Paramount Finally Schedules A THOUSAND WORDS Starring Eddie Murphy for January 13, 2012

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“A man discovers he only has one thousand words left to speak before he dies.”  That’s a cool premise, no?  Unfortunately, the end result is less promising.  Eddie Murphy reunited with Norbit/Meet Dave director Brian Robbins to shoot A Thousand Words in 2008, joined by Kerry Washington,  Allison Janney, Clark Duke, Cliff Curtis, and Ariel Winter.  The finished film was caught up in the February 2009 split between Paramount and DreamWorks, and Paramount has taken their sweet time to get the movie in theaters.  According to Exhibitor Relations, Paramount has finally scheduled A Thousand Words for release on January 13, 2012.

The test screening process has not shown favor to the comedy, and a January release date rarely indicates confidence in a project.  But man, d0 I love that premise.  I’ll cling to that until we see the first trailer.

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  • Angel of Death

    Yeah. It’s F**king terrible. I wrote a review for Aint It Cool like 2 years ago. Read it and weep…then see the movie and weep harder.

  • penispie

    If it’s a thousand foul swear words I’m in! I want him back and swearing again!!!!!!!

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