Alexander Skarsgard Talks THE EAST, TRUE BLOOD Season 6, Matt and Ross Duffer’s HIDDEN, and More

     June 5, 2013


Now playing in limited rlease is director/co-writer Zal Batmanglij’s (Sound of My Voice) fantastic eco-terrorist thriller The EastBrit Marling co-wrote the script with Batmanglij and stars as an undercover operative for an elite private intelligence firm who infiltrates a domestic terrorist organization in order to protect her corporate clientele.  Once she starts living as part of the anarchist collective, though, she finds that her loyalties aren’t as solid as she believed them to be and becomes conflicted when she starts falling for the charismatic leader (Alexander Skarsgard).  The impressive ensemble cast also includes Ellen Page, Patricia Clarkson, and Julia Ormond, and you can click here to watch the trailer and here is Matt’s review.

During my recent interview with Skarsgard, he talked about making The East, his reaction to reading the script for the first time, what it was like working on a quick schedule, how much changed during production, his preparation process, and more.  In addition, he also talked about the upcoming season of True Blood, Matt and Ross Duffer’s Hidden and how it was the most difficult role he’s played, and whether any more of his family are getting ready to enter Hollywood.  Hit the jump for more.

And if you missed my exclusive video interviews with Ellen Page or Brit Marling, click the links.

the-east-brit-marling-alexander-skarsgard-set-imageAlexander Skarsgard:

  • :08 What does Skarsgard want to talk about.
  • :58 Does he have any other family members that are getting ready to enter the business? Talks about his family’s presence in Hollywood.
  • 1:45 His reaction when he first got the script for The East.
  • 3:15 How much changed during production from the initial script? Talks about the filming process in Shreveport and improvising on set.
  • 6:10 What was it like working on a quick schedule?
  • 7:33 Talks about his preparation process as an actor.
  • 8:38 What’s the most research he’s done to get ready for a role? Says the most difficult was for Hidden, in which he had to physically make himself look emaciated.
  • 11:21 Talks about True Blood. Says they’re getting ready to film the last two episodes of the season. Says the humans become a much bigger threat in the new season.

the east poster

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