Madea Catches Criminals in First Trailer for ALEX CROSS Starring Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox

     June 26, 2012


The first trailer for the James Patterson adaptation Alex Cross has landed online.  The film sees Tyler Perry taking over the titular role that was previously inhabited by Morgan Freeman in Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls.  Though I tried to go into this trailer with an open mind, if it weren’t for the movie stars you’d be forgiven for thinking this was a Lifetime Movie of the Week.  Perry tries way too hard at being the toughened detective, director Rob Cohen (xXx) shows off his penchant for explosions, and I have no idea what’s up with Matthew Fox but he’s going way over the top for the villain role.  It’ll be interesting to see how this plays for Patterson fans, as Summit is hoping that Alex Cross kicks off a string of franchise films for Perry.

Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  The film also stars Rachel NicholsEdward Burns, Jean Reno, Giancarlo Esposito, and John C. McGinleyAlex Cross opens on October 19th.


  • Paul

    The trailer says that the movie is based of the book “Cross” not “I, Alex Cross”

  • TheApprentice12

    I think Matthew Fox looks brilliant as the villain. They should have picked Idris Elba for Alex Cross, he looks much more convincing, unlike Tyler Perry. But I’m willing to give this movie a shot, mainly because of Fox.

    • LEM

      Unbelievable how great Elba would have been in this movie but instead they have Tyler Perry who can’t act for shit in or out of drag. They really messed up by casting Perry.

      • cartouche

        I couldnt help but feel the same way.

        Perry’s go to look is the flared nostril.. catch this on HBO..

        also couldnt help but feel the trailer showed us the whole movie, as if trying to convince themselves and us of Perry’s Cross

      • boo boo

        or even denzel washington. but elba would be great in it.

      • Doug

        Elba would have been great, true, but I wonder if they asked him, he might not think he’s already playing a similar character in Luther?

  • Stephens

    “Don’t ever cross…..Alex Cross.”


  • approvedbyronswanson

    This trailer is a complete abomination. I wouldn’t be surprised if this only saw a release on VHS in India

  • sense 11

    In what way does playing a ridiculous cross-dressing cop qualify you to play Alex Cross?

    Answer: in no way

  • BeanBag

    That film looks absolutely awful. I’d rather watch a frozen bag of dog shit thaw out for 2 hours than watch that.

  • Rick

    Alex Cross chases The Punisher on bath Salts…

    That should be the tagline for this. I thought these books/stories/Alex cross character was supposed to be cerebral, psychology and thriller based,

    that looked like an episode of 24.

  • TQB

    I think it looks good

  • dave

    Looks terrible. First, Alex Cross is from DC not Detroit. Second, his partner is black, not ed burns. Third, Tyler Perry is so miscast it’s laughable, can he only change his facial expression when cross-dressing? Fourth, directed by rob cohen….i love the alex cross books, but this is just a lame detective story which is trading on the name

    • black

      u racist pig so wat if his parter is black at least he has a starring role u stupid ass whole!

      • Lee

        @black I’m pretty sure you missed @dave’s point; Alex Cross’ partner is a HUGE black guy named Sampson. They have a LONG relationship and that is part of the story, you can’t just stick a white guy in there in his place. This is NOT Alex Cross! I think James Patterson sold out! Why move him from DC to Detroit? THAT takes away from the story! What about the horrible district that Alex works, where people are killed in the hood and no one cares? THAT takes away from some of Alex’s personality! This is bad…

  • Mikey Filmz

    The shame is with two different leads this could have been a more watchable movie.

  • David

    All the James Patterson “written” books are insanely stupid, improbable and about as memorable as rock on the side of the road. And, they’re basically the same plot, rewritten again and again. They’re like romance novels, except romance novels are better written. Why people enjoy this shit is beyond me. To each his own, but Patterson’s lame cadre of writers who pump out books like cigarette’s out of a vending machine are more obsessed with fame than producing a story that resonates with the reader beyond the five seconds after they close the book.

  • Colin

    I would have liked to have seen Elba, but Perry isn’t as bad in this as I imagined he would be.

  • excpired

    It is obvious that Tyler Perry’s Madea movies have muddled the judgment of everyone commenting and on the blogger above. This movie does not look nearly as bad as you guys are all saying. I won’t go out and say it looks amazing, but it has potential and imo it could be a fun action flick.

    Definitely doesn’t look like a movie of the week.

  • Chachi

    This movie would have been great in 1997.

  • RoboDouche

    Anyone read the books? I tried one and thought it was absolutely terrible? Who reads this stuff?

  • Norm

    Potential sequel idea: Alex Cross X: The Double-Cross. “For Alex Cross, Things are about to become Criss-Crossed.” With Music by Christopher Cross

    Do you think Alex’s wife married him because she likes his “hot cross buns?” Okay I think I’m out of cross jokes.

    I agree with excpired that it doesn’t look outright awful, but it doesn’t seem especially interesting either. Looks very predictable, which is a shame because Matthew Fox is looking very bane-ish and I bet would make for a great psychotic villain in capable hands.

  • judasbarronx1

    Meh… Not interested.

  • Michael Horne

    It’s a bit…Yeah… Fox looks like he’s successfully broken out of his nice guy image. Perry looks like he’s trying too hard. The action looks great, and I love the whole mano-a-mano thing rather than entire-police-force-hunts-one-man. I just wonder if we haven’t seen it all before. Patterson is a bit of a hack, and the plotline just seems too familiar to be interesting to those who watch crime drama day in day out. Think I’ll pass on this one.

  • Jimmy

    Looks horrible. Horrible plot, horrible dialogue, horrible actors….. I’m obsessed with pain! lol You’d have to be to watch this.

  • Jimmy

    Looks horrible. Horrible plot, horrible actors, horrible dialogue- “I’m fascinated with pain!” You’d have to be too to want to see this.

  • ISeemToBeAVerb

    Look’s like crap. BUT there’s some sick thing about Fox here that makes me want to see this.


  • Dan


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  • Niki

    the movie does not look anywhere near as bad as everyone is saying. i agree that the trailer is a little too long and it gives away too much. it seems that tyler perry is doing a good job in the role to me. and for everyone that thinks that perry doesnt have any talent…hes laughing at yall…all the way to the bank!

  • sincere

    This is so sad Mr. Perry is a self made multi millionaires boy…its so sad to just hate for nothing you can do what you want if your willing to work Hard for it…ugh

  • brothd

    man he can’t act no real feelings at all just saying lines and doing it badly should keep his wig and dress on. this movie has the feel of a cheap b movie

  • black

    Ok heres to all u haters out there hsting on tyler perry for starring in a role thats not the norm…..shut the hell up and change ur damn diapers crybabies. so. wat the man is rich successfull and has the talent to back up everything he does do me and the tyler perry fans a favor dont see the movie if u dont like it and wipe the snot from ur noses damn! signed a mad black woman fed up with the black power hating ass fans We rule and the movies and his fame proves that! # BLACKSTARPOWER

  • Child of God

    This is to funny. I have been reading all these negative comments and Tyler Perry has allot of HATERS………..But just to give you guys a lil advice. He is a praying man and he expect all this that is been said. As a matter of fact..he loves it. HATERS

  • Ric Evans

    I read through all these comments and had to laugh. It’s amazing how many people want to judge a man based on the fact he’s basically been a comedian. I’m looking forward to this movie. Sure it would be nice if Morgan Freeman could continue as Alex Cross, but that’s not possible because of his age; and contrary to the opinion of a few, James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels are just too good not to turn into movies. Bring it on. I know my wife and I will be attending.

    • Lee

      Actually, no. He doesn’t fit the role. Ildris, Denzel or some NEW actor (how about that hollywood?) would have been a better pick. And as for Sampson, there is that black actor that played “Goggles” in Sugar Hill that would have fit the bill. BAD CASTING.

  • Anonymous

    Good Work Tyler Perry keep it up.

  • carlawheeler

    I think Tyler Perry playing Alex Cross is a stretch, but I think he’ll do okay. But in spite of his age I think Morgan freeman would have wrecked the part of Alex Cross.