May 13, 2011


The circus that is upfronts continues with ABC announcing a slew of cancellations, pick-ups and renewals. Via TV Line, the network has decided to cancel sci-fi series V, Matthew Perry’s sitcom Mr. Sunshine, the superhero family drama No Ordinary Family and the on-the-bubble drama Brothers and Sisters (after considering giving the show one more season, the network decided to free up their Sunday night slot and axe the show). Other cancellations at ABC include Off the Map, Detroit 187 and Better With You.

On a lighter note, freshman comedy Happy Endings and procedural drama Body of Proof were both renewed for a second season, and the Charlie’s Angels reboot has scored a pick-up. Other new series getting picked up include Tim Allen’s return Last Man Standing, controversial series Good Christian Belles (previously Good Christian Bitches), period soap Pan Am, Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal and the fairytale-themed Once Upon a Time from Lost vets Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Damon Lindelof hinted via Twitter that the show is “gonna be special.”

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  • Aidan Williams

    This is so sad i live in New Zealand and am still watching No Ordinary Family and reading this is really sad i love this show as well as Better With You and we dont even have Mr Sunshine yet what is worng with you ABC at least we still have Desperate Housewives.

  • IV

    I am a little upset… No Ordinary Family may not be the greatest show ever, but I did enjoyed watching it. I was looking forward to the next season…

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  • Liam

    I was really hoping with them having such a HUGE presence at WonderCon that “V” was going to see a third season. Damnit, this is the worst news all week.

  • Clarkish

    Mannn I was really hyped for V, and No Ordinary Family was a nice little family show. They should’ve just moved it to ABC Family istead of canceling it all together.

  • Tricia A

    Didn’t anyone watch Mr. Sunshine? That show was hilarious! After the first couple episodes the cast settled in and made us laugh! Why so soon? Booo

    • grapenutsrbt

      People actually liked Mr. Sunshine? What? That show was unbearable.

    • Cleo777

      I liked Mr. Sunshine too! Even the short little theme at the beginning was funny–the Roman character was hilarious!! Nobody could be that innocent and happy could they??? What a shame, I thought Matthew Perry was good in that.

  • Sean

    So ABC has no idea of what quailty viewing is….3 Great shows get the axe… sad. Good luck getting those ratings back!!!


    Cancel Mr. Sunshine? They didn’t even give it a chance as a mid season fill in! It was too funny. I hate it when funny shows aren’t given a real chance to build a following



      ABC didn’t even give it a fucking chance.

  • HSR

    Unbelievable….Seriously. “Off The Map” was FANTASTIC. We loved it and ABC never even gave it a chance to GROW and actually GROW AND AUDIENCE also! IDIOTS. I’m DONE with network television (ABC, CBS, NBC, etc..) All they do is cancel good quality programming and throw reality crap in its place.

  • Torie

    Mr. Sunshine was my favorite show. The concept was great and it was so funny! I am very disappointed in ABC. :(

  • rachel

    NOOOOOOOOOO i love mr.sunshine its brilliant why cancel it after only nine episodes
    poor matthew perry he created, wrote and did all that work then find out that its canceled
    shame on you ABC

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