November Episode of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Will Pick Up Where THOR: THE DARK WORLD Leaves Off

     November 2, 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first crossover between Marvel’s TV show and feature film divisions.  Just in time for sweeps, the November 19th episode of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is set to deal directly with the aftermath of Thor: The Dark World, picking up where the feature film leaves off.  In an effort to make this whole thing as nerdy as possible, Star Trek alum Jonathan Frakes is directing the episode.  The official logline for “The Well” is as follows:

“In the aftermath of the events chronicled in the feature film Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World, Coulson and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pick up the pieces–one of which threatens to destroy a member of the team.”

Hit the jump for more on the crossover, including whether any Thor castmembers will be popping up.  Thor: The Dark World opens in U.S. theaters on November 8th.

marvels-agents-of-shield-thor-the-dark-worldNews of this Marvel crossover was announced over at EW, which notes that while a number of guest stars are slated for “The Well,” no one from Thor: The Dark World is currently poised to show up.  That’s not to say that there absolutely won’t be a Chris Hemsworth or Samuel L. Jackson cameo (the latter has already popped up on S.H.I.E.L.D.), just that nothing has been announced; those Marvel folks are keen on secrecy, you know. 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. could use the boost from a feature film tie-in, as the show’s ratings have been steadily declining since its impressive debut and critics haven’t exactly been kind to the show thus far.  Of course many series take time to hit their strides, but as Alan Sepinwall so pointedly noted, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s problems are many.  With the promise of an epilogue of sorts to Thor 2, “The Well” is sure to bring in a large audience, and I doubt this will be the last time we’ll see a TV show crossover with the film world.  April’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier deals heavily with the S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we got another tie-in episode around that time.


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  • TJW

    Just another marketing gimmick to try maintain interest in this mediocre product. No characters or actors from Thor appearing in the actual episode sure doesn’t sound like a crossover.

  • TheNinjaMax

    If Hemsworth does make a cameo in this episode — because, let’s be serious, it’s kinda a silly to have a TV episode pick up after where Thor 2 left off without somebody from that film making an appearance — it could be the shot in the series needs.

  • TigerFIST

    This is great news. Definetly something to look forward to. I don’t really care if a movie star shows up in the show (would be nice though). Just as long as it feels like a natural transition. Regardless of how the crossover happens. I like the show and will give season 1 a full viewing, but hopefully this will give it a boost because it’s not a great as I anticipated but still entertaining.

    • LEM

      They wouldn’t need any of the movie stars to show up if they would just start using the lower level characters Marvel has and creating something not dependent on the movies to survive.

  • lobtaylor

    I honestly don’t care much about Agents of Shield. I hope they dispense with the Skye and Melinda May characters. One is boring the other superfluous (not to mention she’s been wearing only one costume since the show started!).

  • Scurvy

    Frakes is a great tv director. Should be an excellent episode.

  • Alexson Philip

    Isn’t that basically ruining the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet?

  • LEM

    So lots of Thor references I guess but still the same BS Buffy style they’ve been spewing out.

  • Ethan

    What if you haven’t seen Thor 2 yet? Obviously this is a marketing ploy to get people to got see Thor 2 and watch Shield afterwards, but what if we dont see thor 2 right away? Spoilers? Thats bogus

  • $2367358

    I love this series and do not understand all the gripes from so-called MARVEL fans. Perhaps I took them at their word about it not being about “Superheroes” or even “heroes”. Enjoyed every episode so far and I am not some under 12 juvenile.
    As far as critics go, who listens to them and who cares? They are trashing this series because The Avengers was such a smash hit and this comes right on it heels. They also hate it because in spite of what Joss Weedon said about it a lot of people are disappointed that it’s just what he said it was going to be. Get over it. Just sit back, watch and enjoy it for what it is, a fun entertaining TV series. It’s not Greek Tragedy or Shakespeare. Don’t forget the snacks.

    • Sam

      It’s also just not a good show.

  • Alexander Calvo

    Crytics have been very kind to the show. Fanboys on messageboards have not, they are hardly the same thing…

  • rAd-1

    Thor The Dark World ends with a “To be continued in ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of Shield” title card a la Back to the Future

  • sooverit

    This is just a silly move. For weeks now defenders of AoS have been saying that the show shouldn’t be lumped in with the movies and how if you tuned in expecting to see that then you were wrong and should be banished along with Loki and his ilk. But as soon as the reality of 5 straight weeks of viewer declines and some honest critique by the “critics” what do they do…run to the nearest Marvel movie franchise to try to stop the bleeding.

  • Robby Richmond

    There wont be any cameos from Helmsworth or Hiddlestone, but the film leaves Greenwich (London borough) in a total mess. So basically I’d assume its set in London as a clean up job. Dunno how many episodes have been commissioned for Agents of Shield, (22 is it? thats a lot of TV to fill.) but if it carries on as it is its almost certainly destined to fill the friday night spot of shows like Sarah Connor and Dollhouse and we know whats coming then….

  • Beatific


    Maybe the S.H.I.E.L.D team have to track down the beast that was shown in the post credits scene. Although that would be a pretty effects heavy episode.

  • Joe

    The past two eps are still sitting in my unwatched folder. Completely lost the interest to continue watching. Not sure if this Thor TDW tie-in will have any effect. Enjoyed the movie though.

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