Aaron Eckhart Talks I, FRANKENSTEIN, Creating an Accessible Monster, INCARNATE, and More

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Dr. Frankenstein’s creature is back, but in brand new form. He’s still got the scars, but Aaron Eckhart’s Adam is a “lean, mean fitting machine,” kicking some demon and gargoyle you-know-what in the modern world.

I, Frankenstein kicks off with a freshly minted Adam heading out of town in an effort to keep to himself. Trouble is, Prince Naberius has an agenda and the only way he can fulfill that agenda is by getting his hands on Adam and figuring out how to bring a soul-less human corpse back to life. At the ripe old age of 200-years-old, Adam returns to civilization to put a stop to Naberius once and for all by joining the ongoing war between demons and gargoyles, and ensuring the secretes behind his creation never land in enemy hands. Hit the jump for more on I, Frankenstein from Eckhart himself.

i-frankenstein-aaron-eckhartWith I, Frankenstein nearing its January 24, 2014 release, we got the chance to sit down with Eckhart and run through the thought process behind bringing Frankenstein’s monster back to life physically and emotionally. Check out the video interview below for more on that, Adam’s search for a soul, the details on Eckhart’s role in Brad Peyton’s exorcism movie, Incarnate, and more.

Aaron Eckhart:

  • The choice to make Adam more human and less monster-like.
  • Adam’s voice.
  • On Adam’s quest to find out what it’s like to have a soul.
  • Nailing Adam’s stone face expressions while showing his internal progression.
  • On his role in Incarnate.


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  • hector

    Perri, you got Aaron Eckhart to admit he put ZERO PREPARATION into this role! Well done, girl.

    • cloud720

      Sometime, you just got to collect a check. Nothing wrong with that.

      • hector

        Even a bagger at the grocery store knows the meats are double wrapped and the eggs are bagged separately. Standard procedure. This guy should be able to answer questions about his voice, for God’s sake.

  • OUpory1960

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  • HeSaidSheSaidReviewSite

    This interview should be titled “Aaron Eckhart discusses the end of his career”, because this movie is going to BOMB. It’s got Razzie written all over it.

    • Guy

      An ongoing war between Demons and Gargoyles…sounds like a winner to me.

  • LEM

    CGI clusterfuck.

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