First Trailer for THE GIVER Starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Brenton Thwaites

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The Weinstein Company has released the first trailer for director Phillip Noyce’s (Salt) adaptation of the Lois Lowry novel The Giver.  The story takes place in a utopian society where all memories of the past reside with a sage figure known as “The Giver”.  Jeff Bridges plays the titular character and Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent) plays a young boy who has been selected to be the new Giver.  This trailer really wants the movie to look more like The Hunger Games and Divergent even though Lowry’s novel 21-year-old book won the Newbery Medal.  It makes sense that they’re trying to sell the dystopian angle even though I’d like to see more of Bridges.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, Cameron Monaghan, and Taylor SwiftThe Giver opens August 15th.

Taylor Swift Joins Jeff Bridges in THE GIVER; Walton Goggins Set for MOJAVE

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Last night we learned that Katie Holmes had joined the long-awaited feature film adaptation of The Giver, but it appears there’s one more high-profile name coming onboard.  THR reports that Taylor Swift has signed on to the Lois Lowry adaptation, which concerns a utopian society where all memories of the past reside with a sage figure known as “The Giver”.  When a 12-year-old boy is selected to be the new Giver, he learns of the hypocrisies and hidden truths of his world.  Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, and Brenton Thwaites are set in the lead roles, and Swift will be playing Rosemary, the last teen mentored by The Giver before he meets Thwaites’ character.  Salt director Philip Noyce is set to helm, and the film will open in theaters on August 15, 2014.

Hit the jump for casting news regarding the thriller Mojave.

Taylor Swift May Play Joni Mitchell in GIRLS LIKE US

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Taylor Swift is ready to try her hand at drama.  Showblitz reports that the country singer is circling the role of Joni Mitchell in the adaptation of Girls Like Us.  The film follows the careers of Mitchell, Carly Simon, and Carole King and how they “reflected, enervated and shaped the feminist movement that grew up with them.”  Swift has thus far only appeared on the big screen in the ensemble Valentine’s Day (she lent her voice to The Lorax), so playing the lead in a biopic would be a fairly humongous step up.  I haven’t seen enough of her acting prowess to decide one way or another on Girls Like Us, but the physical likeness isn’t far off.

House executive producer Katie Jacobs will be making her feature directorial debut on the project from a script by John Sayles.  Though the project hasn’t yet been greenlit, but producers hope to start filming later this year.  Apparently Alison Pill has been eyeing the role of King, but no word on who producers have pegged to play Carly Simon.  Hit the jump to read a synopsis for the book and to watch Mitchell in action.


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With the 84th Annual Academy Awards nearly one week into our past, I’d be interested in hearing from our readers what the one genuine surprise of the night was for them. For me, it was Meryl Streep’s Best Actress win. Now, don’t get me wrong, Streep is obviously an incredible actress who requires zero justification from a movie blogger. It’s just that, of all the award categories in question, I genuinely expected Viola Davis to win Best Actress. So, if you feel so inclined, sound off in the comments section below about your biggest surprise win/loss of the night. Sarcasm, including “your mom” responses, is encouraged.

In the bag of goodies that is this week’s “Top 5″ you’ll find the new trailer and a ton of new images from The Avengers, a new television spot for G.I. Joe: Retaliation, a Prometheus viral video that reassures my suspicions that Guy Pearce could indeed take over the planet if he wanted to, interviews for The Lorax with Danny Devito, Ed Helms, and more, and all of our coverage from the set of Jason Segel and Emily Blunt‘s The Five-Year Engagement. A brief recap and link to each follows after the jump.


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Dr. Seuss wasn’t afraid to provide serious messages in his books.  Not everything he wrote was Green Eggs and Ham (which, in all fairness, stresses the importance of trying new things).  Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is a moving story that could be read to anyone at any age and still be meaningful.  The Lorax didn’t have the joy and humor of his other books but instead left its readers with a poignant message and dire warning.  Illumination Entertainment’s big 3D CGI-animated adaptation could care less about either.  The Lorax gives a begrudging nod towards environmentalism, a halfhearted tip of the hat to Dr. Seuss, and then pours all of its energy into being hip and funny but succeeded at neither.

Taylor Swift Talks DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX, Her Favorite Movie, Director and Actor, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Karaoke, and More

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From the creators of Despicable Me comes the animated feature film adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, a beloved cautionary tale of environmental conservation wrapped up in a colorful children’s story.  The 3D-CG animated adaptation is an adventure that follows the journey of idealistic 12-year-old Ted (voiced by Zac Efron) while he searches for a real Truffula Tree for Audrey (voiced by Taylor Swift), in order to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. To find one, he must learn the story of the Lorax (voiced by Danny DeVito) from the enigmatic and bitter old hermit, known as the Once-ler (voiced by Ed Helms), who let the temptation of greed and success get the better of him.  For more on the film, here’s some images, trailers, 8 clips from the movie, and the Super Bowl spot.

At the recent Los Angeles press day, I was able to speak with Taylor Swift for our partners at Omelete.  During the interview, Swift talked about making The Lorax and how she got cast, what surprised her about the recording process and whether or not her character changed throughout the development process.  In addition, she talked about her favorite movie, director and actor, her go-to karaoke song, and the experience of hosting Saturday Night Live including whether or not she had a favorite sketch from the night.  Hit the jump to watch.

Full Tracklist for THE HUNGER GAMES Soundtrack Includes The Decemberists, The Civil Wars, and Kid Cudi [Updated with Taylor Swift Music Video]

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The full tracklist for The Hunger Games companion soundtrack has been unveiled, and it’s pretty damn eclectic. Producer T. Bone Burnett has been hard at work on the score with with composer James Newton Howard as well as the soundtrack album made of up original songs inspired by the film’s themes. The Hunger Games: Sounds from District 12 and Beyond features songs by Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, The Civil Wars, The Decemberists, Glen Hansard, Neko Case, Miranda Lambert, Kid Cudi, and many more. It’s a nice mix of artists and should prove fairly successful if the Twilight soundtrack sales are any indication.

Hit the jump to check out the full tracklisting, and to listen to the original songs by The Decemberists and Taylor Swift. The soundtrack hits stores March 20th and The Hunger Games opens March 23rd. [Update: We've added Swift's music video for "Safe & Sound" after the jump.]

8 Movie Clips from DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX

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From the creators of Despicable Me comes the animated feature film adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, a beloved cautionary tale of environmental conservation wrapped up in a colorful children’s story.  We’ve previously brought you images, trailers and even a Super Bowl ad spot for Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda’s The Lorax, which stars Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Ed Helms, Betty White and Danny DeVito. Now we have eight clips from the movie, which will mark Universal’s third Dr. Seuss feature after How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Cat in the Hat. On what would have been the author’s 108th birthday, The Lorax will land in theaters on March 2nd.  Hit the jump to check out the clips.

New Images from THE LORAX Starring Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and Danny DeVito

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Universal has released new images from the 3D CGI adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax.  Some of the images show the actors doing their voice recordings.  If you couldn’t imagine what Zac Efron would look like if he were in a sound booth and speaking into a microphone, your mind is about to be blown.  There’s also an image of the Lorax (voiced by Danny DeVito) playing cards with woodland creatures instead of giving dire environmental warnings.  There’s no time for games when the environment is on the line, Lorax.

Hit the jump to check out the images.  The film also features the voices of Ed Helms, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle, and Betty White.  Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax opens March 2nd in 3D.

Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift Offered Roles of Cosette and Eponine in LES MISERABLES [Updated]

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With recent word that director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) would be recording live vocals from his actors rather than pre-recording them, it made sense to pad his line-up with actors who possessed some singing talent. Or singers who possessed some acting talent. Well, in this case, he’s done both, as Amanda Seyfried (In Time) and Taylor Swift (Valentine’s Day) have been offered roles in the cinematic musical, Les Miserables. Seyfried has been offered the role of Cosette, a part in which her operatic background should come in handy. Country singer Swift has been offered the role of Eponine, having beaten out such actresses as Lea Michele (Glee), Scarlett Johansson (We Bought a Zoo) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Ides of March). Hit the jump for more on Les Miserables. [Update: Deadline reports Seyfried has signed on to play Cosette]

THE HUNGER GAMES Soundtrack to Feature Original Songs from The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Taylor Swift, and More

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Just the other day the first single from the soundtrack to Gary Ross’ highly anticipated adaptation of The Hunger Games, a song called “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, was released. While some were dismayed at the inclusion of the teen-skewing Swift, producer T. Bone Burnett (Crazy Heart) has much more up his sleeve as a few more contributing artists have now been announced. Burnett is collaborating with composer James Newton Howard not only on the film’s score, but also on an ambitious soundtrack album made up of original songs inspired by the film’s themes . Hit the jump to find out who’ll be joining Swift on the soundtrack.

Listen to Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” from THE HUNGER GAMES Soundtrack

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In addition to weapons and teenage murder, music plays a crucial role in Suzanne Collins‘s The Hunger Games. Director Gary Ross recruited producer/songwriter T. Bone Burnett (Crazy Heart) and composer James Newton Howard (replacing Danny Elfman who dropped out due to scheduling issues) to collaborate on the ambitious soundtrack for the feature film adaptation, which is set to feature music and songs both for the film and ones by new and established artists inspired by the film. Today, none other than Taylor Swift has released the first song from the soundtrack.

Swift and singer-songwriter duo The Civil Wars have collaborated on a track entitled “Safe and Sound.” Given her far-reaching commercial appeal, Swift seems an obvious choice to have the first track out of the gate. While many may groan at the thought of a pop-heavy soundtrack, this is likely the first of many tracks and collaborations we’ll be seeing and I’m hopeful for a diverse talent pool (my fingers are crossed for a Mumford & Sons appearance). Hit the jump to listen to Swift’s track. The Hunger Games opens on March 23rd.

Theatrical Trailer for DR. SEUSS’ THE LORAX

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A new trailer for Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax has gone online. Directed by Chris Renaud (Despicable Me) the film is based on the childrens book by Dr. Seuss and tells the story of a boy searching for the one thing that will win him the girl of his dreams. In order to find it, he must learn the story of The Lorax, a creature whose world is in danger. This theatrical trailer delves pretty deep into the plot, and it looks as though the film will be taking the story a bit further than the book, focusing quite heavily on the boy’s exploits around town (ie. running from the “bad guys”). I’m really hoping the story’s environmental message doesn’t get lost in the silliness. Things have looked promising thus far, with some great visuals and charming work from DeVito, so I’m optimistic.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer. The film features the voices of Danny DeVito, Zac Efron, Ed Helms, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle, and Betty WhiteDr. Seuss’ The Lorax opens in 3D on March 2nd, 2012.

Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Lea Michele, and Evan Rachel Wood in the Running to Play Eponine in LES MISERABLES

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Director Tom Hooper is readying his big budget musical adaptation of Les Miserables to go in front of cameras early next year, and with Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway locked in as his leads (as Jean Valjean, Javert, and Fantine respectively), he’s setting his sights on the role of Eponine. The filmmakers have apparently whittled the contenders down to Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Lea Michele, and Evan Rachel Wood. It’s an eclectic mix of actresses, and each one brings something different to the role. Hit the jump for more.

Australian Trailer for THE LORAX Has More Footage, Less Romance

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In the domestic trailer for Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, we got a sense of the romantic angle that directors Chris Renaud (Despicable Me) and Kyle Balda want to take, along with the story of the title character. A new Australian trailer for The Lorax omits the romance entirely in favor of a few new bits of footage. This promo focuses more on the legend of The Lorax (Danny DeVito) and his run-in with the Once-ler (Ed Helms).

The Universal Pictures interpretation of the Dr. Seuss classic will bring the grumpy Lorax to life in “IMAX Tree-D.” The film also features the voice talents of Taylor Swift, Betty White and Rob Riggle. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax opens on March 2, 2012. Hit the jump to check out the new trailer.

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