Creepy First Trailer and Poster for Barry Levinson’s Found Footage Horror Film THE BAY

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The first trailer and poster for director Barry Levinson’s (Rain Man, Good Morning Vietnam) found footage horror film The Bay have landed online.  The pic centers on a small Chesapeake Bay town where an unprecedented biological disaster is unleashed from the bay’s waters.  The trailer plays like a cross between Paranormal Activity and Contagion, with a little Dawn of the Dead thrown in for good measure.  The jump to the found footage genre is an unexpected move from Levinson, but the horror film actually looks pretty affecting.  In the place of fake jump scares and “shadow ghosts” prevalent in most found footage pics is a real, tangible terror that wreaks havoc on the city.  Fair warning, if bed bugs and such give you the creeps, you may or may not be slightly terrified by this trailer.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and poster.  The film stars Will Rogers and Christopher DenhamThe Bay will be available in theaters and on iTunes on November 2nd.

TIFF 2012 Midnight Madness Line-Up Announced; Includes SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, THE ABCs OF DEATH, DREDD, and More

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Last week, the Toronto International Film Festival announced the movies playing in its Special Presentations and Galas programs.  Today, they’ve provided the line-up for their other programs including Midnight Madness.  This is where the more genre-oriented films come out to play, and can break out in a big way.  Last year’s TIFF Midnight Madness included the world premiere of The Raid, and the buzz never died down.  Judging by the line-up, this year’s Midnight Madness will have the same frenzy.  The line-up includes the horror short-film anthology The ABCs of Death, Seven Psychopaths (Martin McDonagh‘s follow up to In Bruges), Rob Zombie‘s The Lords of Salem, Don Coscarelli‘s John Dies at the End, and Pete TravisDredd.

Hit the jump for the full line-up and brief synopses.  The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6 -16th.

Lionsgate to Distribute Barry Levinson’s THE BAY; Relativity Purchases HOUSE AT THE END OF THE STREET Starring Jennifer Lawrence

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We have a few acquisition bits to bring you today. First up, Lionsgate has picked up the U.S. distribution rights to Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson’s (Rain Man) found-footage “eco-horror” film, The Bay. Produced by Paranormal Activity alums Oren Peli, Steven Schneider, and Jason Blum, The Bay stars Andy Stahl and Kether Donohue and focuses on “an unprecedented biological disaster unleashed from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay – an isopod parasite, carrying a horrific untreatable disease, that jumps from fish to human hosts.” On its own, the disease sounds pretty rough. When you throw in the “untreatable,” it gets upgraded to “horrific.” The film is shaping up for a release later this year.

Next up, Relativity Media has acquired domestic distribution rights to the thriller House at the End of the Street. Starring former Oscar-nominees Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) and Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas) as well as Max Theriot (My Soul to Take), the film revolves around a mother and daughter (Shue and Lawrence) who move into a new neighborhood only to find that the house next door is the home of a psychotic young girl who murdered her parents. Mark Tonderai directs a script by David Loucka. Also without an official release date, moviegoers may be waiting until 2012 to check out House at the End of the Street.

For more on the projects, hit the jump to check out the official press releases for both acquisitions.

Rob Zombie to Direct THE LORDS OF SALEM

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Rob Zombie will direct the thriller The Lords of Salem this spring.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Zombie’s script is “set in contemporary Salem, where the inhabitants receive a demonic visit from a 300-year old coven of witches.”  I’m sure the coven comes by because they heard how swimmingly everything went for witches the last time they were in Salem area.  The film will be backed by Haunted Movies, which is a partnership between the UK’s Alliance films and Paranormal Activity producers Jason Blum, Oren Peli, and Steven Schneider.  Haunted Movies plans to sell the rights to The Lords of Salem at the European Film Market in Berlin.  They’ll also be showing footage from Barry Levinson’s upcoming film The Bay.

Unknowns Cast in Barry Levinson’s THE BAY

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Several unknowns have been tapped to star in Barry Levinson’s upcoming horror film The Bay (aka Isopod.)  According to Bloody Disgusting, the film stars Will Rogers  as “Alex,” Steven Kunken as “Dr. Abrams,” Kether Donohue as “Donna,” Frank Deal as “John Stockman,” Christopher Denham as “Sam,” and Kristin Connolly as “Stephanie”.  The film is currently shooting from a screenplay written by Michael Wallach which tells the story of a biological disaster that takes place in the Chesapeake Bay on July 4th, 2011.  An isopod parasite carries mutated diseases and infects fish and human hosts, replacing them with itself.  The true extent of the disaster isn’t known until seven years later, when the truth is revealed through home videos taken by residents of the town.  Paranormal Activity’s producers of Jason Blum, Oren Peli, and Steven Schneider are producing along with Brian Kavanagh Jones.

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