Aaron Johnson Talks KICK-ASS 2; Says the Film Will Leave Out “Some Really Disturbing Things” from the Comics

     September 19, 2012


As evidenced by the bounty of set photos that have already hit the web, production on Kick-Ass 2 is well underway in Toronto.  Director Matthew Vaughn has taken on a producer role on the follow-up, with Jeff Wadlow stepping in to helm the sequel.  Some exciting new casting additions have been announced like Jim Carrey as The Colonel and Donald Faison as Dr. Gravity, and all signs point to Kick-Ass 2 being one hell of a ride.

Steve got to sit down with star Aaron Johnson recently at the Toronto Film Festival for his upcoming romantic drama adaptation Anna Karenina, and the actor talked briefly about what fans can expect in Kick-Ass 2.  He revealed that they’ve excised some of the more disturbing material from Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.’s comic book counterpart and teased some interesting character developments.  Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

aaron-johnson-kick-ass-2-sequelJohnson was remiss to give away any plot specifics, but he teased a source material change that might prove interesting for fans:

“There’s some really interesting journeys [that] our characters embark on.  I can’t really go too deep into it, but I’m really excited about it; we’ve got a great cast.  There are some really disturbing things in the comic book which we’re not gonna put in, I think for the better.  Yet it’s got all the elements there and probably more, it’s got a bit of narrative and story to be told, so it’s great.”

I haven’t read Kick-Ass 2 so I’m not familiar with the graphic content that Johnson’s referring to, but I trust that the film’s development team has crafted a worthy feature film adaptation.  Early word on Wadlow’s script has been excellent and the ensemble cast is great, so hopefully the finished film delivers the goods.

Watch the portion of Steve’s interview with Johnson regarding Kick-Ass 2 below, and look for the full interview closer to the release of Anna Karenina.  Kick-Ass 2 opens on June 28th, 2013.


  • Cashmoney528

    He’s obviously talking about the part where Red Mist and his gang rape Kick Ass’s girlfriend…glad I don’t have to watch that.

  • El maskedor

    Pick any scene in kick ass 2 that will be left out: Colonel Stars biting the balls off of someone, that dog getting killed and it’s head cut off and put on colonel star’s head, the gang rape scene, the scene where the kids are slaughtered, Hit Girl cutting off Mother Russia’s head…

    • Cashmoney528

      I would not be surprised at all if Hit Girl cutting odd her head was in the movie…they just don’t have to get overtly gruseome like the comic did

  • Bleezy

    Kick-Ass the Movie and Kick-Ass the comic are way, way different. There was no way the gang rape scene in the KA2 was going to make into the film because Katie is a sweetheart in the movie and a b!tch in the comic.

  • The Driver

    A lot of fucked up shit happens in the 2nd book.


    Could be the gang rape scene, but it could also be right before that when Red Mist shoots those kids who give him directions to Katie’s house, or even the neighborhood massacre might be too much (he pretty much kills Katie’s whole family before he rapes her and most of the neighborhood along with police officers responding to the attack) or it could be the scene where Colonel Stars is decapitated along with his guard dog and the dog is decapitated too and place on his neck.

  • Scott


    There’s also the scene where they kill his dad and then blow up his coffin. I do hope they keep Hit-Girl cutting off Mother Russia’s head. That was one of my favorite parts of the comic.

  • Simon Tarses

    The only reason the kid massacre isn’t going to happen is due to the recent incident in the USA-everybody with sense knows that (although I think that the producers decided on that long before the recent school shooting.