A Gift From the Ice King Brings ADVENTURE TIME: FROST & FIRE

     March 5, 2015


I was only vaguely aware of Adventure Time (I’ve got a few cultural blindspots) up until recently, but now that a 70 pound (actual weight) block of ice arrived on my doorstep containing the Adventure Time: Frost & Fire DVD it certainly has my attention. And you can bet I’ll be giving it a spin.

It all started on Tuesday when I got a special delivery from a courier service. Initially, the most striking thing about it was the look of pain on the Delivery Man’s face coupled with the printed shipping weight of the package (the aforementioned 70 lbs). After unwrapping it, I was faced with a giant (and very slippery) block of ice adorned with blinking red lights. Too heavy and slippery to move once the packaging was discarded, it began a 48-hour residence on my lawn. Some videos below.

Just got a 70 LB block of ice (accurate weight) with an ADVENTURE TIME DVD in it

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My dog was immediately intrigued and started trying to get to the DVD at the center.

Sam is eager to watch this Adventure Time thing. I myself am unfamiliar with it

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He was largely unsuccessful, seeing as later that night the ice was the exact same size as it was when it arrived.

The block of ice probably looks like a bomb to my neighbors

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In fact, the reason I have yet to be able to watch the DVD is that I was only able to finally open it this morning! After nine pots of boiling water and nearly an entire canister of Morton’s salt, victory is mine (as are those nifty battery powered lights).

So watch along with me if you’re so inclined. The show is apparently smart and weird enough for adults so I’m giving it a spin. It clocks in at three hours and the sixteen episodes included are Frost & Fire, Earth & Water, Jake the Brick, The Prince Who Wanted Everything, Something Big, Return to the Nightsphere, Daddy’s Little Monster, Joshua and Margaret Investigations, Davey, The Pit, Freak City, Memories of Boom Boom Mountain, James, Time Sandwich, Apple Thief, Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe. Adventure Time: Frost & Fire is now available on DVD.

New episodes of Adventure Time air on the Cartoon Network on Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. (ET, PT).



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