AFI Announces Top 10 in Film and TV for 2012 Including THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, DJANGO UNCHAINED, and MOONRISE KINGDOM

     December 10, 2012

the dark knight rises batman bane

The American Film Institute has announced its annual Top 10 lists.  In the film category, this awards season’s usual suspects popped up as Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Argo, Les Miserables and Silver Linings Playbook made the cut alongside Django Unchained and Moonrise Kingdom.  AFI is notable for also including a few popular titles on their lists (last year Bridesmaids and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo landed in the Top 10), and this year is no exception as fan-favorite The Dark Knight Rises nabbed a spot.  Notably absent, though, is Paul Thomas Anderson’s polarizing drama The Master.

On the TV side of things, Emmy-winner Homeland made the cut as well as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Louie, The Walking Dead, and FX’s American Horror Story.  AMC’s Mad Men landed on the list for a fifth time, making it the most recognized AFI Awards TV honoree in history.  Hit the jump to check out the full Top 10’s for both TV and Film.

django-unchained-posterAFI Movies of the Year

Beasts of the Southern Wild
The Dark Knight Rises
Django Unchained
Les Miserables
Life of Pi
Moonrise Kingdom
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty

AFI TV Programs of the Year

American Horror Story
Breaking Bad
Game Change
Game of Thrones
Mad Men
Modern Family
The Walking Dead



  • Chachi

    WHAT?! Impossible! Collider commenters hate TDKR! How could this be? Oh wait, because it’s a super awesome flick. Eat it haters.

    • Pocketses

      Movie still sucks dick. Critics are often wrong. Eat it yourself, pompous ass. Differing opinions exist, you know. It wouldn’t crack my top ten, does that make me a bad person?

      • Omar Suarez

        You’re so angry

      • Anonymous

        How about nobody eats anything, OK?

      • Clay

        Critics are often wrong, but not the overwhelming majority of critics, as in this case.

    • Max

      I agree with you Chachi!!! I loved TDKR!

  • JGL

    TDKR sucked.

    • JW.


      • calvincrack

        why don’t you have a warm Pabst and go to sleep

  • will

    I said this way back on a different article, and I’ll say it again: even if you hate Nolan, or his vision for Batman, or the premise of a reclusive Bruce Wayne, or the occasional holes in the script, you cannot deny how purely, viscerally engaging The Dark Knight Rises was. It was superbly entertaining, and I for the life of me cannot understand all these people referring to it as “drab” or “boring”.

    • James

      Could not agree more.

    • Person

      Agreed. I love BB and TDK, and I like TDKR. I always feel guilty saying anything even kinda critical of it cuz then people will jump on me and assume I’m a hater, but the movie was just too entertaining and well-made to be as hated as it is by some people. Not as airtight and (practically) flawless as its predecessors, but very solid nonetheless. Not sure if it’s a Top 10 of the year (Was SKYFALL deemed British?), but I don’t have a problem with AFI including it on its list.

    • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

      Well some consider a 3 hr movie with 10 minutes of action and the first 45 minutes being comprised of Bruce wayne hobbling around on a cane boring – call them crazy I guess.

      • will

        I honestly feel that even had it been the best of the trilogy, everyone would have picked it apart like crazy. People wanted something like The Dark Knight, I gather, and when Rises turned out to be something different (A Michael Mann-esque crime movie followed by a Dickensian epic that happened to be about Batman), a lot of people jumped on it.

  • anonymous

    At least these guys recognized how awful The Master is.

    • Max

      I just wanna say that The Master is probably up there for my favorite film of the year.

      • anonymous

        Fair enough but I believe you are in the minority. This will land on many peoples worst of the year list. I feel like people are just shocked at how bad it is.

      • Carlos

        and just who are these “people” you speak of?

      • ScottX

        Sight and Sound named The Master the best film of the year. It was runner-up at the L.A. Film Critics Awards. It has 85% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes. So I don’t think thinking it’s amazing it’s a minority thought.

    • Alex

      I for one loved The Master and know many more people that liked than didn’t.

  • Caleb The Awesome

    Hobbit discrimination.

  • Bob

    Take out the TDKR and there goes your 9 nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars. At least thats my exact prediction list. I like TDKR btw I just don’t think The Academy will nominate it.

    • ScottX

      Well as much as I wish Moonrise Kingdom gets a nomination I’m not sure that would happen. Also not sure about Beasts. And you should add Amour.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised The Avengers didn’t make the list.

    • Bob

      I don’t know if your being sarcastic or not but I think it should as well. I think Avengers should have made the list I mean.

      • calvincrack

        bob, i can only assume that you are being sarcastic as well since i also think that the avengers was a deep and moving picture.

      • ScottX

        No, The Avengers isn’t a deep and moving picture. It’s an amazingly fun and thrilling movie. It’s such a good movie being what it is. You can’t pretend every movie is Amour(or Stalker or whatever).

  • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

    How dare AFI profane its list. They might as well have put Battleship on there. Actually Battleship had fewer plotholes and better dialogue than rises. The WB marketing department should win the Academy award for pulling the wool over peoples’ eyes. People are still pretending Rises wasn’t a colossal turd because the marketing convinced them it was epic. What a goddamn fail.

    • chad vaughn

      Just shut up about plot holes. We didn’t need to be spoon-fed how he got from the pit to Gotham. He’s a resourceful guy, end of story. We’re not children.

    • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

      So why does he need a knee brace to get back into action at the beginning of the film but in the prison of metaphors he can climb a wall and jump no problem? Is he resourceful enough to magically heal his knee (we’ll leave how ludicrous his punche- into-health back is)?

      • Eggtar

        well maybe it’s because that “knee brace” was not only to hold the knee in place, but he used it to reset the bone also, you heard a loud snap when he put it on… It was like a quick temporarry fix until it gets dislocated again, many athletes have the same problem, most often with knees and shoulders…. Maybe when he was in the pit the knee was fine since it hadn’t been dislocated…

      • Eggtar

        he was also in the pit many months which is enough time to heal a dislocated vertabrae if you’re in really good shape… He’s alsoThe Batman, what more can I say!!!

      • chad vaughn

        His sucked it up bygod, hes a man, hes Batman. Hey btw did your parents name you “Nolan is a fraud” because they knew you would have bad taste in movies

      • Eggtar

        he was also in the pit for many months which is also enough time to heal a dislocated vertebrae if you’re in good shape like an athlete… He’s also The Batman, which that on it’s own is enough explaination

      • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

        Or maybe it was piss-poor screenwriting. There’s so many glaring plotholes and the dialogue is so inert- gawd! Rises receiving any acclaim at all shows that humanities collective intelligence is plummeting dramatically. The Mayan’s were right about 2012 being the end of civilization.

      • Eggtar

        if you can write a screenplay half as exciting has the one for TDKR, then i’ll certainly pay to go see your movie sir!!!

      • chad vaughn

        You’re inert. And the mayans were talking about you, not the world.

  • chad vaughn

    And hey, the American Film Institute agrees with me and Eggtar. You should write them a strongly worded letter. That’s really all you can do at this point.

    • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

      I’m going to send Nolan a punch to his face for stealing my money and wasting 3 hrs of my life I’ll never get back.

  • SP1234

    Are people angry about Rises because of the Aurora tragedy? Cause that would be so wrong if any tragedy like that makes them turn against any product. If not, I have a feeling that, even with the strong reviews and giant box office, the hardcore fans turned against because of their too-high expectations. The exact same thing happened with Prometheus, which I thought was a successfully-made film, that the hardcore people put too much pressure on it, and then write nasty comments after the release. I will not be shocked if the same thing happens with Star Trek or Man of Steel next year.

    • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

      Or – and this might blow your mind – people legitimately didn’t like the film and found it poor. Why do you Nolanites insist that if some one disparages this film it’s because of ulterior motives? No. It sucks. Live with it.

      • will

        Something tells me you probably hated Inception and The Prestige too. As far as I can tell, the only people who hate TDKR are Avengers fans, people who went in with bent expectations, Nolan haters (such as yourself), or Matt Goldberg. Basically everyone I’ve talked to about the film loved it. Is it perfect? No. Is it satisfying? Hells yes.

      • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

        Lot’s of people didn’t like it. And it ain’t satsifying. Unless you call the story of a guy who quits crime fighting to chase tang in paris while handing over the reigns to a kid who’ll get killed in under a week satisfying then yes by all means it was uber satisfying. People loved Return of the Jedi when it came out, almost out of a sense of obligation (much as with Rises) but history will not treat this film kindly at all. Your children will laugh at you when you say you liked it.

  • chad vaughn

    What people didn’t like the film? The people who gave it an “A” Cinemascore or the pissy nerds you talk to?

    • Carlos

      you mean the people who gave Drive a C- and Here Comes the Boom an A?
      not a very good defense on your part

      • chad vaughn

        You said “the people” as if they were the same people. If you have a better way to measure audience acceptance apart from an A cinemascore, a billion worldwide, and a place on AFIs ten best list then I’m all ears

  • Jose

    TDKR hate on collider???? no way!!

    • will

      I know, I gotta stop reading TDKR articles on this website. The comments just irritate the crap out of me.

      • Chris Noland

        Can’t handle it when the truth hits you right in yo face huh?

      • will

        No, I can’t handle it when people won’t shut up about it. It’s the same crap we were all dredged through when TDK became a massive hit, and everyone in creation started declaring it as “overrated” or “nothing without Heath”. And then it happened again with Inception. Every time Nolan comes out with a film that is both critically and financially well-received, there’s a legion of haters ready to tear it apart, usually by mentioning things about individual scenes they didn’t like out of context. I’m just tired of all the damn haterade. You can dislike the movie, that’s fine. But do you have to post about how you dislike it in EVERY GODDAMN COMMENTS SECTION??!!

      • You made bro?

        You mad bro?

  • NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!!!!!

    Lot\’s of people didn\’t like it. And it ain\’t satsifying. Unless you call the story of a guy who quits crime fighting to chase tang in paris while handing over the reigns to a kid who\’ll get killed in under a week satisfying then yes by all means it was uber satisfying. People loved Return of the Jedi when it came out, almost out of a sense of obligation (much as with Rises) but history will not treat this film kindly at all. Your children will laugh at you when you say you liked it.

    • chad vaughn

      Wow, just hearing you describe it makes me want to watch it again. Thanks ” Nolan is a fraud”. And how does that appear on your drivers license? Is “is a” considered the middle name? Are hyphens involved?

    • Nolan’s a lousy money whore who spits in his audience’s eye

      Actually, I’ll go by my full name now. Read above.

      • chad vaughn

        /hahaha that’s awesome. Is that a family name? What is that, Welsh?

      • chad vaughn

        Hahaha that’s awesome. Is that a family name? What is that, Welsh? Alright, I gotta go, Happy Holidays “Nolans a lousy money whore who spits in his audiences eye”

      • chad vaughn

        Didn’t mean to write that twice. Collider didn’t show my comment initially so I thought it wasn’t received somehow, so rewrote it. Thanks alot Collider. You’ve ruined another Christmas!

  • Ewardo Sanchez

    Pass a cup of that haterade cause this movie sucks!!

  • Strong Enough

    i told ya mutha fuckas. TDKR is the one of the best films of the year. ha!

    • Chris “Super Fraud” Nolan

      Remember when Crash won best picture of the year? Do you think Crash is a good movie? See – hype can help crap films reach the top. This movie should have been called The Dark Hype Rises.

      • James

        Um yeah Crash is an incredible movie, what’s your point?

  • Mr.Rich316

    Is Nolan the new Luca$?

    • ReeseWitherspoonLover

      Apparently, yes.

  • Andrew

    LOL!!! Suck on that Marvel fanboys!!

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  • ScottX

    DKR is a good movie, but definitely not better than The Master what’s a masterpiece. But well, actually most of the films i’ve seen of the list aren’t better than The Master, excepting Moonrise. Argo is pretty cool and Beast is cute but not my cup of tea. I definitely prefer The Master over them.

  • ScottX

    No, The Avengers isn\’t a deep and moving picture. It\’s an amazingly fun and thrilling movie. It\’s such a good movie being what it is. You can\’t pretend every movie is Amour(or Stalker or whatever).

  • Chris Super Fraud Nolan.

    You Nolan fanboys are sure obsessed with sucking. No wonder you all paid twenty bucks a ticket so Nolan can stick his limey fingers up your asses.

  • Chris Nolan is a dirty WHORE!!!!!!!

    Anyone who like that movie is a no brain fuck wad.

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  • knowledge

    In my opinion, TDKR was the worst Nolan Batman movie. That doesn’t mean it was the worst movie ever, just that it didn’t live up to the hype. That was a tall order what with TDK coming before it, though, in all fairness.

  • seito

    Nolan turned the Bat God into Bat Man. For that reason alone his contribution to this iconic character must be recognised. The mere fact that people argue whether he survived the movie is evidence of that.

  • ollli

    Dozens of crappier movies than DKR from this year , but I was so excited for it (dark mainstream movie by a former indie director!!!) and then left punched in the eyebrows by unexpectedly-cliched-dweeb-movie , so I hate it so much more than anythin else. the disappointment was unparalleled. It doesnt help either that the mouthbreathers mob calls it majestic and threatens with pitchforks and trivial difference reasons

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