New Trailer and Poster for M. Night Shyamalan’s AFTER EARTH Starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith

     March 7, 2013


Sony Pictures has released a new trailer and poster for director M. Night Shyamalan’s sci-fi film After Earth.  The film stars Will Smith and Jaden Smith as a father and son who crash land on a post-apocalyptic Earth, and it’s up to the son to fight for survival when the father is seriously injured.  This trailer reveals a ton of new footage as well as the reason behind the duo’s crash landing.  It’s a bildungsroman for not only Jaden Smith’s character, Kitai, but for the actor himself.  Will Smith takes a back seat in this actioner and guides his on-screen and off-screen son through its paces, allowing him to take metaphorical (and literal) leaps on his own.  Will we accept the younger Smith as an up-and-coming action star?  Will we allow Shyamalan back into our good graces?  We’ll find out this summer.

Hit the jump to watch the new trailer.  The film also stars Zoe Kravitz, Sophie Okonedo, and Isabelle Fuhrman.  After Earth opens June 7, 2013.

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Here’s the official synopsis for After Earth:

A crash landing leaves teenager Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) and his legendary father Cypher (Will Smith) stranded on Earth, 1,000 years after cataclysmic events forced humanity’s escape. With Cypher critically injured, Kitai must embark on a perilous journey to signal for help, facing uncharted terrain, evolved animal species that now rule the planet, and an unstoppable alien creature that escaped during the crash. Father and son must learn to work together and trust one another if they want any chance of returning home.


  • Curbcooler

    Looks epic!

  • TheEman22

    Looks like it could be great but man are those accents annoying…idk if i can go a whole movie with that

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  • johnn

    When it comes to Shyamalan, you can’t help but hope that it’s terrible.

    • Express

      Why? Shyamalan has made some GREAT movies in the past. I could never understand rooting against him. But hey, I’m not a tool who needs to fit in. Of all the people to hate, why M. Night? Unbreakable, The Sixth Sense, Signs, and The Village were all great and original. Why would someone hate him, when there are true hacks out there?

      • Kahr

        The Village blew! ARE YOU SERIOUS? That was a terrible movie.

        I’ll give you Unbreakable and the 6th sense. That’s all he had.

        He also did Lady in the water, Devil, the Happening… and the one that was a real spit on the face…. The Last Airbender. He’s a f*cking joke.

      • Tobias

        I have to admit, Unbreakable, The Village, and Signs are three of my favorite movies. I’ve watched each of them at least 5 times. So here’s hoping M. Night can pull himself together.

    • Shoerki

      Yup, guy’s one of the worst directors of our age.

    • MmmHmm

      The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs were great.
      Village was meh. Everything after has been tragic.

    • Steve

      M. Night has earned a great deal of the hate that he gets. Having said that, even though I find his last few films unwatchable, I always hold out hope that his next one will be a return to form. Each time it seems that the odds are stacked in his favor, yet he manages to screw it up: The Happening was supposed to be a return to suspense/horror. It sucked. The Last Airbender was supposed to launch a new franchise and feature a bigger palate for him to work from. It sucked. Now, with After Earth, he is directing with no writing input. If he mucks up this one he has truly run out of excuses.

  • dogg

    Am I detecting the stale whiff of “humans baaaaad, nature gooood” earth Gaia BS? Because I’m gonna need an apology for that whole hockey stick thing before I sit through any more lectures.

    • Steve

      Humans are part of Nature so to separate them into “good” and “bad” is ridiculous. Perhaps you were making that very point. However, if you’re taking the position that humankind has had a positive effect on the natural world or that our effect (when we exploit or abuse our resources) is pointless, then you are living in a fantasy world. Humans aren’t going to destroy Mother Earth. Evolution will simply select us for extinction and Mother Earth will be just fine.

  • Ulan

    It looks nice, but it also looks like another “in the end it’s all dream or simulation to prove son’s abilities” crap.

  • Frantic

    You couldn’t just write “coming of age”?

    • Goop

      Seriously. Thank you.

    • Griz

      HA! I can’t believe some of you guys actually looked that up. I skipped over it assuming it was a typo.

    • Forsters Beer

      Todays word of the day is bildungsroman

    • Express

      I was cringing reading that. Who writes things like that? Its so pathetic and lame to be that transparent with wanting to seem sophisticated or elegant or whatever the author may have been going for.

  • Lizard King

    It’s been a long time since a movie has come along where I hold no respect for a single person associated with the film. Truly a work of art to assemble such a crappy team of film makers. Good luck Shyamalan. I hope you don’t ruin too many peoples’ night at the movies.

  • Lob Taylor

    Looks Epic indeed. Luv it already!!
    And having watched all M. Night Shyamalan movies I know there’s way more to it than the trailer suggest and you have to wait till the very end to find out!



    • Kahr

      The only epic thing about this is the fact that people are still paying to watch this dumba$$ films!

    • Steve

      Optimistic trolling is a new thing apparently.

  • The Blue Elephant

    I’m interested in the aliens in this movie. Anyone else hear the radar ping? Game over man, game over!!

  • Cpt. Hindsight

    Wtf? Why would you write bildungsroman? Oh to seem like you have an awesome vocabulary and to make people Google the word. Got it.

    • Um, Sure

      Or maybe he just assumed people reading the blog were smart enough to already know it. Thanks for proving how futile that assumption was.

  • Mandy

    Screw the negativity, this is Will Smith! He doesn’t do just any movie, he knows this will be successful. I have hope for it, even if it is Shymalan or however that’s spelt. I’m not scrolling up for a petty spell check.

    • More

      “…just any movie…”? Yeah, your right. Successful does not mean good or well acted. Wild Wild West? MIB 3? Bad Boys 2? I,Robot?

  • Diashi

    Just a friendly reminder of how far this guy has fallen:

    I really don’t care about this movie and I wish he’d just call it quits.

  • Will Smith

    I Know I Can’t Please Everybody LMAO I Guess I Came I Long Way From Getting Accepted To MIT For A Fool To Diss My Accent In A Si-fi Summer Blockbuster.
    This Is My Son’s Go He Has Is Fan Base Too
    So A Small Voice That Can’t Be Herd Means Nothing At All. I Got Tired Of Being The Goofy Nephew When I Left Fresh Prince So Just Get Over It! I’m Not In My 20′s And My Kids Won’t Be The Talk Of Red Neck Fox News Blog Stating “Those N Word Entertainers Don’t Take Care Of There Kids!!”No Sir Not Me! Hate All You Want I’m A Positive Influnce To All Ages And Backgrounds And Where Do You Stand In Your Own Community? Who Would Walk 50 Feet To Hear You Speak If You Had Some Worth Hearing?

  • Chad

    More GCI nonsense. It’d be cool if Hollywood could make a film without sending hordes of CGI creatures/animals/people after the heroes 7 or 8 times a film. It gets old, boring, and still looks fake.

  • Great white hype

    The Sixth Sense-awesome, Unbreakable-awesome, Signs-enjoyable, The Village-enjoyable but the ending was brutal. What followed was Lady in the Water-sucked, The Happening-sucked, The Last Airbender-unforgivable how bad he ruined a possibly great franchise. So either he was replaced halfway through the Village by an imposter or he stole his first three and a half scripts and paid the real writers to keep quiet. Although I’m joking, either way a lot of people including myself have lost faith in him.

  • JW.

    this. could. work.

    • Kahr

      No. Just. No

  • Sergi

    So looks like Will Smith will spend almost all the movie sitting in the crashed ship. Nice.

    • Rockslide

      At least he’s not trying to hide the fact that he’s “phoning it in” this film. Haha. I kill me.

  • Pubes

    This movie has great potential to be ……..

    The biggest flop of the year!!
    Poster is naf. Trailer is average. Will Smith has lost his charm.
    He took to long off, before he did MiB III.

    I’m gonna wait for the reviews before I make a decision to see this or not

  • Kahr

    The Village blew! ARE YOU SERIOUS? That was a terrible movie.

    I\’ll give you Unbreakable and the 6th sense. That\’s all he had.

    He also did Lady in the water, Devil, the Happening… and the one that was a real spit on the face…. The Last Airbender. He\’s a f*cking joke.

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  • Jon

    The sign is one of the worst movies ever made alien fly 500,000 million miles to come to earth but the motherfuckers can’t open a wooden door lame

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    I also do not have high hopes for this movie but as a fan of his early work (yes, that includes The Village) I am hoping he can muster up some of that old movie magic.

  • yourallfollwersjustlikeholloywoodwantsyoutobegivethemyourmoney

    Everyone is a little conformist. They want to lick Nolans bum and dump on MNS becuz it is “Cool” …why not form a true original opinion based on what you might actually think and feel for their work. becuz none of you have.

  • Rockslide

    Whoa, I don’t get the accents either? Why bother? When the two leads can’t even maintain the same accent for 3 minutes of trailer clips, you know you’re in trouble for the 2 hour film. Is a quasi-southern-texan-galactic accent really going to add to their characters? I think it’ll just be distracting and grating.

  • MrAnderson52579

    “We never asked for this”

    (music in the beginning of the trailer)