Three Movie Clips from ABDUCTION

     September 14, 2011


We have three clips from Taylor Lautner’s upcoming actioner Abduction to bring you today. Directed by John Singleton (Four Brothers), the film centers on Lautner’s character as he attempts to find out why his baby photo is posted on a missing persons website.  Lily Collins, Alfred Molina, Sigourney Weaver and Jason Isaacs also star in the pic which will act as the first true gauge of Lautner’s solo box office prowess.  Check out the clips after the jump. Abduction opens on September 23rd.

Here are the clips:

Here’s the official synopsis for Abduction:

What would you do if you found your own picture on a missing persons website? Teen Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) finds himself facing this very dilemma. Setting out to uncover his real identity, Nathan quickly learns his parents are far from who they say they are. When the police, government agents and shadowy figures start to pursue him, Nathan’s quest for the truth erupts into a full-blown “Bourne”-like man-on-the-run thriller.


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  • Droncz92

    Nope.COM on this one…

    Did anyone see them Scarlett Johansen pics?

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  • Sam

    I really wouldn’t be surprised if Sigourney Weaver read those lines from a Teleprompter. I’ve never seen anyone look less interested on camera. Also, wtf is up with the editing? It’s style looks like a straight to DVD movie where they have to cut round the lack of effects.

  • ska-triumph

    why did they just show what are likely half of the action sequences in this flick? ridiculous. i hope mr. singleton made the right money to direct this.

  • Ruler

    I saw the trailers of the movie few days ago. This is the story of the guy in search of his true identity as the story goes on you will find this story to be more interesting and this story is kind of mystery. So this mix genre movie will be liked by the audience. me and my friends are planning to watch abduction movie. Hope the movie will be as good as it seems.

  • A

    Should do a double feature with SPY KIDS this is perfect for that