Alec Baldwin Reportedly in Talks to Take Over NBC’s LAST CALL as Late Night Host

     April 9, 2013


It appears that the late night drama at NBC is far from over.  While the network recently announced that Jimmy Fallon would be replacing Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show in early 2014, with Seth Meyers in talks to step in as the new host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the network is now eyeing a changeup at its other late night show: Last Call with Carson Daly.  You’d be forgiven for forgetting that Last Call still exists, but the very late night half-hour show has been running for a total of 12 seasons with former MTV host Carson Daly at the helm.  Now it appears that Daly might be out, with 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin in discussions to take over as host of his own late night talk show.  Hit the jump for more.

alec-baldwin-last-callThe folks over at The New York Times—who were first to report the Fallon/Tonight Show switch—report that Alec Baldwin is in the early stages of negotiations to join NBC’s late night lineup.  The most likely place for a Baldwin-hosted show is apparently the 1:35am slot currently populated by Last Call with Carson Daly, but it’s unclear if Baldwin would be at the helm of an entirely new show or if he’d simply take over Last Call and make some changes to the format. The report notes that Baldwin would be able to film multiple episodes at a time, allowing him to continue his work in film.

Baldwin has a rather swell relationship with the Peacock as he starred on 30 Rock for its seven-season run (winning two Emmys in the process) and is a frequent host of Saturday Night Live.  Daly currently serves as host of NBC’s The Voice so it’s not like he’d be entirely getting the shaft, but should Baldwin nab his own show it would mark a complete overhaul of NBC’s late night programming.  We should hear more in the coming weeks, but what do you think about Baldwin hosting his own late night show?


  • Tom

    It would be amazing. I’m assuming they would change the structure of that Last Call show, which was interesting but not something that would showcase Baldwin’s comedic talents.

  • CamdenGreen

    Uh huh, because Alec Baldwin’s target demographic is awake at 1:35 in the morning.

    If NBC really wants to overhaul their late-night lineup, replace Leno with Baldwin, leave Fallon where he is, and replace Carson Daly with Seth Myers.

    • Alan B

      You speak the truth, sir. Fallon would accept the change because that’s the kind of NBC bitch he is.

  • The Game Was Lost

    Nope, don’t like this idea. Daly does a great job for what Last Call is and doesn’t deserve to be removed from his spot. It’s starting to get annoying that NBC keeps trying to mess with a good thing.

  • dogg

    I can’t see this douche without hearing him verbally abusing his daughter. That was some sick, emotionally scarring shit. People have lost their careers for so much less, but this guy pays no price at all.

    • Steve Cote

      I agree. Ever since that verbal telephone assault on his daughter who was 12 at the time, I can’t get past that sick and disgusting call and I just cannot watch Baldwin. Not to mention the numerous physical and verbal manic assaults that he has been involved in with reporters and flight attendants. Can’t watch him. Won’t watch him.

  • Steve Cote

    Baldwin taking over for Carson Daly is like when Joan Crawford filled in for her daughter on a soap opera except Joan Crawford could kinda sorta act. No way will I watch that wretch Baldwin. There is already too much of him on TV already on those darn terrible Capitol One commercials. Alec Baldwin please just go away and shut up.

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