Warner Bros. Resurrects AKIRA as Jaume Collet-Sera Returns to Director’s Chair with Reduced Budget

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Warner Bros.’ troubled adaptation of the popular manga Akira may yet make it in front of cameras.  The studio has been trying to get Akira off the ground for years, and most recently Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown) was attached to direct with a cast that included Garrett Hedlund, Kristen Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter, and Ken Watanabe.  Collet-Serra had managed to reduce the budget down to $90 million from Albert Hughes’ $180 million version of the film, but just as production was looming closer, WB hit pause on the project with the aim of bringing the budget down further to somewhere between $60 million and $70 million.  Collet-Serra subsequently left the project to focus his efforts on other pursuits, and word on the feature has been practically non-existent for over a year.

However, reports have now surfaced that Warner Bros. is revving Akira up once more, complete with Collet-Serra returning to the director’s chair.  Hit the jump for more.

jaume-collet-serra-akiraWhile Warner Bros. has apparently been looking at other directors to possibly come in and make Akira for the studio’s new, lower budget (including Catfish and Paranormal Activity 4 helmers Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman), Variety reports that the studio was always keen on Collet-Serra’s vision and now the director is in discussions to return to the project.  Apparently Collet-Serra has found time in his busy schedule to fit Akira in, and he’s also found another way to approach the material that fits in with WB’s new budget.

Having recently completed filming on the airplane thriller Non-Stop with Liam Neeson, Collet-Serra is currently in pre-production on the Warner Bros. thriller Run All Night, which also stars Neeson alongside Joel Kinnaman and Ed Harris.  The plan now is for Collet-Serra to move straight into Akira in the spring of 2014, once he’s completed work on Run All Night.  It’s unknown if Collet-Serra’s previous cast will regroup or what the director’s new take on the material entails, but it’s clear that Warner Bros. really wants to get this thing made.


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  • Doug_101

    Oh God, this again? I thought we were all in agreement that Chronicle was the live-action Akira that we needed and there was no further need to desecrate this great work.

    • Strong Enough

      no we never were in agreement.

      • $65176287

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      • Strong Enough

        scott said that? OMG!

    • Atlasshruggedmyass

      Hollywood obviously didnt learn from the backlash of the
      Terrible whitewashed “The Last Airbender” and “Dragon Ball
      Z” that doing this interpretation of the film is a bad idea!

  • Perzivel

    For fucks sakes let this project die already!

  • jimmy


  • Yurine

    My problem is: Are they going to make it the right way? Which will probably be a no.

    • Strong Enough

      what is the right way though?

      • Yurine

        The animated film.

      • Strong Enough

        so you want a carbon copy of the anime? its going to be a trilogy so i highly doubt it

      • Yurine

        No but it’s a good starting point.

  • HydrogenChaos

    Just keep Zac Efron the hell away from it. Better yet, keep EVERYONE away from it.

    • Strong Enough

      why do guys hate Zac Efron? when he was young he did high school musical. so what? are we holding Young Hercules against Ryan Gosling? the kid grew up and has done some good roles, Charlie St Cloud, At Any Price etc. give him a chance. i can totally see him in Kanada’s outfit on his signature bike

      • Sara M.

        Girls hate him too. 17 Again, The Paperboy, New Year’s Eve, The Lucky One. And Young Hercules was way better than that trilogy of Disney Channel garbage.

        Pretty sure only you and 2 other people liked Charlie St. Cloud. lol

      • Strong Enough

        girls hate him? i don’t think so. listen the movie might be crap but he did turn out a good performance. all i am saying is there is no reason for people to hate him. he is a good actor that is learning every flick. Ryan Gosling in Murder by numbers was terrible and looks how good he has become. give him a chance.

        and young hercules is horrible lol

      • Sara M.

        If he gives another one or two performances like Me and Orson Welles I might come around. But for right now, his previous involvement with Akira had me and many others scared shitless.

      • Strong Enough

        don’t want to see Akira STARRING ZAC EFRON on a movie poster lmao. we’ll see

      • Sara M.

        At this point it’s Garret Hedlund though. Soooo, I honestly don’t know what to think of him.

      • Strong Enough

        i rather have Zac than Garret. but to each his…or her own

      • More Than Strong Enough

        Strong Enough are you disliking people’s comments for no reason again? Hmmmmmmm?

      • Strong Enough

        still on my dick? hmmmmmmm?

      • More Than Strong Enough

        I know that’s a fantasy of yours, but sorry, you’re going to have to buy me dinner first! hahahahahahahahaha

      • Strong Enough

        Ewww really? you’re ready to go ain’t cha? lmao

      • More Than Strong Enough

        Not as ready for it as you’ve been! LOLOLOLOLOL

      • Sweet Pea

        Smells like teen spirit.

      • More Than Strong Enough

        Most clever phrase ever… if this was the 1990′s.

      • Sweet Pea

        Can’t disagree there. I just loves me some Nirvana.

      • Strong Enough

        don’t forget to bring the condom

  • Strong Enough

    the Gary Whitta script is running around on the IMDB boards.

    i see no problem with this getting made. although i wish the budget was a little bigger. but I love the manga and would love to see it on screen. some film fans go insane over this stuff and i have no idea why. like if the film is horrible it somehow destroys the brilliance of the original material. So what if it will have an all american cast. Its being made by Americans. what do you expect? As long as they stay true to the story that is all that matters. It would be awesome to see Tetsuo go apeshit on the big screen while Hans Zimmer horns go BRMMMM! lmaooo

    • ZeldaGuideMe

      I remember when Americans cast Americans in the Dragon Ball and Last Airbender movies too. I think sticking true to the source material also means staying true to the culture of that material. Cast blindly, don’t cast big American names and take the easy way out.

      I remember when Spike Lee was interested in doing this, and maybe if Oldboy turns out well I might consider still seeing his take on it.

      • Strong Enough

        Yes but if America is doing the movie it makes sense to adapt with AMERICANS. i agree don’t pick big names for the sake of it. but directors change ethnic roles all the time. as long as it doesn’t effect the story i am all for it

      • ZeldaGuideMe

        Agreed. I’m just saying that if it’s set in Japan, it’ll be odd to not see one Japanese person around.

      • Strong Enough

        oh i agree. we need some diversity

      • Nico

        Yes, but Kristen Stewart ? Oh God!

      • diana

        Why not Kristen….She has what it takes as Kei and great chemistry with Garrett H. I think she has the edgy factor for this role.

      • diana

        Why not Kristen….She has what it takes as Kei and great chemistry with Garrett H. I think she has the edgy factor for this role.

      • diana

        Ken Watanabe

    • Dede


      Also stick to the original source material E.g. Dragonball

      • Strong Enough


    • More Than Strong Enough

      Of course you don’t have a problem with it. Whenever people are excited for something you take steaming shit all over it and whenever people are cringing at something you have to defend it because that what hipster douchebags like you do.

      • Strong Enough

        you seriously need to get off my dick. lmaoo

      • More Than Strong Enough

        You seriously need to stop thinking your dick is so appealing.

      • Strong Enough

        oh it is. and you seriously need to stop thinking of me. and replying to me and changing your name so that it reminds you of me. how sweet!

      • More Than Strong Enough

        The name reminds me how much better than you I am! Hence the words “More Than” in the title.

      • Sweet Pea

        Spoke to soon. This banter is worse still.

      • More Than Strong Enough

        Oh PLEASE stick around and make it better then! Enlighten the two of us, let’s make this the best threesome ever!!! LOL

      • Sweet Pea

        LOL in caps at your own comments says it all. Your about as sharp as a marshmallow me old mucker…

      • Strong Enough

        as long as i am on your mind honey pie. lmao

  • Reijanrobo

    Thank you Pacific Rim and China… Now everyone just thinks they can make Anime themes, shows and movies with no consequence because they will expect the Asian Market to make all the $$ for once.

    • SnakeInMyBoot1256

      So you’re blaming the Chinese for wanting to see Pacific Rim?

      Blame the studios for thinking this is a way to get a quick cash grab. Don’t blame the people for paying to see a movie that they wanted to watch.

      • Reijanrobo

        My wording was a little off but that is essentially what I was trying to say :) My Bad.

  • Sarcas

    Fuck yeah whitewashing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jared

    They should go with that one writer’s view (forgot his name) of Japan buying a major city in America; just move it from New York to and East Coast city, makes a little more sense geographically. And if they were to have Caucasian actors/actresses they would have to be children of inter-racial couples. Tetsuo seems like the only Caucasian character to me, as it would make him sort of an outsider even among his own friends and gang.

  • rivertreeradar

    i wish it was an all teenage asian cast with a decent budget

    an not a shrinking budget with an all white early thirties cast
    this is really getting embarrassing

  • Littertray

    “and he’s also found another way to approach the material that fits in with WB’s new budget.”
    That sentence there just makes me so damn nervous about the whole project. What are they going to cut out all the military vehicles to save money? They could save a few more dollars by cutting out the stadium scenes as there quite expensive to hire. Cutting out all chase scenes involving high-tech looking motorcycles would save a ton on effects, closing roads down and insurance.
    At least we will be left with a bar scene and a nursery.

  • Oona

    Whether the fanboy nerds WANT IT OR NOT they are doing it. Get over it morons. I want a good AKIRA, I think I’ll get it.

    • Strong Enough

      What evidence says this will be a good Akira?

  • Lance

    You can’t make Akira as a cheapie. Bad move, bad move, bad move.

  • bidi

    it all starts with a good script, which, in this case, comes from a good manga. let’s hope the story is there, and the script can match it. if WB is so high on making it, then maybe they’re high on making it RIGHT. we’ll see. i won’t talk shit until i see some art/images/clips/trailers/reviews/the whole fucking movie

  • mlauzon

    Sorry, but “Akira” needs a *big* budget, I’d opt for Hollywood to pass on making this classic manga & anime into a live action movie!

  • Alberto Cox Délano

    Let’s count everything that is wrong with these news: 1) The Akira live-action movie is being resurrected, 2) as an American film (when it is an eminently Japanese story, with a Universal appeal, not the other way aroun), 3) to be directed by a for-hire hack whose highest rated movie scored 56% in RT (when this story deserves someone with some level of auteurship), 4) and it is going to be given a crappy budget.

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  • ickles

    If their plan is to launch a trilogy to tell the story, then the lower budget makes sense and shouldn’t impact the quality. If they go big budget with the first, that increases the odds that the rest of the story will be left untold.
    It could and might be awful, but it isn’t automatically awful. The people most upset by this news are not a large enough audience to make the movie successful on their own.

  • Victor Pleitez

    iF there is anything Life of Pi and Watchmen taught me it’s that you can take any piece of literature that s deemed “Unfilmable” and make it filmable. But Akira already had it’s big screen adaptation as well filmed anime so this whole new adaptation WB wants to do feels a bit redundant, lets hope it doesn’t become retarded.

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  • HugeJohnson

    Please just DON’T MAKE THIS MOVIE!!

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