Comic-Con: THE SIMPSONS Panel Recap, Featuring a Look at the 25th Season, a Halloween Episode and the Short Film, THE LONGEST DAYCARE

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Now entering their 25th year, The Simpsons entertained fans at Comic-Con in a panel that included Matt Groening, Yeardley Smith and Al Jean, moderated by David Mirkin. As a long time Simpsons fan who has lost interest in recent years, it was nice to see that the jokes still land as the cast and creative team premiered an upcoming Halloween episode and the full release of the short, The Longest Daycare.  Hit the jump for more on The Simpsons panel and be sure to follow along with all of our continuing Comic-Con coverage.

Exclusive Red Band Clip from HIGH SCHOOL

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We’re happy to premiere an exclusive red band clip from director John Stalberg Jr.’s comedy High School.  The film centers on a soon-to-be valedictorian (Matthew Bush) who smokes pot for the very first time, only to find out that a mandatory drug test has been scheduled at school.  In a moment of panic, Bush and his friend (Sean Marquette) conspire to spike the school’s bake sale brownies with the help of a law-student-turned-drug-dealer (Adrien Brody) in order to make everyone fail the drug test.  This clip features a teacher played by Yeardley Smith waxing poetic about soulful singer/songwriter Bryan Adams’ member in a pot-induced rambling.

Hit the jump to watch the very descriptive, and thus NSFW, clip.  The film also stars Colin Hanks and Adhir KalyanHigh School opens on June 1st.

First Trailer and Poster for Dustin Lance Black’s VIRGINIA Starring Jennifer Connelly

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The first trailer and poster for Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black’s (Milk) directorial debut, Virginia, have gone online.  The film was originally titled What’s Wrong with Virginia? and screened at TIFF 2010 to scathing reviews.  Black went back into the editing room and retooled (and retitled) the film, and now the new cut is set to open next month.  The film stars Jennifer Connelly as a single mother who runs into a bit of trouble following a string of events: her longtime affair with the married Mormon Sheriff (Ed Harris) comes to an end as he decides to run for office, then her son (Harrison Gilbertson) starts having an affair with the Sheriff’s daughter (Emma Roberts).  Tonally and plot-wise, this trailer is kind of all over the place.  There are some good ideas throughout, but I’m unsure as to how Black coalesces everything into a cohesive story.  It’s no wonder that this was a tough one to put together, but hopefully Black’s new edit is superior to the previous cut.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and poster.  The film opens on May 18th and also stars Amy Madigan, Yeardley Smith, and Toby Jones.

Salary Negotiations May Halt Production on THE SIMPSONS Next Spring

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I guess AMC isn’t the only network having problems negotiating with their highest profile series. Word is coming from The Daily Beast that Fox has come to a bit of an impasse in negotiations with the five lead actors of The Simpsons that may result in a halt of production on the long-running animated series after the 23rd season concludes next spring. Dan Castellaneta (Homer, Grampa Simpson, Krusty the Clown, and others), Julie Kavner (Marge, her sisters and others), Nancy Cartwright (Bart and more), Yeardley Smith (Lisa), Hank Azaria (Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum,  Apu Nahasapeemapetilo, and more), and Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders, and others) have all been told that they need to take a 45% pay cut, or risk being replaced with sound-alike actors after this season. More details on this worrisome issue after the jump.

THE SIMPSONS: Thirteenth Season Blu-ray Review

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The feeling I get talking with fans and casual viewers is that The Simpsons hit a high for a couple of years (say, seasons 5-10), and then got pretty bad. They were off their game, and it all became too route. But then when you watch later seasons, they’re never that bad. Sure there are a couple episodes that really miss, but ultimately the show has hit a point where they know their formula. The familial unit is place, there’s the standard group of supporting performers who often have a spotlight episode every season, and the peripheral characters. They haven’t really added much to it in years, and though some dynamics have been explored and changed (Barney is clean and sober in this season), stasis is maintained. Season 13 is solid, but nowhere near the show at its best. My review of the Blu-ray edition of The Simpsons: The Thirteenth Season follows after the jump.

THE SIMPSONS Season 20 Blu-ray Review

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The Simpsons image slice.jpg

The Simpsons have been on for over twenty years now. It’s a part of the cultural landscape in a way that you can say “Everything is coming up Millhouse” or “Embiggen” and most people know what you’re talking about. The Simpsons are made up of father Homer (Dan Castellaneta), mother Marge (Julie Kavner), son Bart (Nancy Cartwright), daughter Lisa (Yeardley Smith) and the baby Maggie. There’s also the ride swatch of supporting players from Ned Flanders, Montgomery Burns, Waylon Smithers, and Lenny (Harry Shearer) to Chief Wiggum, Apu, Moe Slezstak and the criminal Snake (Hank Azaria). There’s a wide world of Simpsons and Season 20 is just another dip in that pool. My review of the Blu-ray of The Simpsons Season 20 after the jump.

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