ABC News May Have Accidentally Leaked Oscar Nominees

     February 1, 2010


It looks like the news division of ABC, the station which will broadcast the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, may have jumped the gun on revealing the nominations, which aren’t supposed to be announced for another eight and a half hours.  Vulture discovered that if you type “Oscar” into the search engine, results for “2010 Oscar Nominations” pop up.  It’s just individual photos so we don’t know the full lists of nominees, but there are a few somewhat-unexpected choices (i.e. films other than Avatar and The Hurt Locker): It’s Complicated for Best Picture, Vera Farmiga for Best Actress for Up in the Air, and Matt Damon for Best Supporting Actor for Invictus.

Of course, it’s possible that the news division is just prepping images and copy for the films and actors they believe will get nominated.  But those nominations I mentioned above are not locks.  In fact, if you check out (which is the online bible for awards season), you’ll see that Farmiga has a good chance at a nod in the best supporting category, but she’s nowhere near Best Actress; and according to, It’s Complicated has less of a shot than The Hangover at a Best Picture nom.  Then again, The Hangover is part of the “2010 Oscar Nominations” photoset, but the caption doesn’t specify for what.

I guess we’ll find out if dropped the ball in a big way when the Oscar nominations are announced at 8:30am EST (I’ll be up early and cheering/bitching about the nominees).

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