Alex Russell CHRONICLE Interview

     February 3, 2012

Alex Russell CHRONICLE Interview slice

In Chronicle, newcomer Alex Russell stars as Matt, the faux “poet laureate” prone to namedropping Jung and Plato, the better to woo ladies and prove intellectual superiority – and this is before the guy even gets superpowers. But instead of becoming more braggadocious after the discovery, Matt’s newfound abilities humble him (well – his inability to use telekinesis properly humble him). Matt soon becomes the voice of reason for the film – warning his friends to use their powers sparingly and never to hurt any living thing with them. Ironically enough – the poser philosopher inadvertently becoming the wise man he always pretended to be….

In the following interview with Alex Russell, he discusses (not) researching philosophy books for the character, how to perfect an American accent (he’s Australian) and the rehearsal process for Chronicle. To watch the full interview, hit the jump.

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chronicle-movie-image Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell

chronicle-movie-image Alex Russell

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