New Image of Alexa Vega in MACHETE KILLS Is…Revealing

     November 7, 2012


Alexa Vega goes from Spy Kid to Killjoy in her latest picture, Machete Kills.  The sequel, directed by Robert Rodriguez, features the return of the titular ex-Federale (Danny Trejo) as he attempts to stop a gang of arms-dealing terrorists.  Vega’s character, Killjoy, is a hitwoman she describes as “a bodyguard of a whorehoues.”  Vega recently talked at length about her character and embracing her sexuality.  We got our first glimpse of Vega in this black-and-white image from the picture that proved the starlet had grown up.  Now, we have a new full-color image of Vega as Killjoy that’s even more revealing.

Machete Kills, also starring Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Amber Heard, Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga, Antonio Banderas, Jessica Alba, Demian Bichir, Vanessa Hudgens, Cuba Gooding, Jr., William Sadler, Marko Zaror and Mel Gibson, opens next year.  Hit the jump to check out Vega’s new look.

Here’s the new image of Vega from Machete Kills, courtesy of Rolling Stone and Vega’s own Twitter account.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that some cars appear to be on fire or something in the background but who really cares about that:

Exclusive photo from Machete Kills! #RollingStoneMag



Here’s the synopsis for Machete Kills:

Danny Trejo returns as ex-Federale agent MACHETE, who is recruited by the President of the United States for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man – he must take down a madman revolutionary and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war and anarchy across the planet.


  • ray

    Dam Vegas

  • Ash Talon

    There’s something really creepy about Rodriguez casting her (someone he watched grow up) and putting her in such a skimpy outfit.

    Mind you, I don’t have a problem with the outfit, but he’s probably a father figure to her.

    • D

      Father figure? Yea right… it’s not like he raised her.
      He directed her in a few movies, w/e, she’s hot now.
      Flaunt it if you got it!

      • kenny38606

        But she’s still got to be pretty close to him. He didn’t just direct her in a few movies, he directed her in 3 movies that came out in 3 consecutive years. So she would have seen him damn near everyday for at least 3 months out of the year for 3 years straight from age 12-14. You’ve got to believe they forged a close relationship. The dude walked her down the freakin isle. I would say he was a father figure to her.

        On the other hand, this is the man who cast his 19-year old nieces-in-law as the sexy babysitter twins in Grindhouse and then as the sexy twin nurses in Machete. That was worse, as he was actually related to them and had been since they were 3 years old.

      • Matteo Neviani

        Uhrm…you know he’s a director and they are actresses, right? It’s not like he raped them. Maybe you don’t get it because you are american, you guys have very twisted views about sexuality. I guess it’s because your country is actually a colony created by puritans that left Europe because they were disgusted by the sexual freedom and hedonistic behaviour of the society at the time. Even if it’s a thing from the past, it still influences somehow present day culture in the US in very subtle ways.
        Robert Rodriguez has different roots, so he also has different cultural influences. He just doesn’t think that letting a young girl wear a sexy outfit means praying the devil or make some kind of blasfemous and incestous act. Those are only costumes for movies.

    • Isak

      actually, in a way, it doesn’t even make sense in the film’s continuity.
      Machete TECHNICALLY has originated from Spy Kids.

      • Bill Graham

        Actually, Ash might be right. Here’s what Vega told THR: Stepping out wearing that in front of the crew was the “weirdest thing,” she said, because she “grew up with this crew, so it was like being surrounded by a bunch of parents.”

        So, it’s not only the director, but a lot of the crew as well. It’s certainly not something to simply brush off as nonsense when she brought it up as well.

    • Sean

      I was about to say the same thing. It’s so creepy.

      • MisterED

        What we have here is a bunch of prudes that don’t understand that Vega is a professional actress playing a role in a film. And that Rodriguez sees her exactly as that: a professional actress and not as a kid. And that Vega is probably grateful of that.

        But trying to explain any of this to people who get perked up over their wild imaginations and detached perceptions of reality (and who probably believe Jesus rode on Dinosaurs to Church), is a waste of time.

      • Sean

        She’s the one that described Rodriguez and the crew as being like a “bunch of parents.” Rodriguez walked her down the aisle at her wedding. Call me a prude but dad dressing up his no longer little girl in a push up bra, exposed panties and leather chaps is creepy.

    • dad

      it’s all business dude…

  • Isak

    actually, in a way, it doesn\’t even make sense in the film\’s continuity.
    Machete TECHNICALLY has originated from Spy Kids.

    • Derek Da Man

      Yeah, because continuity is absolutely vital in this movie. I mean it could screw up the whole ‘plot’.

    • Lizard King

      Maybe the movie deals with time travel? Thus fitting PERFECTLY with the continuity.

  • mandypanda

    Rodriguez walked her down the aisle of her wedding.
    Trejo was Uncle Machete in Spy Kids.

    Musta been awkward to be playing this role in front of them! Nice to see her still in the movie business. :)

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  • Weeks

    Jeez. There’s a lotta hand wringing here over a little bit of cleavage. It’s not like she’s doing a porno or is the subject of a snuff film.

    Only in America..

    • Ash Talon

      Haha. I was hardly wringing my hands. I’m sure people in other countries have no problem making sex symbols out of people they knew as children. Talk about progressive.

      All this said, I don’t mind looking at her.

      • MisterED

        ” I’m sure people in other countries have no problem making sex symbols out of people they knew as children”

        Not when they’re adults, like Alexa Vega presently is.

        “I don’t mind looking at her”

        Just make sure that you’re looking at Vega as an adult (like Rodriguez does) and not like you probably do.

        Based on all the vapors you’re getting over this story, I say you’re looking at her the same way Jimmy Savile would if he was still alive.

      • Matteo Neviani

        LOL. It’s funny that the puritanism is so radicated in your culture that you can’t get it at all. You think it’s creepy because you think that seeing someone you consider family in a scantily clad dress as something disturbingly exciting. In latin countries, we are much more used to nudity. My mother used to sunbathe topless when i was a child. My little nephews go around the house naked all the time.
        We don’t find nudity of our nears exciting AT ALL. We actually don’t give a f*, that’s it.
        I can understand that she felt a little bit unconfortable by being seen that way from people she know since she was a child, but i’m pretty sure mr. Rodriguez didn’t care at all since it was just a movie costume for him. You see it that way because IT’S YOU who are actually a lil’ bit dirty-minded.

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  • Dan

    Wait…is that the same outfit that Jessica Alba wore in Sin City?

  • Ash Talon

    Some day, Rodriguez will cast a woman in a role that doesn’t require her to be half naked. Ah…who am I kidding? I just wish he made better films.

    • MisterEd

      He has… examples:

      Spy Kids 1, 2, 3 and the reboot.

      Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock

      Next time try researching stuff before you go into hipster mode with the snarky crap.

  • Malcolm


    I watch this to follow a clear and defined narrative do i?

    I wanna see stuff blow up and gratuitous sex, violence and nudity!

  • Strong Enough

    I know Alexa. On the low she’s got bad breath

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  • Mello Mastikan

    Damn she fine!

  • Josh

    Hottest butter face EVAH! Spread some land o lakes on that canvas! Damn and damn.

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  • Jesse Pinkman

    Damn, I didnt know she was that hot yo

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