JUSTIFIED Recap: “Starvation”

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Heading into its season finale, Justified picked up a lot of steam with “Starvation.”  The pressure is at a boiling point for nearly every character: from Raylan and Boyd, on down to Jimmy and Mike.  To make matters worse, the Mexicans are in town, turning the heat up under Duffy’s ass.  This episode really saw all the major characters at their most desperate, making for one solidly entertaining 45 minutes of television.  More on this week’s episode of Justified after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “The Toll”

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Some of the complaints (including my own) revolving around this season of Justified have to do with Raylan taking the hypothetical backseat to Boyd’s sluggish heroin shipment, Ava’s dour prison story line, and the Crowe’s family feud.  He’s been there to crack wise and deliver his ever reliable comic relief, but what he’s lacked in season 5 is drive – some incentive to get him to do more than hope to be transferred.  Well “The Toll” certainly gave him a powerful goal to strive for.  And it happened to be one that Raylan is damn good at achieving.  More on this episode of Justified after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Whistle Past the Graveyard”

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Justified has two of the strongest leads on television today in Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins.  The show is always better when these two are together, but they’re each solid enough to carry separate stories.  Which is great, because their paths still haven’t converged in season 5.  Instead, Boyd is still trying to get outta Mexico with his drugs and Raylan got a standalone story that revealed some interesting truths about Wendy and Kendal Crowe.  More thoughts on “Whistle Past the Graveyard” after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Raw Deal”

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Now that much of the Justified‘s encumbering characters have been shaved away (Lee Paxton, Mooney, Mara), season five has been able to focus on more engaging aspects of the story.  And while the writers have always been great at juggling multiple storylines, this season feels the most disjointed so far.  Particularly on Raylan’s side of town, where this week seemed to be a disconnected one-off story.  I guess Raylan needed something to do while Boyd and the Crowes headed south of the border.  We’re now seven episodes deep and it’s still blurry how all these plots are going to collide.  More on the entertaining as hell “Raw Deal” after the break. 

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Good Intentions”

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We’re now three episodes into season 3 of Justified and Boyd’s story is far more interesting than Raylan’s.  Timothy Olyphant is still as mesmerizing as ever, but there’s really nothing too engrossing going on in the life of our favorite law-bending lawman at the moment.  Although, a good alternate title for this episode could be “Raylan Getting Blue Balls.”  It’s over on the Crowder side of town where things are wickedly engaging, as Boyd and Duffy get to the bottom of who hit their Canadian shipment and Mara continues swimming with the sharks.  More of my thoughts on this episode of Justified after the break.

A Look Back at JUSTIFIED Season 4

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It’s time to circle the wagons, folks, because Justified is back this Tuesday, January 7th for its fifth season.  Collider will once again be covering all of the action each week, with recaps and heated theories about who’s going to get plugged next.  And after season four, it’s clear that no one is safe from taking a bullet (or having their femoral artery severed).  Before we return to moral murk of eastern Kentucky, hit the jump for a primer on the previous season. 

Oscar Isaac Is Pablo Escobar; Glenn Close and More Join LOW DOWN; Nicolas Cage to Star in Horror Flick HOTEL 33; Timothy Olyphant Set for CARRION ROAD

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Some weekend casting news for you:

  • Oscar Isaac (Drive) has landed the lead in Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman’s Pablo Escobar biopic.
  • Glenn Close, Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow) and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been confirmed to join Low Down, a 1960s-set drama about a jazz musician (John Hawkes) struggling with addiction.
  • Nicolas Cage will star in horror-thriller Hotel 33, based on a “real-life” mass-vanishing that took place at a Pennsylvania hotel.
  • Timothy Olyphant looks set for the role of a border-town sheriff dealing with the aftermath of a cartel deal gone bad in Gonzalo López-Gallego’s crime thriller The Man on Carrion Road.

Hit the jump for more on each project.

JUSTIFIED Season 4 Finale Recap: “Ghosts”

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While last week’s “Peace of Mind” felt like a finale, “Ghosts” was like an extended epilogue tying up some loose ends in what was another terrific season of Justified.  And although the season’s Drew Thompson mystery arc was solved four episodes ago, the series continued its greatness until the end as it examined the various burdens a life of crime brings for both sides of the law.  From its tense nursery shootout to Raylan’s sly way of handling Nicky Augustine, up until its haunting final shots, “Ghosts” was a fun and somber send off – with its own fair share of dark humor, of course.  More on the season finale of Justified after the jump. 

JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Peace of Mind”

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Can career criminals change their ways?  Or are they destined for jail or the grave?   These questions were examined in the penultimate “Peace of Mind”, which saw Justified’s finest confronting their various faiths and destinies.  Whether it be their faith in each other or the spiritual kind, several characters found themselves wrestling with who and what to rely on.  Then there’s that sonuvabitch fate that batters into you sometimes – Colt can tell you all about it.  It was a deep episode as well as an arresting one with some surprises and one helluva cliffhanger.  Hit the jump to help us celebrate Everybody Wins Day.

JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Get Drew”

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After pretty much everyone in KY figured out who Drew Thompson is last week, this episode saw folks on both sides of the law in a mad dash to get to him first.  “Get Drew” is a fitting title as the dragnet tightened and everyone from Raylan to our old friends from Noble’s Holler made their moves on KY’s most wanted.  The question now is who will make it out of Harlan alive?  More on this week’s Justified after the jump. 

JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “The Hatchet Tour”

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More than his refined quick-draw and ability to pull off the hat, what makes Raylan such a grade-A marshal is that his roots run deep in Kentucky.  He was raised around these tumultuous folks – the Crowders, the Mosleys, the Bennetts, and his own flesh and blood, the Givens.  Whether he wants to admit it, Raylan is part of this world.  Like Hunter says to him, “we are who we are.”  This idea of carrying the sins of the father runs throughout “The Hatchet Tour,” one of the best episodes of an already great season.  Oh, and they revealed who Drew Thompson is.  More on this week’s Justified after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Outlaw”

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“Outlaw” had some huge moments in it for major and secondary characters alike.  Unfortunately, most of it felt rushed.  Justified has always done a bang-up job of juggling its many players, but sometimes too much gets packed into one hour and some of the impact can be lost and important junctures can get brushed aside.  Regardless, season four continues to be entertaining as hell.  More on this week’s Justified after the break.

JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Money Trap”

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Unless a character on Justified is killed there’s a good chance they’ll be popping up again.  Characters we don’t see for nearly entire seasons can resurface and no one feels like a secondary character.  “Money Trap” saw the return of the old sheriff, the fugitive from episode 1, and some local officials who put Boyd in his place.  Even Raylan’s quick draw also made an appearance!  It was one of the more exciting episodes of the season so far, but it also went to some dark places.  More on “Money Trap” after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Episode Recap: “Foot Chase”

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There are a lot of folks missing in east Kentucky: Drew Thompson, Ellen May, and Josiah.  In the cleverly titled “Foot Chase” the sense of urgency to find these missing persons increased and connections between them were revealed.  We also got to spend some quality time with two of the show’s most interesting secondary characters: Tim and Colt.  By “quality time” I mean smoking heroin in bar restrooms and stripping in front of oxy dealers.  This is Justified after all.  More on “Foot Chase” after the jump.

JUSTIFIED Recap: “Kin”

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Four episodes deep into season four of Justified and we finally got what we wanted: Raylan and Boyd in a room together.  It wasn’t under the best circumstances for either man, but satisfying nontheless.  “Kin” moved along the Drew Thompson plot, introduced a ruthless new Dixie mafia character, and made things a whole lot more complicated in the Crowder camp.  The show’s universe also expanded deep into the hills and in doing so, Raylan’s past.  More on this week’s Justified after the jump.

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