Adrian Pasdar (HEROES) Backstage Video Interview – Saturn Awards 2009

     June 28, 2009

Adrian Pasdar.jpg

A few nights ago was the 2009 Saturn Awards in Burbank. As the event was going on, many of the winners came backstage for photos and interviews. One of them was Adrian Pasdar – who had just won for Best Supporting Actor on a Television Show (“Heroes” – Nathan Petrelli).

Anyway, after the jump you can watch our conversation where we talked about the Saturn Awards, Comic-Con, why “Heroes” is only coming back for 18 or 19 episodes this season, how the entire season is one volume, and more. Take a look:

Adrian Pasdar

  • Saturn Awards talk
  • Is it going to be one volume for all 18 episodes this season
  • I ask if the cast will be working together a lot this season
  • Comic-Con talk