Abigail Spencer Joins Brin Hill’s Supernatural Romance IN YOUR EYES Written by Joss Whedon

     January 16, 2012


Actress Abigail Spencer (Mad Men) has joined Brin Hill‘s supernatural romance In Your Eyes, which was written by Joss WhedonVulture‘s report makes it sound like Whedon will direct the movie, but unless he’s given one supernatural romance film to Hill and kept one for himself, I believe Spencer is on board In Your Eyes.  Even Spencer’s statement never says Whedon is directing.  She says she starts filming in a month (Whedon is still probably doing post-production on The Avengers) and “It’s my first time [doing a project with Whedon], but I’ve always wanted to work with him. I’m so excited to do it.”  So technically she is working with him, but it’s misleading to imply that he’s directing.

Then again, it may also be understandable confusion.  After all, he directed a micro-budgeted adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing in twelve days and no one knew until after it was wrapped.  He’s a busy dude.

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