Check out Alex Ross’ THE IRON GIANT Poster for MondoCon; Full Programming Lineup Announced for Mondo’s First Convention

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Next month Mondo will have its very own convention, MondoCon, and they’re starting out with a bang.  Today they’ve announced their full lineup of artists and programming as well as some of the amazing artwork they’ll have available.  One of the hottest items this year will undoubtedly be Alex RossThe Iron Giant poster.  This is the celebrated artist’s first time working with Mondo, and hopefully it won’t be his last.  As for The Iron Giant, Mondo is going all out in celebrating the wonderful film’s 15th anniversary, and in addition to Ross’ poster, they will also be putting the movie’s soundtrack on vinyl for the first time with two package designs from artists Jason Edmiston and Jay Shaw.

But these items are just a small part of a much larger convention that will have plenty of cool events.  Hit the jump to check out Ross’ Iron Giant poster, the vinyl covers, and to learn about what you can expect from this year’s MondoCon.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Mondo Posters on Sale Tomorrow from Artists Tyler Stout, Francesco Francavilla, and More

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Last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the good folks at Mondo unveiled a series of prints inspired by Marvel’s latest film, Guardians of the Galaxy.  A different artist took on each character with Tyler Stout handling the “group poster” duties, and the results were pretty fantastic.  A lucky few were able to nab the posters at Comic-Con, but now Mondo is giving the public at wide a shot to purchase the regular versions of the Guardians prints, as they’ll all go on sale tomorrow.  Whether you want Vance Kelly’s Gamora, Phantom City Creative’s Drax, Kevin Tong’s Rocket, Francesco Francavilla’s Star-Lord, or Stout’s full group poster, you’ll get your chance to nab it on Friday, August 1st.

Hit the jump to take a closer look at the Guardians of the Galaxy Mondo posters, and as always, follow Mondo on Twitter for the on-sale announcement at a random time tomorrow.  Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters at midnight tonight.

Top 10 Alternative Movie Posters of 2013 Featuring Artists Tyler Stout, Aaron Horkey, Ken Taylor, Gabz, Matt Taylor and More

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I know what you’re thinking – not another Top Ten list.  And yes, I know how you feel.  I’ve been looking at all these Top Ten lists everywhere, and as an alternative movie poster connoisseur – not in the pretentious way, mind you – I have been wondering to myself if anyone shared my opinion having seen this year’s expansive list of prints.  This year alone has been insane as far as silkscreen movie poster releases have gone.  Mondo has put out more prints than ever (just compare this with this), Gallery 1988 started stepping it up a bit once they saw how many new prints were being released, new movie poster galleries are getting into the game, and then you have private commissions.

Private commissions are a somewhat new thing.  Groups of collectors form up, pool their cash together, email an artist, and then see what they can do.  Some of the prints that come out of the private commissions are good, and, to be blunt, most are bad.  But the ones that do work out are amazing.  As such, a few are in my Top Ten list.  I’ve had a finger on the pulse of the alternate movie poster world, and I will share with you what I have found.  After the jump, check out the Top Ten alternative movie posters of 2013.

Check Out Mondo and Tyler Stout’s Posters for SHAUN OF THE DEAD; Plus Pictures From the Screening with Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

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Last Saturday night at Austin’s new Alamo Drafthouse, Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, and Simon Pegg attended a Q&A following a screening of Wright’s “Blood & Ice Cream” Trilogy.  Having the director and actors wasn’t the only surprise in store for the audience.  They were also treated to the reveal of Tyler Stout’s new print for Shaun of the Dead.  Check out images of the Q&A, plus all the info about the poster after the jump.

Bill Hader and Scott Porter Talk THE TO-DO LIST, Sex Stories, What They Collect, Artist Tyler Stout, and More

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With writer/director Maggie Carey‘s comedy The To-Do List opening tomorrow, I recently did a video interview with Bill Hader and Scott Porter.   The film stars Aubrey Plaza as a sexually inexperienced teenager with a type-A personality who decides to engage in numerous sex acts before she goes to college.  Loaded with an amazing cast (Alia Shawkat, Donald GloverRachel BilsonAndy Samberg, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Connie Britton, Clark Gregg, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse), The To Do List is extremely funny and a welcome addition to the sex comedy genre.

During my interview with Hader and Porter we talked about how this movie allows reporters to ask questions you normally never get to ask (about sex), Porter tells a funny story about his friend, what they collect, artist Tyler Stout, the way Hader stores his DVDs (seriously), and more.  Hit the jump to watch.

Mondo’s CEO Justin Ishmael Talks Comic-Con, Drew Struzan’s DARK TOWER, Studio Ghibli, Tyler Stout, Jason Edmiston’s Upcoming Show, & Much More

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As most of you know, we here at Collider are huge fans of Mondo.  It seems like every time they put out a limited screenprint that blows everyone away, they turn around and do it again a short time later.  This probably explains their ever-growing fanbase, and why their posters sell out in minutes.  For more on Mondo, here’s our previous coverage.  You can also check out everything they’ve released on their website.  Be warned: some of their older posters are rare and expensive.

At Comic-Con, I sat down with Mondo CEO Justin Ishmael for an extended video interview.  We talked about their Comic-Con plans, the next Mondo Mystery Movie (which is taking place at the end of this year in L.A.), Drew Struzan‘s Dark Tower poster, how Mondo had to design custom wooden coffins for shipping to prevent damage, Jason Edmiston‘s upcoming gallery show, their Studio Ghibli deal, their new license with the 20th Century Fox, future convention plans, how they’re going to release t-shirts featuring Tyler Stout‘s Ghibli art, and so much more.  If you’re a Mondo fan, I promise you’ll learn a lot watching the interview.  Hit the jump to check it out.

Mondo Announces Studio Ghibli Compilation on Vinyl; Tyler Stout Designs 3 Covers for HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE, PRINCESS MONONOKE, and SPIRITED AWAY

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princess mononoke tyler stout

Mondo announced they will release a limited edition Studio Ghibli compilation on vinyl July 26.  Featuring performances from the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Studio Ghibli Kokyo Kyokushu includes selections from Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Cat Returns, and My Neighbors the Yamadas.  Naturally, Mondo recruited Tyler Stout to design three beautiful album covers inspired by Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl’s Moving Castle.

Mondo will sell one version at Comic-Con tomorrow, and will make all three available at the Mondo site on July 26.  Hit the jump for the artwork, tracklisting, and info on how to buy.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces New REPO MAN Posters by Tyler Stout and Jay Shaw

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With the Criterion Collection’s Repo Man on the verge of being releases, we’d been expecting a Jay Shaw print to drop any minute, one to match the design he created for the film’s cover box…and that print did just get announced.  But did anyone expect the other Repo Man poster Mondo’s dropping later this week?  Just weeks after unleashing a slew of new Tyler Stout prints at the Mondo Gallery’s Stout & Taylor show, Tyler Stout’s Repo Man gets announced.  You as shocked as we were?  Think about it while you check out the specs on this week’s Mondo prints, after the jump…

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces New Posters for TAXI DRIVER, BEETLEJUICE and GAME OF THRONES

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Are we in the middle of Mondo’s busiest week ever?  It’s certainly starting to feel that way.  For the past 24 hours, new announcements have dropped with clockwork regularity, revealing new prints from Limited Paper-favored artists like Martin Ansin, Ken Taylor, and JC Richards, and most of that is on top of the heavily-hyped, sure-to-be-awesome, in-all-likelihood-record-selling Stout & Taylor show opening at the Mondo Gallery on Friday evening.  What do these prints look like, when can you get ‘em, and what can you expect in the way of coverage from Limited Paper over the next few days?  Find out after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo and Tyler Stout’s DRIVE Poster and Soundtrack Revealed

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It was about a year ago that Mondo first confirmed that Tyler Stout would be working on a new poster for Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive.  This sent collectors into a frenzy of anticipation, a frenzy that only increased when it was also announced that Stout’s poster would serve as the cover at on a Mondo Vinyl release of the Drive soundtrack.  We were told to expect both in June, and then…the waiting began.  It seems that–between one thing and another—both projects hit a few snags on their way to that June, 2012 drop date, but the wait appears to be over:  we know now what the poster looks like and when the soundtrack will drop (we’ve also got a pretty good idea when the poster will arrive).  Wanna know what we know?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Announces STOUT & TAYLOR Show at The Mondo Gallery in March; Plus Updates on Stout’s DJANGO UNCHAINED APs and More

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The Mondo guys have been killing it over the past few days, haven’t they?  They kicked things off on Sunday night, dropping fourteen new posters during the Oscars, the last of which turned out to be Tyler Stout’s heavily-rumored/desired Django Unchained print.  The following afternoon, Team Mondo kept the party going by announcing that they’d teamed with HBO for a Game of Thrones-themed showcase slated to hit the Mondo Gallery on March 8th.  But then– just as everyone was absorbing that news—Mondo dropped an even bigger bombshell:  there’d be a second show opening at the Mondo Gallery next month, as well.

Cue the dramatic music, folks, and then meet me after the jump:   I’ll tell you what Mondo’s second show is all about, provide an update on the shipping of your Oscar Night purchases, and (last but not least) I’ll give ya a tiny bit of info regarding Stout’s Django Unchained APs.  Click through!  Now!

Limited Paper: Mondo’s Second-Annual Oscar Night Poster Drop Featured 14 New Posters Including Tyler Stout’s DJANGO UNCHAINED & Durieux’s THE MASTER

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Last year, Mondo put together a fun little event for the 2012 Academy Awards:  a few days prior to that Oscar Sunday, Mondo announced that a series of brand-new posters (all of which were based on that year’s Oscar-nominated films) would be dropping throughout the Academy’s broadcast.  Everyone dug the idea, the whole thing went off without a hitch, and—most importantly—waiting on a drop gave all of us something to focus on whenever watching the Oscars became too much to bear.

And so, when the Mondo guys announced they’d be doing it all over again in 2013, we were pumped (as were many of you).  But once that excitement died down, we were left wondering which of 2012’s Oscar-nominated films would get the Mondo treatment…and which of the rumors we’d been hearing would turn out to be true.  Answers to those questions (and many more) await you after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: Mondo Kicks Off 2013 by Announcing Ken Taylor’s JURASSIC PARK, a January Gallery Show, and Updates on Tyler Stout’s DRIVE

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Just this past week, Limited Paper named Australian artist Ken Taylor as the “Most Vital Artist of 2012,” and the response to that decision seemed unanimously positive.  While some readers seemed to have a few minor quibbles about which posters made up our “20 Best Posters of 2012” list” list, I heard from literally no one who felt that Taylor—the guy who also created 2012’s best print—was the wrong choice for Artist of the year.  How will he fare in 2013?  Only time will tell, but if the first Mondo poster of the year is any indication, Taylor’s skills only seem to get sharper.  See for yourselves:  we’ve got his poster for Jurassic Park (and find out when it’s going on sale) after the jump, folks.

Oh, and they’ve also announced a few updates regarding when we’ll see the next Mondo Gallery show and where Tyler Stout’s Drive is at.  It’s all waiting for ya after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: We Pick 2012’s Top 5 Posters and Name the Year’s “Most Vital Artist”

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Because—as we all know—the appreciation of any piece of artwork is subjective, Limited Paper totally recognizes that the series we’ve been running this week (The Top 20 Posters of 2012) might be the most pointless thing we’ve ever spent a serious amount of time considering, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t been a tremendous amount of fun:  the first two parts of our list (part one here and part two here) resulted in some of the most enjoyable, friendly debates that Limited Paper’s had via email all year.  Yes, it’s pointless to “rank” art, but as the saying (I just made up) goes, “If there’s one thing collectors love doing more than collecting, it’s debating about the things they collect.”

Today, we’re here to pull double-duty:  first, we’re going to finish off our Top 20 Posters of 2012 list by naming the year’s five best prints…and then we’re gonna tell you which artist we thought was the year’s “Most Vital”.  Wanna find out who made the cut?  Meet me after the jump, folks.

Limited Paper: The 20 Best Posters of 2012 Part One Includes Tyler Stout, Martin Ansin, Ken Taylor, Tom Whalen, Mark Englert, Godmachine and More

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To those just joining the poster-collecting community (a nice way of saying, “For those who have recently contracted the crippling disease known as poster addiction”), 2012 must have seemed like a pretty cool year.  But for those of us who’ve been at this game for longer than we’d care to admit, however, 2012 wasn’t just “pretty cool”:  it was a year awash in amazing artwork, a twelve-month stretch that (if anything) provided too many choices for the kind of people who like covering their walls with movie-themed screenprints.  There were so many great posters this year, in fact, that the idea of one person “ranking” them or “picking the best of the best” is—at best—foolhardy.

Which is why Limited Paper turned to a select group of poster enthusiasts—collectors, artists, and personalities within the poster-industry—to get a group vote going on the matter.  We came up with our picks for the 20 best posters of the year, the first half of which can be found after the jump.

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