil Dead remake is alive and well. Ghost House Pictures announced today that Sam Raimi and original producing partners Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell are onboard to remake the horror classic. Following Campbell’s enthusiastic confirmation of the remake yesterday, we reported that Uraguay-native Fede Alvarez would be helming the film, and today’s press release confirms the director’s involvement. Apparently Raimi and Tapert were so impressed with Alvarez’s short film Panic Attack that they signed him to a blind deal, and shortly thereafter attached him to write and direct the Evil Dead remake. Hit the jump for more details, as well as the full press release.

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