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Movies, television, gadgets, sports, video games, deluxe Barcaloungers – anything of interest to the media and technology savvy individual is everything that powers Collider.com, an uncalled for, online barrage of breaking news, incisive commentary and irreverent attitude that will do for the internet what Art Modell did for the Cleveland Browns; i.e. move it to Baltimore.

As the online destination for breaking news, incisive content and the lowdown on imminent trends, Collider.com is more than an essential bookmark; it’s the homepage for young men the world over obsessed with staying ahead of the curve in the marketplace’s most lucrative leisure pursuits. At least, that’s what we told our investors. Amazingly, they bought it, and, seeing as how they’ve got more money than the Great Wall of China’s got bricks, we think you should buy it, too. As a mix of up-to-the-second links to major stories and bracing original content provided by heavily connected industry insiders in every category, Collider.com will not only put an end to monotonous surfing, it will edify, entertain and, most likely, since we’re awfully opinionated fellows, enrage.

Collider.com is also a democratic forum, open to submissions from you, the reader. Though we’re determined to make the site as much fun as a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party on high-grade acid, you can help make it even better by submitting news, reviews, rants and raves on subjects germane to any of the somewhat disparate categories we cover. That is, unless your submissions really suck; then, it’s hard to see how they’ll really up the quality of what we’re trying to do here.

So, settle in, and get ready for the once-in-a-lifetime internet experience for which the time wasting, productivity curbing medium was designed. Welcome to Collider.com.