Awesome Blu-ray Deal: ALIEN Anthology and PROMETHEUS Bundle $19.99 (78% Off)

     June 13, 2014


If you’ve been holding out for the Alien series on Blu-ray, today’s the day to act.  The four-film Alien anthology—which includes Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien: Resurrection—is currently on sale bundled with Ridley Scott’s sort-of-prequel Prometheus for a mere $19.99 on Blu-ray, which is a whopping 78% off.  That price would be great for just Alien and Aliens plus the extensive Anthology supplements, but throwing in the whole series makes it a very solid buy.

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  • ACallCreative

    Very cool! I’ve totally been wanting to replace my old, worn out DVDs, and this is perfect. Thanks for the heads up!

  • tarek

    It is a pity I already bought them.

    • U R SPR FAIL

      Haha, what a mook!

      That is a pity – because even if they giving them away for free, there is no sane reason for own all the Alien films, and ESPECIALLY not Prometheus. U R FAIL.

      • tarek

        Said the guy who owns the Transformers Trilogy, and who pre-ordered Transformers age of extinction.

  • heatherspeaks493

    that price is gone…:(