AFI Announces Top 10 Films and TV Shows of 2013; List Includes GRAVITY, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, and WOLF OF WALL STREET

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This weekend we saw three more critics groups announce awards for the 2013 movie season, and now it’s the American Film Institute’s turn.  Today, AFI unveiled its Top 10 films and TV shows of the year, and the film list includes Oscar frontrunners Gravity and 12 Years a Slave as well as burgeoning contenders like American Hustle, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Her.  Over on the TV side of things, usual suspects like Mad Men and Breaking Bad made the cut, but so did Netflix’s original series House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black as well as Showtime’s Masters of Sex and ABC’s smash hit Scandal.  The sole comedy on the list of HBO’s excellent Veep.

Hit the jump to check out the full Top 10 lists for movies and television.

the-wolf-of-wall-street-poster-2AFI Movies of the Year:

12 Years a Slave

American Hustle

Captain Phillips

Fruitvale Station



Inside Llewyn Davis


Saving Mr. Banks

The Wolf of Wall Street

AFI TV Programs of the Year:

The Americans

Breaking Bad

Game of Thrones

The Good Wife

House of Cards

Mad Men

Masters of Sex

Orange Is the New Black




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  • Daniel Olbrych

    unfairly forgotten… “Mud.”

    • GrimReaper07

      It had a lot of competition. Before Midnight was also amazing.

      • Daniel Olbrych


  • RIC

    No “Rush”?

    • TJW

      No Rush.

  • Josh Kaye

    That’s a damn solid list for both TV and film. Not everyone will be on board but the fact remains that both mediums are getting so much bigger and so much better. Over the past couple of years it seems like every big director is coming out with a movie or now directing a couple of episodes for a television show. It’s pretty amazing to watch.

    • BigJimSlade

      I agree regarding TV.

      Can’t say the medium of film has shown much hope for a while now.

      This century has been a very, very sad time for movie lovers.
      I think I’ve been to the cinema to see a modern movie @ 5 times since 2000. Not much worth going to the theaters for these days… Thank the gods for our local old school theater!

      • Josh Kaye

        There are just as many disappointing movies as there are solid ones.The list for film is a solid one for the year and are films I’ve seen and enjoyed or films I’m planning on seeing. While nothing will top a lot of the old school films, I’m not gonna be one to complain if a movie can satisfy me and my movie tastes.

      • AManWithAKilt

        No doubt, there is a lot of schlock out there but there have been a lot of movies to come out this century that stand out. People focus too much on the bad movies (which also tend to be the big event movies and more easily remembered) but its the smaller ones that make the best of lists.

  • Jose

    Scandal???????????????????????????????? the tv list is now invalid

    • AManWithAKilt

      Scandal cannot invalidate Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or Mad Men

  • scottish_punk

    I have a great deal of respect for the AFI and their annual listing, and it looks as if this one is as good as last year. Very nice!

  • -

    “The sole comedy on the list of HBO’s excellent Veep.”
    I haven’t seen it but isn’t ‘Orange is the New Black’ supposed to be a comedy?

    • Hamish

      It really falls within the realm of dramedy. Like Weeds or Shameless.

      However, Netflix HAS submitted it for Emmy consideration under the drama category.

  • junierizzle

    Fruitvale Station has to be the most overrated movie of the year.

    • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

      Shut the fuck up
      The movie went over your narrow minded head

      • junierizzle

        I would love to rip it to shreds for you but you’d most likely counter with more profanity. It clearly means something to you, so you go right on ahead and keep liking it.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        I will defend it
        Yes, I can have a conversation without using profanity

      • junierizzle

        It’s certainly not a bad movie, it’s just overrated.
        The handheld camera is incredibly distracting. All the “human” moments are so contrived that they feel inauthentic. Full Disclosure, I do not know all the facts. I am sticking to what was in the movie. The call to his grandmother felt forced. The dog scene was pushing the corny level. The scene with the guy that gives him his business towards the end was laying it on pretty thick. We get it. He is about to die, let’s make it even more sad.

        The biggest problem I had with it is that it happily welcomes misleading the audience. To it’s credit the movie doesn’t try to say anything. It merely let’s things play out as they did on that fateful night. However, the message this movie sends is that this dude was murdered in cold blood when he wasn’t. It was a very unfortunate accident and the officer responsible did go to jail for it. Was it racial profiling? Sure. Did the cops detain the right guys? Yes. Were they unruly? Yes. Did the cop use excessive force? Of course. But the guy thought he was going to taze him not kill him. Would it have been excessive if he tazed him? Yes.

        I don’t want to sound insensitive. It is absolutely horrible that he died. I’m just saying that the film is coming across as a rallying cry against racism and police brutality. In the grand scheme of things it was an unfortunate accident.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        You know nothing about movies
        You’re one of those people who go crazy for Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson thinking they’re the sh*t
        Human moments ???
        Obviously the movie stars humans
        It’s 24 hours before his death
        What did you want him to do ?
        Acting like a sub-human so you could say to yourself that he deserved to be shot
        Do you complain about spieldberg movies ?
        The grandmother scene ?
        Did it come out of the blue ?
        The scene was set up and well written
        We don’t even hear the conversation,
        The director set it up so the woman could be us the audience in the train at the end of the movie
        The dog scene ?
        Wasn’t it set up ?
        The scene starts with the dog on the street
        Then the dog is hit showing how life could be taken away just like that
        Then we hear and see the Bart train before the scene fades out which is an allusion to whats gonna happen at the end
        The dog is a pit bull
        Put bulls are portrayed as violent creatures by the media which couldn’t be any farther from the truth
        The pitbull is shown clearly hurt meaning it has a violent past
        Is the dog violent ? He’s the product of his environment .. He’s so sweet when he saw the main character meaning he yearns for a new life (alas wasn’t meant to be)
        Just like the main character does
        Did you want him to ignore his daughter the whole movie ???
        What the hell does that mean human moments ???
        Did the guy come out of thin air and offers him a job ???
        The whole scene took at least 10 minutes to set up
        It was well written and brilliantly done
        We’re you asleep the whole movie ???
        In the train, didnt he have a beef with one of the ex-prison mates ?
        Was the fight at the Bart station not set up ?
        Did the cop see the other guy ?
        It happens he grabbed the firsr guys he saw
        Nothing racist
        Cops acted like cops act in those situation
        Nothing racist
        The guy who shot him was a rookie and made a mistake
        Nothing racist there
        It’s tragic
        Not racist !!!
        There’s no racism theme in the whole movie !!!!
        No white guilt !!
        It’s a tragedy, an error,
        It’s a movie about guilt and the yearn to become a different than what society want you to be
        Fruitvale station is one of the best movie of the year
        It’s not manipulative , not one second of manipulation
        Everything that happens in the movie was set up and well executed
        You’re narrow minded
        You see a movie about a black guy shot by a white cop
        Me I saw a sad tragic tale about a man who was gonna change for his daughter, his girlfriend and mother
        Forget the skin color, forget your white guilt
        This was a human movie

      • junierizzle

        I’m not white.

        How can I be narrow minded when I saw the same movie you did? I didn’t see a movie “about a black guy shot by a white cop.” I saw, as I clearly stated, a movie about an unfortunate accident or “tragedy.” Just like you did. Are you narrow minded?

        Of course things are “set up.” I know why they “set up” these things. To me it is poorly written and contrived. Just because something is “set up” doesn’t mean it’s well executed. And just because you know why they “set up” something it doesn’t make you an expert on movies. Congratulations. You’re the only person to know why they “set up” circumstances in movies. Get out of here!!!!! They set things up!!!!!!! Who knew?

        Yes, I complain about Spielberg, Anderson and PTA movies too. Why bring them up? Are you accusing me of attacking this movie because the director is black? Maybe you’re the one fixated on color, my friend.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        I’m saying you’re attacking the movie because the movie dares to make you feel something
        While those directors make you feel smart ”
        I’ve never talked about the director’s race
        What are you a white Spanish ?
        You’re so focused on black and white, you missed the whole point of the movie
        I didn’t say you didn’t know how scenes are set up
        I said you don’t want movies to make you feel something
        You the kind of guy who raves about inception because it makes you feel smart
        “Badly written”
        How ?
        What did you want ?
        A soliloquy
        How is the movie badly written ?
        Each scene links perfectly to each other
        Each scene has its meaning and purpose
        Each character has its own weight
        The movie never feels long
        The movie was flawless and smooth
        Something that is badly written feel bumpy and forced
        And the characters don’t talk or act like humans
        Nothing was forced in the movie
        The movie takes it time before it got to the Bart station
        When the main character and his friends enter the Bart train
        There was a 20 or so second stationary shot
        A little break, a little calm before the storm
        Fruitvale station is a masterpiece

      • junierizzle

        I’m black. Just kidding. Lol. My race has nothing to do with this.

        Inception is given way too much credit for being ‘smart” It’s really a very simple movie. But that’s besides the point.

        I think we just have to agree to disagree. All the things you call flawless and smooth felt bumpy and forced to me. I didn’t even mention the end with the daughter in the shower, then the real footage of the protests. All a bit forced.

        I have no problem if a film has an emotional core. I think a best picture should move one emotionally. Fruitvale Station just didn’t move me. It tried. It tried really hard but it did not work on me.

        I think this story would have been better served as a documentary.

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        Youre a confused dude
        you complain that the movie stars humans acting human like and have human momment then you complain that the movie is racist, anti-white and its not true
        Then you say that the movie should have been a documentary

        What’s your favorite movie of all time ?
        What’s your favorite movie this year so far ?

      • junierizzle

        All-time favorite: Goodfellas
        Favorite so far: Tie between Place Beyond the Pines and Short Term 12


      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        All time favorite : leolo (1992 Canadian film) but I got a thousand film tied as number 2
        I love anything by Ozu , ousmane sembène, Kieślowski , Orson wells, Alejandro jodorowski and buster Keaton
        Favorite so far: 12 years a slave, gravity, fruitvale station, before midnight, blue jasmine and mud

      • Mixed Race rich kid NYC

        Favorite comedy: the life and death of Colonel Blimp, amarcord, fire men’s ball and the Marx brothers movies at paramount
        Favorite black and white movie: citizen Kane
        Favorite silent movie: the passion of Joan arc
        Favorite American movie: Barry Lyndon and Nashville
        Favorite melodrama : magnolia, written on the wind , Ali: fear eats the soul and the best years of our lives
        Favorite epic: the 10 commandments, Ben-hur, Lawrence of Arabia and the leopard
        Favorite musical : my fair lady and swing time
        Favorite blockbusters: terminator 2
        Favorite political film : the blue kite
        Favorite art film: walkabout, el topo and mulholand drive
        Favorite courtroom drama: 12 angry men
        Favorite religious movie: the night of the hunter
        Favorite documentary: gates of heaven
        Favorite mockumentary: this is spinal tap
        Favorite satire: dr. Strangelove
        Favorite sport film : raging bull
        Favorite gangster film: the godfather part I and part II and white heat
        Favorite sci-fi: the original Solaris
        Favorite fantasy: wizard of oz
        Favorite action film: dredd 3d and blade II
        Favorite 3d film : gravity
        Favorite detective film : the Maltese falcon
        Favorite adventure film: raiders of the lost ark
        Favorite love movie: Casablanca
        Favorite western : stagecoach and the wild bunch
        Favorite adult movie: last tango in Paris
        Favorite animated movie : spirited away
        Favorite tear jeker : the only son by Ozu
        Favorite horror movie: Santa Sangre and don’t look now
        Favorite deep movie: Solaris and andrei rublev
        Favorite war movie: Ivan’s childhood , the thin red line and come and see
        Favorite underrated movie: the tree of life
        Favorite holocaust movie: the grey zone and Shoah
        Favorite tv miniseries: the Decalogue by Kieślowski
        Favorite movie that nobody has seen: barikad ( Haitian drama)
        All time favorite movie: leolo

      • junierizzle

        I never said it was anti-white. I should have expounded on that documentary statement. It would have been interesting to really dig into the officer’s trial. We also could have gotten a better understanding of what he really did on that day. We could have heard directly from his friends what happened that night.

  • Bob

    I actually expect the Oscars to be just this; minus Fruitvale Station and add in Dallas Buyers Club. Not saying one is better than the other(I havent seen either), its jist Dallas seems more like and Oscar movie and the lead actor has a good chance of winning, the supporting actor as well.

  • Strong Enough

    gravity is the best movie of the year.

    • The Flobbit

      Why do I agree with you…

      • Strong Enough

        because i’m a genius and geniuses think alike

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